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Test 2 – Lessons 5-8
Bible Correspondence Course
Test 2 – Lessons 5-8

Just What IS Man? (Lesson 5)
1. Belief in an “immortal soul” within man
is traceable to the Holy Bible.
came from Jewish tradition.
came from pre-Christian Greek philosophers who acquired it from pagan Egypt.
was introduced by the Protestant reformers.
2. “Death is merely the separation of soul and body” is a quotation from
the Bible.
the Koran.
Benjamin Franklin.
the Greek philosopher Plato.
3. Which one of the following men did not teach the ancient pagan concept of an immortal soul?
The Apostle Paul.
Pope Clement V.
4. Scientific research
has discovered that an ever-living “soul” does exist in man.
cannot confirm or deny the existence of an immortal soul because the spiritual is completely outside the realm of physical science.
has proven that the spirit world does not exist.
will one day prove the existence of the spirit world.
5. God created man
from the dust of the ground.
out of dust and immortal spirit.
with an “immortal soul” within him.
not subject to death and decay.
6. The “breath of life” (Gen. 2:7)
was not the only thing God breathed into the first man.
was an immortal soul God gave Adam.
is simply air-oxygen-the crucial element that sustains the physical processes of life.
does not pass through the nostrils of animals.
7. Man is
composed of spirit.
a “living soul.”
an immortal soul in a material body.
the highest being in the chain of evolution.
8. The word “soul” in the Bible
refers to material life.
can refer to humans or other living creatures.
refers to an air-breathing entity that is subject to death and decay.
All of the above.
9. The Bible does not say that
the “soul” can die.
death befalls man and beast alike.
the “soul” is indestructible.
beasts and men all go to the same place at death.
10. The Bible talks about
dead souls.
immortal souls.
spirit souls.
invisible souls.
11. When man dies,
only his physical body ceases to live.
he is completely dead.
his soul remains conscious.
his soul separates from his body.
12. What cannot be destroyed by men?
The body.
The soul of man.
The life God restores by a resurrection.
The life of man.
13. Man was created
in the “image” and “likeness” of God.
with a mind patterned after God’s own mind.
to develop the character of God.
All of the above.
14. Animals
are conscious of their own existence.
have the capacity to think, reason and make choices as man can.
follow instinctive habit patterns “programmed” into their brains by God.
create, devise, plan ahead and do things as man does.
15. Man’s unique powers of intellect
are due to a nonphysical component in the human brain.
are impossible to explain.
are due to instinct.
evolved over millions of years.
16. What is the “spirit in man”?
An immortal soul.
A spiritual element from God that imparts the power of intellect to the human brain.
The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Ghost.
17. The spirit in man
joins with the physical brain of man to form the human mind.
has consciousness of itself-it sees, hears and thinks of itself.
is the “man.”
imparts animal instinct to man’s brain.
18. What else does the spirit in man do?
It imparts miracle-working power to man.
It imparts the ability to read minds.
It becomes an indestructible record of our knowledge, character, personality and form.
Nothing other than’to make human intellect possible.
19. What happens to the spirit in man when a person dies?
It disintegrates.
It floats around in space.
It joins with some other person’s brain at birth.
It goes back to God and is preserved like a “recording” and “mold” to restore the whole individual at the resurrection.
20. Who has hidden the truth about the spirit in man from the world?
Satan the devil.
Greek philosophers.
The Catholic Church.
Protestant reformers.
21. Satan
told Eve that she would die if she disobeyed God.
told the truth when he said Eve would not die by taking the forbidden fruit.
implied Eve had eternal life within her that she had an “immortal soul” that would live forever.
in no way implied that God was lying to Eve.
22. Satan’s “immortal soul” concept is a counterfeit of the
Holy Spirit.
spirit in man.
breath of life.
23. Immortality is
not inherent in man.
inherent in God.
what a true Christian looks forward to receiving at the resurrection.
All of the above.
24. Why are the dead described in the Bible as being asleep?
Because they actually are asleep.
Because death, like sleep, is a condition in which people are not conscious, and from which they will be “awakened” at the resurrection.
