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Pre 1978
Bricket Wood Message
Sermon – Bricket Wood UK (May 1974)

This Sermon was given shortly after some senior ministers left the Church in 1974 in England. Mr Armstrong tells the membership there to, “get off the fence” and points them to Peter’s response in John 6:68, “Lord, to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” (sermon included because of this Get Back on Track focus – although originally given in 1974)

Sermon (January 31, 1976)

…this “falling away” comes from the Greek word “apostasia,” in other words, apostasy and apostatizing: In other words, turning away from the truth to error and false teaching…

Creation and Prehistory
Bible Study (May 12, 1978)

…We need to get back and into pre-history, and see what brought us up to the place where we are. If we start with Christ… You didn’t see what led up to it, and you don’t get the meaning of what you are seeing…

Creation And The Gospel
Sermon (May 13, 1978)

…no man made me an apostle; and men cannot elect an apostle… Christ Himself selected me, and laid on me the Great Commission of getting the gospel …to all the world…

Warning To The Church
(Sometimes Called: Day of Fasting and Prayer)
Sermon (July 1, 1978)

“I have called a special day of prayer and fasting today because God’s church is IN FATAL DANGER!… I would rather have two or three filled with the Spirit of the Living God than to have this Church packed full (and a thousand other Churches like it) of lukewarm people getting into the Laodicean condition, doing their own thing…”

Zerubbabel’s Temple
Sermon (July 21, 1978)

”’Did you know back in 1933, when this ERA of the Church was started, that you were God’s Apostle, that you would be?’ NO, I DIDN’T!… Well, how do I know now? Because I looked back on all these years, and I see the Fruits! And you’re here as part of it. YOU’RE PART OF THE EVIDENCE!”

Christ’s Parables
The World Tomorrow

But, my friends, the news today is not good. Most of the news in the world today is only of fear of war, preparation for war…

Christ’s Mission and Message – No Immortal Soul
The World Tomorrow (April 24, 1979)

In going through the New Testament to see why it is that we have believed that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does say…

Born Again
The World Tomorrow (April 26, 1979)

Why is it, let me ask once again my friends, that you have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ? But rather a false gospel…

Christ’s Authority over Disease
The World Tomorrow (May 23, 1979)

Well, my friends, let’s get back into this series, going through the New Testament to see exactly what Jesus Christ did preach and why you haven’t heard it…

Christ’s Parables, continued
The World Tomorrow (June 13, 1979)

My friends, do you know what is the World Tomorrow? It’s the very thing that was the subject of the true Gospel which God sent to mankind and which mankind has spurned and rejected…

Christ’s Message Rejected
The World Tomorrow (June 22, 1979)

But, my friends, why do we have wars today? Why do we have all of this unhappiness?…

Feast of Tabernacles, continued
The World Tomorrow (July 24, 1979)

Now, once again, here come some surprises. My friends, it’s time to blow the dust off your Bibles and see what they say…

Why The Holy Days?
Sermon (October 13, 1979) – given on the Last Great Day

“…God has CUT THE WORLD OFF, except those that the Father calls. But there is this judgment coming; and they’re going to have it easier than we do, when their time comes…”

Romans Chapters 1 – 5
Bible Study – Tucson (December 15, 1979)
Romans Chapters 6 – 8
Bible Study – Tucson (December 29, 1979)
Romans Chapter 8
Bible Study – Tucson (January 12, 1980)
Times and Seasons
Sermon (March 15, 1980)

…I would recommend that you use the King James as your main Bible… But these modern translations that have come out in the last 2, 3, 5 years, I will not recommend a one of them because today there is an absolute tendency everywhere to water down, to change, to liberalize and to, in other words, to go more towards Satan’s way…

1 Corinthians Chapters 1 and 2
Bible Study – Tucson (July 26, 1980)
1 Corinthians Chapter 7
Bible Study (August 1980)
1 Corinthians Chapters 3 and 4
Bible Study – Tucson (August 2, 1980)
1 Corinthians Chapters 5 and 6
Bible Study – Tucson (September 8, 1980)
The Plan of God
Sermon (September 25, 1980) – Given during The Feast of Tabernacles

