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Test 1 – Lessons 1-4
Bible Correspondence Course
Test 1 – Lessons 1-4

Why Study the Bible in the Space Age? (Lesson 1)
1. Why should we study the Bible in the space age?
For sentimental reasons.
Mainly because of its usefulness as ancient history and literature.
Because it shows us the meaning of current chaotic world events.
Because of the scientific and technological knowledge we can learn from it.
2. What is the Bible?
The written record of an ancient people’s quest for a concept of God.
A book full of uninspired, unrelated and contradictory statements.
An incomprehensible mystery.
God’s divine revelation of fundamental knowledge man could not obtain from any other source.
3. This course of Bible study began with present world conditions and their connection with future events because
this is the only logical way to begin studying the Bible.
prophecy is the most important subject in the Bible.
the Bible will mean more to you if you begin to relate it to your life today.
this is the only way you can understand the Word of God.
4. Why do we find so much disagreement about what the Bible says?
Because not many Bibles are in existence today.
Because people try to interpret the Bible instead of accepting its intended meaning.
Because people are quite willing to admit error and change when the Bible shows them where they are wrong.
Because people are hesitant to twist the Scriptures to make them say what they want to believe.
5. For which of the following is the Bible NOT profitable?
Instruction in righteousness.
Reproof and correction.
Praise of oneself.
6. How is the Bible like a spiritual mirror?
It pictures us as we like to think we are.
It can reveal every spot on our character and every flaw in our thinking.
It shows us how other people think of us.
It pictures us in an unrealistic manner.
7. To begin understanding the Bible, one must
begin to fear God and keep His commandments.
not study God’s Word with an open mind, ready to discard error in one’s beliefs when discovered.
not desire to be personally corrected by its teachings.
read between the lines.
8. Great world statesmen tell us that
organizations of men have the answers to all the world’s problems.
man now has the capability of destroying all life on this planet!
nuclear warfare is not a grave threat to man’s existence.
Christ is coming to bring world peace.
9. Jesus Christ, the greatest “newscaster” who ever lived, predicted that
scientific and technological knowledge would bring mankind the solution to world problems.
all life on earth would be destroyed.
unless the soon-coming days of great worldwide trouble were shortened, no human life would survive.
mankind would survive in a “Space Age Noah’s ark.”
10. What should be one’s approach to studying the Bible?
To search the Scriptures to prove the truth of God for oneself
To assume that what one has always heard and believed is the truth.
To accept everything we say in these lessons without proving it in the Bible.
To not follow the example of the Bereans who “searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11).
11. What is important to remember when studying the Bible with the help of this course?
That the Bible interprets itself.
That you turn in your Bible to the scriptures given in answer to the questions, read and then write these verses in a notebook so you can review them later.
That you study your Bible regularly.
All of the above.
12. The phrase “end of the world” (Matt. 24:3) refers to
the total destruction of planet earth.
the soon-coming time when all-human life will die in a nuclear holocaust.
the end of this present “age” of human misrule.
a future time just before God recreates the earth.
13. Jesus foretold a time of great worldwide trouble
at the close of this age just before His second coming.
to occur immediately after He returns in great power and glory.
similar to many past times of turmoil and trouble.
that will end in the destruction of all life on earth.
14. What is the basic cause of war and human suffering?
Lack of educational and economic opportunity.
Political ideologies of this world.
The inordinate (unlawful) lusts of carnal-minded men, commonly called “human nature.”
15. What does God reveal about man’s ability to bring about world peace?
Man will eventually discover the way to peace.
Peace will be the inevitable result of human governments.
Man’s constantly increasing scientific and technological knowledge will soon solve the problems between nations.
Man, apart from God, does not know the way to lasting peace.
16. Before God intervenes in world affairs, He will
try to convert the world.
warn the world through His servants who are preaching the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.
send no prior warning of His planned intervention.
attempt to unite the many churches.
17. Peace will be established and maintained on earth
through the coming world-ruling government of God.
when people decide to cooperate in making the world a better place in which to live.
through the political influence of the United Nations.
by the united military might of all nations.
18. An angel revealed to Mary that her son Jesus would
be no different from any other child.
found hundreds of church denominations which would reform the world.
inherit the throne of King David and rule on the earth.
rule the earth from heaven.
19. The word “gospel” means
good news or glad tidings.
peace on earth and good will toward men.
loving your neighbor as yourself.
whatever anyone wants it to mean.
