Why This Website?

This website is a research site for God's people. It is designed to help each individual member “Get Back on Track” in the way God has previously shown.

The site therefore tries to bring together all teaching given through Mr Herbert Armstrong between the years 1978 and 1985, when a similar process was taking place within the Church. This includes written material produced prior to these dates, yet still in print during these years.

One problem found at that time, was an attitude of “let the people decide”, rather than a ready acceptance of what God revealed. “Let the people decide” is the very meaning of the word: “Laodicea”, and the identical attitude can be found extensively today within the corporate Churches.

This vital teaching therefore - found within the 1978-1985 material - is probably even more applicable now than when first given.

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The intention is to keep improving and adding to the wealth of information on the site. This means further improvements are planned and we suggest checking back here regularly to see what has been updated!

If you experience any difficulties please let us know by emailing with details of your problem and we will do our best to help.