…We are here to celebrate and to receive a foretaste of something that is coming that the world doesn’t know is coming to this world, and that is an absolute UTOPIA! …a perfect civilization with a perfect government, with a perfect society, with perfect education, with everybody economically well off and everybody having a perfect time in every way…

2 Corinthians Chapters 4 and 5
Bible Study – Tucson (October 1980)
John 18 and 19
Bible Study – Jerusalem (November 1, 1980)

…We went around the Old City yesterday and looked down on the Garden of Gethsemane …the Place of the Skull …the Garden Tomb… Well, I thought I would just read a little about that…

2 Corinthians Chapters 6 and 7
Bible Study – Tucson (November 15, 1980)
Review of 1 Corinthians
Bible Study – Tucson (November 22, 1980)
Building The Temple
Sermon – Seattle (February 14, 1981)

Everybody’s wondering what temple is Christ coming to? Are the Jews going to build another temple over there? Oh, poppycock! I’ll show you the temple He’s coming to! YOU, BRETHREN, ARE THAT TEMPLE;

Microwave from Tucson
Sermon – Tucson (March 2, 1981)

…What is the Church and what is its work, and also why is the Church and this Work for this time now as compared to the first century when it first started?…

The Church in Prophecy
Sermon – Chicago, Illinois USA (March 28, 1981)

…today I am going into a theme of prophecy …and prophecies that concerns God’s Church more than the conditions of the world …where are WE in God’s Church right now…

Revelation 12
Sermon (April 18, 1981)

…Now there is another prophecy in the twelfth chapter of Revelation which is a prophecy concerning the Church, and especially the Church and its relation to Satan…

The Law of Liberty
Bible Study
Tucson (1981-04-23)
Given during the Days of Unleavened Bread

…God’s Plan of bringing us from a chemical existence into Life… Life freed from all the burdens of unhappiness, of sorrows, of suffering… It is a law of liberty that is the way of God…

How You and I Came to Be Here
Sermon – Melbourne Australia (May 16, 1981)

…we must all speak the same thing. That thing comes from God the Father. It comes through Christ. It comes through the apostle. Through the apostle it comes down through your other ministers…

A Pentecost Message
Sermon (June 6, 1981)

…Originally, it was called the feast of firstfruits… It means nothing to most people. Well, it should because it is the day on which the Church was founded…

What If Adam Hadn’t Sinned?
Sermon (June 13, 1981)

…WHAT IF ADAM had taken of the Tree of Life? I wonder if you realize what that would have meant? You’d be living in a totally different world today…

The Spirit In Man
Sermon (June 20, 1981)

…The human mind is composed of brain that is just like animal brain with this difference – there is a spirit added to man…

HWA Speaks To The Brethren
Sermon (July 4, 1981)

…today I just wanted to say what comes to my mind. That’s what I am doing. I just want to talk to you as one of you…

We Are The Temple
Sermon – Big Sandy TX, USA (August 22, 1981)

…the temple that is to be built at Christ’s coming. It will be more glorious than Solomon’s temple. Brethren, you are that temple!…

The Need For Spiritual Knowledge
Sermon (August 29, 1981)

Why is it we are able to do such AWESOME things, and still the world is in such trouble? Why is everybody against everybody?… Why? What’s the matter with the human mind?…

Endure To The End
Sermon (September 26, 1981)

…God doesn’t give us immortal life just with the snap of a finger or the clap of the hand. He first gives you the Holy Spirit, and you have to then grow in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. And you have to endure until the end…

Sermon (October 8, 1981)

“What are you doing with the knowledge you have?… Or is it, ‘Ah I wish that Armstrong’d just quit hammering back, going back to Genesis again. There he is back to those two trees again.’”