20. What is the gospel Jesus preached?
Merely believing on His name.
Just accepting Christ as one’s Savior.
The typical “gospel” being preached by the churches today.
The good news of the coming Kingdom of God on earth.
21. What Will NOT be necessary to constitute the coming Kingdom of God?
A standing army.
A king or ruler.
Laws and government.
22. Christ’s apostles
all preached the same Gospel of the Kingdom of God which He proclaimed.
proclaimed differing gospel messages.
preached one gospel message to the Jews and another to the Gentiles.
proclaimed a gospel about the person of Christ.
23. The pattern for God’s 7,000-year plan for mankind is revealed in the
process of evolution.
seven churches of Revelation, chapters 2-3.
seven-day week.
24. What does the last “day” of God’s plan picture?
Six thousand years of human suffering and death.
The Millennium – 1,000 years of world peace and prosperity.
God’s 7,000-year plan for mankind.
25. God has refrained from intervening in world affairs for nearly 6,000 years because
He is indifferent to human suffering and death.
the majority of mankind must first want Him to intervene.
He has been waiting for the world to repent of its sins.
this is the period of time He has allotted for mankind to learn that man’s own ways bring suffering and death.
World Peace – Coming in Our Time! (Lesson 2)
26. World statesmen and scientists
predict that world government will come in our time.
are confident that men can bring about world peace.
warn of shortages of nuclear weapons.
warn of the annihilation of all life through nuclear warfare.
27. Which one of the following is NOT a grave threat to the survival of all mankind?
Bacteriological warfare.
Globe-girdling famine and resultant diseases.
Conventional, non-nuclear weapons.
Nuclear warfare.
28. According to the experts, biological weapons
could conceivably render an attacked nation uninhabitable for 100 years.
are entirely predictable as to their effects.
have been proven safe to the user if handled with caution.
are more expensive to produce than nuclear weapons.
29. What is man’s greatest need at this time of chaotic world conditions?
More time to control pollution.
More destructive weapons as a deterrent to warfare.
“A strong hand from someplace” to solve mankind’s problems.
Effective birth control methods to stem population growth.
30. What does the Bible say would be some of the signs showing we are in the “last days”?
Scoffers saying Christ is not coming back.
Increasing national and worldwide troubles.
People’s refusal to face up to the grave realities of the end time in which we’re living.
All of the above.
31. God gave Ezekiel a message about national captivity that was
to apply to the end-time descendants of ancient Israel.
to be delivered to ancient Israel.
definitely not intended for the descendants of ancient Israel today.
so general it can’t be applied with certainty to any specific time or people.
32. What would people in the “latter days,” or end time, be like?
33. Has Bible prophecy failed?
Yes, because the time setting was always for the prophet’s own day and the prophesied events never came to pass.
No – about 90% of prophecy pertains to this “end time” and therefore is yet to be fulfilled.
Yes, because the prophets of God were only guessing about future events.
There is no way we can determine this for certain.
34. The “day of the Lord” refers to
the time when God will directly intervene in world affairs.
a day of worship – Sunday.
the day Jesus Christ died.
the time when Jesus walked the earth as a man.
35. Jesus Christ
could return to earth at any moment.
predicted none of today’s world conditions.
foretold a number of world events that would occur before He returns.
predicted that man will indeed destroy the human race.
36. Where can we find the list of events Jesus said would occur before His second coming?
Matthew 24.
Mark 13.
Luke 21.
All of the above.
37. How long would it take for the prophesied “end-time” events to dramatically crescendo and be completed?
Nearly 2,000 years.
Approximately one generation.
One thousand years.
Six thousand years.
38. What was the first major sign Christ gave His disciples that would precede His return to earth?
The conversion of the world to Christianity.
The “secret rapture” to heaven of all true Christians.
This world’s ministers would begin teaching the truth of God.
Many would be deceived by ministers claiming to be the servants of Christ.
39. In the end time, Jesus predicted that warfare among nations would
occur with increasing frequency.
diminish until it was the least of the world’s troubles.
be the world’s only major problem.
be effectively discouraged by the United Nations.
40. Incredible, widespread famine is certain to come
because the U.S. government will drastically cut back farm production.
as Christ prophesied it would.
because many nations possess deserts.
to only a few developing countries.