Because their souls are separated from their bodies.
Because death is like a bad dream or nightmare.
25. The expression “body, soul and spirit” (I Thess. 5:23)
proves that man is an “immortal soul.”
is actually redundant. phraseology.
cannot be clearly understood.
refers to the flesh, the life and the mind of man.
What IS “Hell”? (Lesson 6)
26. “Hell” is a subject
not understood by most people today.
not understood by professing Christian ministers.
not easily understood by just reading the Authorized Version (King James) of the Bible.
All of the above.
27. Where did the world’s traditional concept of “hell” originate?
Certainly not from human reasoning.
Definitely not from pre-Christian pagan speculation.
It is admittedly a product of pagan speculation as men puzzled over the eventual fate of the wicked.
It came from Jesus Christ Himself.
28. The word “hell” in the Authorized Version of the Bible is
the English translation of one original Hebrew word and three original Greek words.
the English translation of one Hebrew word and one Greek word.
an original Hebrew word.
an original Greek word.
29. Hell
is an English word that has been correctly used by translators of the King James Version of the Bible.
is an old English word which simply means a hole in the ground-a grave.
is only used in translating the Hebrew word sheol.
always refers to fire in the Bible.
30. The original Old Testament Hebrew word sheol and the New Testament Greek word hades
refer to “hell fire.”
have opposite meanings.
mean the same thing-the grave.
are always translated “hell” in English translations.
31. The English word “hell” was used to translate the
Hebrew sheol and the Greek hades.
Greek gehenna.
Greek tartaros.
All of the above.
32. Which one of the following statements is false?
Hades refers to fire.
Hades refers to the grave.
Gehenna refers to fire.
Tartaros refers to a condition of restraint – a prison – for fallen angels.
33. Which one of the following statements regarding gehenna is NOT true?
The Greek word gehenna is derived from the Hebrew name of the rocky Valley of Hinnom just outside of Jerusalem.
Gehenna was a garbage dump in the Valley of Hinnom where trash was continually burned up.
The dead bodies of animals and despised criminals were thrown into the fires of gehenna to be destroyed – consumed by the flames.
Christ referred to the fires of gehenna to picture the eternal torment of unrepentant sinners.
34. When in doubt about the real meaning of the word “hell” anywhere in the New Testament you can be absolutely sure by
deducing its meaning from the context.
checking it in an exhaustive concordance of the Bible, such as Strong’s or Young’s, to see which Greek word it was translated from, and hence its true meaning.
remembering it always means the grave.
remembering it always means fire.
35. After Jesus Christ died
His “soul” went to preach to wicked spirits while His body was in the grave.
His “soul” went to heaven.
He was put into “hell” – the grave (Greek hades) – where He remained stone – dead for three days and nights.
He remained in the grave and decomposed.
36. The “unsaved” dead
are to be resurrected to judgment in the future.
have already been judged and condemned to “hell fire”.
are now in the traditional hell believed inby most churches.
are dancing around on red-hot coals, shrieking in torment and terror in “hell fire”.
37. According to the Bible, the “wages of sin” is
eternal separation from God.
death – cessation of life forever.
eternal torment in hell fire.
condemnation to purgatory.
38. Christ said that unrepentant sinners would
be tormented in eternal hell fire.
live forever in mental anguish.
“perish” – cease to exist.
go to heaven.
39. The “hell fire” of the Bible will
be just hot enough to torment the unrepentant.
utterly consume incorrigible sinners so they will never be remembered.
temporarily punish sinners.
purge the wicked of their sinfulness.
40. Hell (gehenna) fire is to be
everlasting fire in the cavernous depths of the earth.
on the sufface of the sun.
the “lake of fire” on the earth’s surface.
on the moon.
41. The lake of fire will
actually begin at Christ’s return.
burn all during the Millennium.
engulf the entire earth when God’s plan of salvation for man is finished, thus purifying the earth’s surface.
All of the above.
42. Those judged as incorrigible sinners will
be destroyed forever in the lake of fire, becoming nothing but ashes.
be tormented forever in the lake of fire.
remain dead in their graves.
go to purgatory.