The Meaning of The Feast of Tabernacles
Sermon (October 13, 1981) – Given during The Feast of Tabernacles

…preaching about Christ, just about Christ. That’s all right in itself, but we need so much more than that. Jesus Christ was the Messenger who brought the message of the Gospel…

Are You Ready?
Sermon – St. Petersburg, Florida USA (October 15, 1981)

…The last time I was here was three years ago. At that time, this Church was not dwelling together in unity; but God has been putting us back on the track…

Why The Church
Sermon (October 17, 1981)

…What is the purpose of the Church? Why should there be a church? Most people have never stopped to think about it…

The Sabbath Question
Sermon (October 23, 1981)

…It is very important that we understand not only about the Sabbath, and that God commands it, and what it is, and why it is; but how do we keep it. He said, “Keep it holy.” How do you do that? Just what is meant by that?…

On The Holy Spirit
Sermon (November 1981)

…Maybe you have said, “I accept Christ.” You have been baptized in water. You have been received into the Church; and you say you are a Church member; you are a member even of God’s Church. But IF the Spirit of Christ – the Holy Spirit of God – is not dwelling in you, and unless you are being led by it and you are following it, you are not a Christian. You’re just a member of an organization…

What God Expects of Us
Sermon (November 7, 1981)

…for some 3 years now, Jesus Christ has been working to get this Church back on the track… How did we get off the track? We were getting off the track in many ways…

Getting Back on Track
Sermon (December 1981)

“It has been almost a year since I have been here, around 11 months; and since then this Church has really been getting back on the track…”

What Is Sin?
Sermon (December 5, 1981)

“…Brethren, God’s way is to go wholly after God’s way spiritually. It’s an attitude. Where is your attitude? What do you really want in your heart?…”

Passover Examination
Sermon (March 4, 1982)

“…How many of YOU have BELIEVED, you’ve accepted the doctrine, YOU’VE BEEN BAPTISED? Well, that happened to the founder of what the Bible calls ‘Babylon’ and tells us to come out of it!…”

Interracial Marriage
Sermon (May 1982)

“…they may try to get laws, use the laws for the sake of the nation, against us if we don’t approve interracial marriage. But I say, as for me and my house, we shall serve the Eternal God. What are you going to say?…”

Grateful for God’s Blessings
Sermon (May 4, 1982)

…I wonder if you ever wonder yourself “Why should the great God be concerned about you?”…

Why Only a Few Chosen Now?
(Sometimes Called: The Church Is A New Civilization)
Sermon (June 5, 1982)

“…The Church was founded by Jesus Christ, way back 1951 years ago… Why should there be a Church? What is the Church? I want to tell you, the world does not know…”

Another Civilization
Sermon (October 2, 1982)

…a better world is coming – a new world, a new civilization – with peace, with happiness, with joy, with great accomplishment…

The Purpose Here Below
Sermon (October 9, 1982) – Given during The Last Great Day

“…That purpose is in two phases you might say. First was the physical stage, beginning with Adam. That is still going on. That is this world. The second is the spiritual stage, beginning with Jesus Christ and the Church. That too is still going on. And that is God’s REAL creation, the spiritual creation: “the world tomorrow” – another civilization, another world that will follow this world…”

Aversion Therapy
Sermon (October 16, 1982)

“Once we have gone through this experience (once we have learned from our experience and we’ve gone through this aversion therapy and we get fed up enough with this world and we don’t want anymore of it), God will make us in a condition of spirit where we can’t sin. God speed that day!”

United States Of Europe Is Coming
Sermon (November 27, 1982)

…I think sometimes we sit there and think: “Ah, that was a nice sermon Mr. Armstrong preached. I was entertained by it.” Well, I think you had better be STARTLED BY IT because the end of our Work is at hand. And the end of this life is about at hand. Things are going to happen that are going to SHAKE YOU UP, brethren, and shake the whole world in a way it’s never been shaken before…

Mark Of The Beast
Sermon (December 11, 1982)

I want to come specifically today into a certain subject I have not touched on I think for some years now. I think that perhaps most of you have never heard me speak about it. In fact the booklet that we had on it has become out of print. And that subject is “The Mark of the Beast.” What is the Mark of the Beast?

Spiritual Health Checkup
Sermon (April 1983) – given before Passover

…we are commanded to examine ourselves just prior to the Passover and before we take it, but the command is to take it…

Sermon (April 4, 1983) – Days of Unleavened Bread

…now for the seven Days of Unleavened Bread to picture once again to us the coming out of sin…

Hungering For God’s Righteousness
Sermon (June 11, 1983)

…God’s purpose: That’s God’s own goal; and, brethren, you and I are part of that ultimate purpose and goal of God. That is the most important thing to Him in His life. It’s your future and my future…

From Sardis to Laodicea
Sermon (June 24, 1983)

“…Now what I want to give you is a history of the transition of the Church between the Sardis era and the Philadelphia era…When did the Sardis era end? When did the Philadelphia era begin?…”

Success Based On God’s Law (Origins)
Sermon (July 30, 1983)

So today I want to talk to you a little about the seven laws of success. I want to talk too about the origin of law and of government, and basic things of that kind that explain WHY the world is wrong. I want to tell you why, and why I’ve been now for about two years going back to origins.