41. Which one of the following statements is NOT true?
Hundreds of millions will perish in the coming globe-girdling famine that Jesus predicted.
The population explosion will be a contributing factor leading to worldwide famine.
Famine of worldwide proportions will be a major sign indicating that Christ’s intervention in world affairs is very near.
Widespread famine could not happen in the developed countries of the Western world.
42. Christ foretold that vast disease epidemics would
be prevented by modern miracle drugs.
strike at the close of this age.
occur only in the Middle Ages.
not be a sign that His coming is near.
43. What factors would contribute to the emergence of pestilence – great disease epidemics – in the world?
Severe food shortages.
Huge concentrations of people such as we find in many large cities of the world.
Pollution of all types which inevitably weakens the body’s resistance to disease.
All of the above.
44. Erupting volcanoes, earthquakes and other disruptions of nature
have not been increasing in frequency and intensity.
are diminishing yearly.
are other indications Christ gave which would show we are living in the end time.
have always occurred and are no cause for us to take special notice.
45. How are the first four world conditions Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24 represented else where in the Bible?
As four horses and horsemen (Rev. 6:2-8).
As four angels (Rev. 16:14-15).
As the seven trumpet plagues (Rev. 8:9; 11:14-19).
As the seven last plagues (Rev. 16:1-21).
46. The toll of human life that will be taken by the “four horsemen of the Apocalypse” is
a few thousand people at the most.
nearly all the earth’s inhabitants.
one-fourth of the world’s population.
not given in the Bible.
47. What special sign would clearly show that the end of the age and Christ’s coming are very near?
This world’s churches preaching a gospel about the person of Jesus.
Christ’s gospel of the Kingdom of God being proclaimed in the world as a witness to all nations (Matt. 24:14).
Millions upon millions around the world repenting of their sins.
The sign of the prophet Jonah.
48. Which one of the following statements about the prophecy of the “abomination of desolation” is NOT true?
It is dual in fulfillment.
It was first fulfilled when Antiochus Epiphanes moved against Jerusalem with his army in 168 BC
Its latter fulfillment will be another sign that Christ’s return is very near.
It has nothing to do with armies occupying Jerusalem in the end time and causing its desolation.
49. In order to escape the catastrophic world trou bles prophesied in the Bible, Jesus said we
should just watch for world events which would indicate His soon return.
should join the church of our choice and attend Sunday services.
must watch world events and pray daily to be accounted worthy to escape.
should just continue living our normal daily lives as if nothing special is soon to happen.
50. The Bible clearly reveals that
there is no foreseeable hope for the survival of the human race.
a loving God will refrain from intervening in world affairs to save humanity from itself.
God will allow heedless mankind to destroy all life on this planet.
Jesus Christ will come with the power of God to save mankind from annihilation.
The Dramatic Return of Jesus Christ! (Lesson 3)
51. History shows that the early true Church
did not really expect Jesus Christ to return.
rejected the doctrine of Christ’s second coming.
fervently believed in a coming millennium of peace preceded by the second coming of Christ.
taught that the Church was already the ruling Kingdom of God on earth.
52. The message about Christ’s return to set up the world-ruling Kingdom of God on earth
is the heart and core of the true gospel which Jesus preached.
was simply a Jewish fable.
originated as a heresy of the Gnostics.
is being proclaimed by this world’s Christian-professing churches.
53. The “Secret Rapture”
is not a widely accepted teaching of many churches today.
is only an idea of men.
should be the hope of all Christians living in these last days.
is a doctrine of God found in the Bible.
54. Jesus warns us
to be prepared for the “rapture” of true Christians.
that His return would be in two phases – first secretly, then publicly.
that there would be those who would falsely claim He has already returned before the appointed time.
that the end-time generation will be expecting His return.
55. Jesus Christ’s second coming
was the arrival of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2).
occurred during the Middle Ages.
will occur after 1,000 years of peace on earth.
will usher in the millennial rule of God’s government on earth.
56. Just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, true Christians have a duty to
do their part in helping God’s Church proclaim Christ’s true gospel to the world.
personally witness to people the fact that Jesus is our Savior.
merely believe on the name of Christ.
merely love their fellow Christians.
57. Can we know the day or the hour of Christ’s second coming?
No, because Christ will not come in our generation.
Yes, both will be revealed to Christians in the end time.
Christ said we would not know the exact day or hour.
The Bible does not indicate whether we would know the exact time.