43. Satan and his demons will
never be cast into hell fire.
also be cast into the lake of fire.
cease to exist when cast into hell fire.
be purified by fiery torment.
44. Who will actually be tormented forever?
Incorrigible human sinners.
The beast.
The false prophet.
Satan and his demons who are incorrigible, eternally living spirits.
45. How will Satan be eternally tormented?
Through mental anguish resulting from seeing all he has striven toward, worked, and plotted for, burned up as the earth is purified by fire.
By everlasting fire.
By the lake of fire.
By hell fire.
46. Satan, who is a spirit and therefore cannot die,
is the father of lies.
wants humans to suffer mental torment over the supposed suffering of their “unsaved” loved ones in hell fire.
has deceived all mankind.
All of the above.
47. The “unquenchable fire” Jesus and John the Baptist spoke of
has been burning for centuries.
will never burn itself out.
is fire that is not put out prematurely-it burns until all combustible material is burned up.
is not the final fate of the unrepentant.
48. “Eternal fire” (Jude 7)
is fire that burns forever.
is fire whose results are permanent.
is still burning in Sodom and Gomorrah.
will not be the fate’of incorrigible sinners.
49. The parable of Lazarus and the rich man proves
the existence of an eternal hell fire.
only that there is to be a resurrection of the dead.
the resurrection of the righteous to eternal life, and incorrigible sinners to eternal death in the lake of fire.
that eternal punishing awaits the wicked.
50. Which one of the following statements have we proven not to be true?
The idea of an ever-burning “hell” is clearly a pagan myth and superstition.
The fable of eternal punishing in hell fire has crept into professing Christianity.
The Biblical “hell fire” will consume the incorrigible sinners, snuffing out their lives forever.
The world’s traditional concepts of “hell” clearly come from the Bible.
Will You Go To Heaven? (Lesson 7)
51. Has any man ascended to the heaven of God’s throne?
Yes, the astronauts have.
Yes, all the prophets have.
King David certainly has.
The Bible says no one but the spiritual Christ has gone to heaven.
52. Ancient pagan religions taught
that no one would ever go to a heavenly abode.
many concepts about a “heavenly reward” similar to those of modern religions.
that going to a heaven was a myth.
absolutely nothing about a heavenly place of rest after death.
53. Where did many of the ideas of professing Christianity concerning heaven come from?
The Bible, of course.
The apostles of Christ.
The ancient Egyptians.
The teachings of Jesus Christ.
54. The early Christian Church
clearly did not teach the concept of “going to heaven.”
taught that the righteous went to heaven after death.
accepted the prevailing concepts about heaven which came from ancient mythology.
did not believe that the righteous dead would be resurrected and remain on the earth.
55. Early true Christians believed
they would go to heaven immediately at death.
in going to heaven at their resurrection.
that they would rule on the earth with Christ after being resurrected from the dead.
that the Millennium would be spent in heaven.
56. The later supposedly Christian belief in an afterlife in heaven
supplanted the true teaching of the Bible.
stemmed from New Testament teaching.
does not conflict with the literal 1,000-year reign of Christ on earth.
became very unpopular.
57. Abraham is vitally important to Christians
because he was a perfect man.
because God made him a promise to which Christians are heirs.
only because he was willing to sacrifice his son.
not because he became the “father” of the faithful.
58. What was promised to Abraham?
A few physical descendants.
Only a relatively small piece of semi-desert land.
The whole earth as an eternal inheritance.
59. What did Abraham have to manifest before God’s promise to him was made unconditional?
Obedience to God.
Only faith in God.
Belief in going to heaven.
The performance of countless rituals.
60. True Christians today
have been promised heaven as the “reward of the saved.”
are not spiritual children of Abraham.
have become Abraham’s spiritual children through Christ, and therefore heirs to the promise made to Abraham.
are destined to inherit only the land of Canaan.
61. Who is eligible to become an heir to the promise made to Abraham?
The Jews only.