What Is a Christian?
Sermon (August 27, 1983)

…I don’t know, sometimes I get a little discouraged. I talk to some of our ministers at my office where we get private, and alone, and talking. I say, “I just wonder how many of our brethren really do have the Holy Spirit.”…

50th Anniversary of the Eugene Church
Sermon (September 24, 1983)

…Now why should there be a Church in the first place? Why are WE assembled here? Why do we HAVE a Church? Why should there BE a Church?…

Sermon (September 29, 1983) – given Last Great Day

…Satan, in a sense, KIDNAPPED the first man and woman… God decided He would pay the ransom price …and “He GAVE His only begotten Son”…

The Trunk Of The Tree
Sermon (October 1983)

“God says, mark those that are causing division …there are just two ways we can avoid them -one is that if we all get out, we leave the Church and leave them in. The other is if we put them out”

The Value of Human Life
Sermon (October 1983)

“…Now human life, let me say, is infinitesimally less valuable of itself …and at the same time is INCREDIBLY of greater value than the most highly-educated people in this world have any conception or understanding…”

Mission Of The Philadelphia Church Era
Sermon (December 17, 1983)

“…Elijah was to come and restore things. (Jesus is going to come and restore the government and, through the government, everything.) But WHAT was Elijah to restore?…”

Foundation of a New World
Sermon (December 31, 1983)

…You are being taught so you can teach others at this time, when you’re going to have POWER over the rest of the world. You’re going to rule them. You’re going to judge them. And you’re going to teach them the truth…

Hebrews 1, 2, 4, The Glory of Jesus Christ – Why Were You Born?
The World Tomorrow

How many people ever really proved, one way or the other, whether the Holy Bible is the very word of a Creator who brought into existence everything…

Bitterness – A Spiritual Addiction
The World Tomorrow

Thank God there’s good news coming, because the news today is not good. Well, what is going to happen? Back now to prophecy…

The Spiritual Law vs. Rituals
Sermon (January 21, 1984)

“…the Law of Moses. That was the law of physical rituals, a physical law that was given to ancient Israel. It was only a substitute for the Holy Spirit. Today it’s the spiritual. We live according to the spirit. It’s altogether different…”

Sermon (1984-02-4)

…God says, MARK THEM AND AVOID THEM. Now there are two ways we can avoid them, and only two that I know. One is if we leave them in the Church and we all go out. We’re no longer in the Church. The other is that we put them out, and we stay IN…

Rely On God
Sermon (April 6, 1985) – First Day of Unleavened Bread

“…we can’t do it on our own. We have to rely on God. He will give us the help… Hunger and thirst for God’s righteousness. Rely on God. Go to Him in prayer about these things, and continually; and spend more time in prayer. I think we’re getting toward the Laodicean condition, and we need to check up…”

Coming Out of Sin
Sermon (April 12, 1985) – Last Day of Unleavened Bread

“…there are more mechanisms today that increase the amount of sins – more opportunities for sin – with the motion picture, and the automobile, and all of the things that we have today, and the printing press…”

Why The Firstfruits
Sermon (May 26, 1985) – given on Pentecost

“Why is this Church the firstfruits of God’s harvest for His Kingdom? Is God unfair? Is He discriminating against others, to choose us first (and they have to wait and come later)?”

Feast of Trumpets 1985
Sermon (September 16, 1985)

“…The event we are here to celebrate in one sense is the greatest event that has ever happened in the history of the entire universe… Did you listen, and did it sink in? Well, keep it there; and meditate on it, and be sure and make your calling and election sure.”

How Good and How Pleasant
Sermon (September 29, 1985) – Feast of Tabernacles

…since last year I have passed my 93rd birthday; and I am now in my 94th year. I want to tell you how it came about that I discovered these festivals, and that God had commanded them to be continued forever…