58. Will it be possible to know when Christ’s return is very near?
Jesus clearly stated that we wouldn’t know the approximate time of His coming.
Yes, if we’re watching for the signs of His coming (Matt. 24).
It’s impossible to know since all the things He prophesied in Matthew 24 have been occurring for over 1900 years.
Watching the fulfillment of prophecy can in no way help us to know the nearness of Christ’s coming.
59. Christ’s return will be
exactly as believers in the “rapture” theory expect.
as a thief to secretly “steal away” His Church.
no surprise to anyone.
with the great noise of a trumpet and the loud voice of an archangel.
60. Will Christ’s coming be visible to everyone?
Yes, including those who killed Him.
Yes, everyone alive on earth will see Him.
Only to those expecting to be “raptured” to heaven.
No, since He will return secretly.
61. The Greek word parousia is translated as “coming” in the New Testament verse referring to Christ’s return
in “brightness” (II Thess. 2:8).
“with all his saints” (I Thess. 3:13).
“as the lightning” (Matt. 24:27).
All of the above.
62. The last trumpet, which signals the return of Jesus Christ
will be heard by the whole world.
will be heard only by the saved.
is not the seventh trumpet of Revelation 11:15.
does not also signal the resurrection of the dead in Christ.
63. Where will the “saints” – true Christians – be protected during the coming great tribulation?
In heaven to which they will have been “raptured” by Christ.
John 17:15 proves they will be protected in heaven.
On the earth in a special place prepared by God.
In their own homes.
64. Where will Christ touch down upon His return to earth?
At Rome.
On the Mount of Olives.
In an undisclosed, remote spot in the desert.
Nowhere, since He will return to heaven with His saints after they have risen to meet Him in the air.
65. Christ will return to earth from heaven
with armies of angels to meet the resurrected saints in the air.
66. Christ is coming
as a meek “lamb” to be sacrificed again.
to try to talk rebellious mankind into obey- ing Him.
as “King of kings” to rule the earth with power.
as a human.
67. What is the “day of the Lord”?
The period of God’s direct intervention in world affairs to punish sinning mankind.
The great tribulation.
The seven last plagues.
The Sabbath day.
68. How will God punish the world?
With the powers of nature.
With various supernatural plagues.
In true love and concern for disobedient mankind.
All of the above.
69. Why will God have to severely punish mankind?
Because He is a wrathful God.
Because of the sins of men which have been causing suffering and death.
Because He loves to see men suffer.
Certainly not because He wants the human race to survive.
70. How will the nations react to Christ when He returns?
With the love of God.
They will welcome Him as a conquering hero.
With smiles and open arms because they desire the rule of God’s government.
They will fight Him.
71. Who will primarily be responsible for stirring up worldwide resistance toward Christ?
Satan’s demons.
Leaders of nations.
The “beast.”
The “false prophet.”
72. What will Satan’s demons (Rev. 16:13-14) cause the armies of the nations to do?
March against the coming United States of Europe.
Gather together in preparation to fight Christ.
Attack the Soviet Union.
Fight each other.
73. Where will these armies be gathered together before marching toward Jerusalem to engage the “King of kings” in battle?
At a place called “Armageddon.”
In the valley of Jezreel.
On the Plain of Esdraelon.
All of the above.
74. What is the Biblical name of the climactic battle that determines who will rule the earth?
The Battle of Armageddon.
The Battle of the Apocalypse.
The Battle of the Great Day of God Almighty.
None of the above.
75. Where will Christ utterly vanquish the armies of earth?
In the Kidron Valley (formerly known as the Valley of Jehoshaphat), situated between the city of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives.
In the Valley of Jezreel.
On the Plain of Esdraelon.
At Megiddo.
The Coming UTOPIA – Wonderful World Tomorrow! (Lesson 4)
76. World peace is possible
only if all the nations are brought together under a supreme world government.
if Christ could be preached to all the nations.
if the arms race were stopped.
only through the United Nations.
77. World government
will never become a reality.
is a total impossibility under present world conditions.
is very possible under the present moral, social and political climate.
is merely an absurd myth-an idle pipe dream of overly optimistic men.
78. How will a utopia of world peace and prosperity finally become reality?
By a worldwide revival in the churches.
Through a greatly strengthened NATO and UN.
By men deciding to cooperate with each other in all areas of life.