All peoples who become Abraham’s “seed” – his spiritual children – through Christ.
Gentiles only.
Only Abraham’s direct descendants.
62. Which one of the following statements is not true?
All true Christians are to inherit the entire earth with Abraham.
Abraham’s spiritual children are to inherit eternal life.
Heaven definitely was a part of God’s promise to Abraham.
Heaven was not included in the promise God made to Abraham.
63. Have any of the righteous dead already inherited the promises?
Only Abraham.
Only the 12 apostles.
Only the apostles and prophets.
No one except Christ has inherited the promises yet, since the rest of the dead are still asleep in their graves awaiting the resurrection.
64. Jesus Christ came
to “confirm” or establish the promises made to the fathers.
to show us the way to heaven.
to show, by example, that all resurrected Christians will go to heaven.
to be obedient to God in our stead.
65. Exactly what are the righteous men of old and Christians today to inherit?
Eternal life.
The Kingdom of God.
The entire earth.
All of the above.
66. Where will the Kingdom of God be located?
In heaven, of course.
On the earth.
On another planet.
This is yet to be revealed.
67. Christians should pray
to go to heaven.
for others to also be accounted worthy to go to heaven.
for God’s Kingdom to come to earth.
for God’s Kingdom to be set up in their hearts.
68. Christians will inherit the promises
when they die.
when Jesus Christ returns to resurrect the righteous dead and set up the world-ruling Kingdom of God.
when they go to heaven.
after the Millennium.
69. Why is the resurrection to spirit life so important?
Because flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God.
Because one cannot enter the Kingdom of God without being changed into spirit.
So God’s saints can inherit all the promises.
All of the above.
70. What must one become to be eligible to receive eternal inheritance?
An obedient Christian-a coheir with Christ who already has inherited the promises made to Abraham.
Merely a professing Christian.
Just a “seed” or spiritual child of Abraham.
Nothing, if you are a direct descendant of Abraham.
71. Christ went to heaven to
build “mansions” for the saints.
prepare positions of rulership for Christians and to return with those rewards.
set apart places of eternal rest for obedient Christians.
rule the world from there.
72. Did the repentant thief, who was crucified with Jesus, go to heaven?
Of course! Jesus said he would go to heaven.
Yes, Jesus made an exception in his case.
He went to heaven with Jesus that same day.
The scriptures covered in Lessons 5, 6 and 7 answer no!
73. The earth would be a very desirable eternal inheritance
as long as heaven were included.
if everyone could do just as he pleased.
if sin and the results of sin were removed from it.
for those who become so “meek” that they would be willing to settle for it.
74. After God’s plan for man is complete, the earth will
become deserted.
become the habitation of demons.
be totally destroyed.
be renewed and refurbished.
75. Which one of the following statements will not be true after the earth is made new?
God the Father will continue to rule the universe from heaven.
The Father will come to dwell on earth.
God’s throne will be in the new Jerusalem which will descend to earth from heaven.
The earth will become the very headquarters from which God the Father will rule all His creation.
What is Means to be “Born Again” (Lesson 8)
76. When Jesus spoke of being “born again,” Nicodemus
understood that He was referring to an emotional experience.
thought He meant that he should accept Him as his personal Savior.
did not understand that Christ was speaking about a spiritual birth.
did not realize Jesus was talking about the subject of birth.
77. How many births are there in God’s plan for mankind?
Just the physical birth into this life.
A physical birth and a spiritual birth, the physical being a type of the spiritual.
A literal physical birth and a symbolic spiritual birth.
Two, both of which are physical.
78. One who is “born of the spirit” is
still visible to human eyes.
composed of wind.
both material and spiritual.
invisible spirit, no longer composed of flesh and blood.
79. Who is the Father of one “born again”?
The heavenly Father.
The glorified Christ.
Both Christ and the Father.
The God Family.
80. “God”
is one divine Being.
is a family presently composed of only two divine Beings.
is a “trinity” of three divine Beings – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
has no plans for expanding the God Family.
81. The Father and Son
have always had that relationship to one another.
are of equal authority.
both dealt with mankind in Old Testament times.
presently compose the Family of God.