Only through the coming divine, all-powerful government of God administered by Jesus Christ.
79. What is the “Millennium”?
The period of time the saints will spend in heaven after being resurrected.
The period of church rule in Europe during the Middle Ages.
The 1000-year period of God’s rule on earth beginning when Jesus Christ returns.
A spiritual condition in the hearts of men.
80. Cities in the Millennium
will be rebuilt to God’s specifications.
have absolutely no industry.
be centralized and large as today.
be so decentralized they will seem like small villages.
81. Cities in the world tomorrow will
be much more spacious and liveable.
be built with family life in mind.
be safe to walk in at night.
All of the above.
82. Which of the following will NOT be true in the wonderful world tomorrow?
The whole earth will undergo remarkable changes.
The earth will remain as it is today.
Waste places and deserts will become fertile.
The nations will become reforested on a grand scale.
83. After Christ returns to rule the world
He will establish one pure language.
material abundance will become commonplace because of widespread obedience to God’s law.
the former territory of ancient Israel will resemble the Garden of Eden.
All of the above.
84. Christ’s government will
deny private ownership of property during the Millennium.
enforce harsh laws on earth’s inhabitants.
provide true justice for all.
practice communism in its purest form.
85. How will mankind be liberated from sickness and disease in the utopia of tomorrow?
Through miraculous healing and obedience to God’s health laws.
Through a highly trained medical profession equipped with totally new methods of treatment.
Christ will suspend the laws governing good health.
Through “miraculous” drugs that will prevent illness.
86. The river which will flow east and west from the Temple in Jerusalem will
be symbolic of the tears Jesus shed over this city.
not be a physical counterpart of God’s Holy Spirit.
be symbolic of the Spirit of God which will “heal” the mental and spiritual problems of mankind.
quickly be swallowed up and lost in the parched sands of the southern desert.
87. Jesus Christ is now
“King of kings.”
our High Priest in heaven.
the God of this world.
powerless to dethrone Satan.
88. Christ’s coronation as “King of kings” will have
taken place before His second coming.
took place when He conquered Satan the devil.
is not really necessary for Him to rule the earth.
will take place after He returns to rule the earth.
89. As “King of kings,” how many great crowns will Christ have?
Three, representing rulership over heaven, hell and earth.
90. The coming world government will
finally become reality through the efforts of great statesmen.
be a coalition of man’s and God’s governments.
be established by Christ upon His return.
be the last of a long succession of human governments.
91. At the beginning of the Millennium, Christ will
hesitate to assert His authority to rule.
not deal severely with the rebellious.
take away free moral agency from mankind.
grant resurrected Christians co-rulership with Him over the world.
92. Which one of the following is NOT a reason why the world will have to be reeducated at the beginning of the Millennium?
Because modern education is based on the Bible.
Because modern education has totally rejected the foundation of all knowledge.
Because men lack the spiritual knowledge of God.
Because Satan has deceived the world.
93. The goal of Christ’s reeducation program will primarily be to
reform the world’s economic system.
teach man how to fulfill his democratic responsibility.
develop the whole man-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
remold the social life of the community.
94. The resurrected saints will
have little to do with education in tomorrow’s world.
educate as well as rule over people.
rule, but not educate in the Millennium.
seldom be able to appear in a material body at will to conduct their duties.
95. What are the results of true education?
True repentance – turning to God’s truth and way of life.
Happiness and joy.
Material blessings.
All of the above.
96. How successful will Christ’s reeducation program prove to be?
Only the descendants of Israel will come to know the way of God.
The Egyptians and Ethiopians will be the only Gentiles to be reeducated to God’s way of life.
The whole world will come to know God’s truth.
It will be a total failure!
97. Universal obedience to God’s law in the world tomorrow will
result only in material blessings.
produce temporary world peace.
last for a short while.
result in universal peace, prosperity and happiness for 1,000 years.
98. The most important change destined to occur in tomorrow’s world will
be in man’s hostile attitude toward God.
the nature of animals.
the weather.
the languages.
99. How will the change in man’s basic attitude become possible?
Through human reason.
By people receiving God’s Holy Spirit.
Through self-righteous effort.
Certainly through no conscious personal effort.
100. What will actually make the world tomorrow a literal utopia?
Great material abundance.
Beautiful cities.
A verdant earth.
The love of God’s Holy Spirit manifested in repentant, obedient individuals toward others.