82. The “Word” mentioned in John the first chapter
was the Holy Spirit.
was an angel.
later became the human Jesus.
was not eternal.
83. The divine Personage who became Jesus Christ
never dealt with mankind before His human birth.
could not have been the “LORD” of the Old Testament.
was never the Logos or “Word” – the “Spokesman” – of God.
spoke on behalf of the God Kingdom during the Old Testament era.
84. God created all things by
Himself since He is all powerful.
the Spirit of God only.
the Word (Jesus Christ), the Workman who “spoke” and it was done by the power of God’s Spirit.
His angels.
85. The Spirit of God
is a divine Being.
is the very power of the God Family.
may be touched and felt.
is not everywhere.
86. Which one of the following statements is not true?
1 John 5:7 proves the God Family is composed of three divine Beings.
1 John 5:7 was added in about the eighth century by those who assumed the Holy Spirit to be a divine Personage.
In the Greek language the word translated “spirit” is neuter – an “it.”
The Holy Spirit is the power God uses to hold the universe together.
87. Which one of the following statements does not describe the God Family?
Composed of spirit, invisible to human eyes.
So powerful that Christ’s and the Father’s bodies shine as the sun.
“Holy” – perfectly righteous; completely free of sin.
Totally unlike men in form and shape.
88. God created man
for no great purpose at all.
after the animal kind.
in His own “likeness” and “image.”
out of spirit.
89. Which of the following is not God’s purpose for creating mankind?
That we merely attain a level of existence equal to the angels.
That we become composed of eternal spirit just like the God Family.
To reproduce Himself through us.
That we become spirit-born children of God – members of His own divine Family.
90. To be “born again” is
to accept Christ in your heart.
to repent of sin and be baptized.
a sentimental religious “experience.”
to be literally changed into spirit-to be born into the Family of God.
91. Man was created
complete in all respects.
as only the “clay model” in which God would develop His holy, spiritual character.
with perfect spiritual character.
as a glorified being.
92. The “Kingdom of God” is
only a ruling government.
not the God Family.
not dual.
the ruling government Christ will set up on earth. It is also the Family of God – the God Kingdom composed of the spirit members of the God Family.
93. True Christians
have already inherited the Kingdom of God.
are already “born-again” children of God’s Family.
are now the spirit-begotten children of God.
are not already children of God.
94. Which one of the following is not a result of receiving the Father’s Spirit?
It suddenly makes us perfect like God.
It is the spiritual “germ” or “seed” by which true Christians have been begotten by God.
It begins to manifest the divine characteristics or “fruits” of God’s nature in the lives of obedient Christians.
It enables one thus begotten to begin growing in God’s spiritual character.
95. In the resurrection, spirit-begotten children of God shall
remain flesh and blood, but live forever.
be made spirit-become the very “born again” sons and daughters of the God Family.
become as the angels, but not literal Gods.
not become like Jesus Christ, their elder brother.
96. Who is the only one born again thus far?
Jesus Christ.
97. One who is born again
does not bleed.
is composed of spirit.
can pass through walls.
All of the above.
98. Until the resurrection, spirit-begotten Christians
must, with the help of God’s Holy Spirit, build God’s righteous, spiritual character.
can grow spiritually without receiving spiritual nourishment.
do not need to pray to God and study His Word.
can grow spiritually outside of God’s Church.
99. According to the Bible
those who have received the Holy Spirit have been born again.
those spiritually begotten by the Father’s Spirit are absolutely perfect.
anyone now begotten by the Spirit of God cannot sin.
one born of God’s Spirit will never sin again.
100. Which one of the following statements simply cannot be true?
When born of God, we will be composed of spirit instead of flesh and blood.
Based on all the Biblical evidence presented in Lesson 8, it is clear that those who claim to have already been “born again” are indeed very Gods!
When “born again” – born of God, changed into spirit beings at the, resurrection – we will retain our own recognizable features.
When born again at the resurrection, our powerful spirit bodies will shine as the sun in full strength!