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Test 4 – Lessons 13-16
Bible Correspondence Course
Test 4 – Lessons 13-16

WHO and WHAT is God? (Lesson 13)
1. The religions of this world
worship the true God in their own varied ways.
have many different doctrines, but agree on the nature of God.
do not know who and what God is.
are not in a state of religious confusion.
2. Evolutionary science and secular education
publicly acknowledge that God exists.
understand who and what God is.
have reluctantly taught the theory of evolution.
neither know of nor teach the existence of a Creator God.
3. Evolution is
the most logical explanation of how the universe and life on earth came to be.
the attempt to explain the existence of a creation without a Creator.
a theory that does not require faith to believe.
not a widely accepted or believed theory.
4. The record in the Bible which gives the very earliest account of the existence of God is found in
John 1:1-3.
Genesis 1:1.
Hebrews 1:1-2.
Isaiah 57:15.
5. How many God Personages have existed for eternity?
Two—“God” and the “Word.”
Three—the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We can’t really know.
6. The “Word” mentioned in the first chapter of John
was never the “Spokesman” of the God family.
was eternal spirit and therefore could not become flesh and blood.
became the human Jesus Christ.
was the Holy Spirit.
7. Hebrews, chapter seven, refers to the preexistence of Jesus Christ. By which of the following names or titles was He not known in times past?
Priest of the Most High God
King of Righteousness
8. Jesus Christ’s life was worth more than all other human lives combined because he was
the Creator of all human life.
a very good man.
born of a virgin who had never been intimate with men.
a member of the Trinity.
9. What does God look like?
Totally unlike man.
Like a man.
Unlike anything in the physical creation.
A shapeless ethereal cloud.
10. Emperor Constantine of Rome
kept out of religious matters during his reign.
was a member of the true Church of God.
understood that God is a family presently composed of two divine Personages.
made belief in the Trinity doctrine mandatory.
11. Does the Bible teach that God is a Trinity?
Yes, the proof is in 1 John 5:7-8.
No, part of the wording of 1 John 5:7-8 was added in the fourth century.
No, but by faith we know the Trinity must exist.
It must since so many believe in this doctrine.
12. Why is the truth about the Trinity so important?
The Trinity doctrine completely does away with the Gospel Christ preached.
This false teaching limits the number of members of God’s family to only three—with no possibility of expansion.
Through this erroneous belief, Satan wants to hide the fact that God is reproducing Himself.
All of the above.
13. God created all things by
Himself since He is all powerful.
the Spirit of God only.
the Word (Jesus Christ), the Workman who “spoke” and it was done by the power of the Spirit of God.
His angels.
14. What did God create first?
The angels.
Adam, the first man.
The earth.
The universe.
15. When God originally created the heavens and the earth,
they were a finished creation.
they were in a state of disarray.
they were “very good” and in order, but unfinished.
He had no purpose for them.
16. Why were Lucifer and the angels placed on earth?
To rest, relax and enjoy its beauty.
To defend the planet from the demons.
Certainly not to develop righteous character.
To share in finishing its creation.
17. God originally intended that His angels
become members of His family.
develop holy, righteous character.
learn to rule the universe on their own.
do nothing of any significance for the rest of eternity.
18. How did the beautiful earth become waste and empty, chaotic and in confusion?
Through God’s neglect.
Through man’s neglect.
as a result of Lucifer’s rebellion against God.
Through nuclear warfare.
19. Why must the government of God be restored on earth?
Because it leads those under it into God’s way of life which produces peace, harmony and happiness.
Because it leads those under it into righteous character development.
Because it is the administration of God’s law of love.
All of the above.
20. Which of the following is not God’s purpose for creating man?
That man become no higher than the angels.
The development of God’s righteous character in man.
That man may be born into God’s family as sons of God.
That man would eventually complete the creation of earth.
21. The “give” way and the “get” way
are not mentioned in principle in the Bible.
are not opposite ways of life.
are clearly understood by this world.
simply describe God’s way and Satan’s way.
22. What word does the Bible use to sum up God’s character?
23. The Ten Commandments
reflect the character of God.
can be summed up in the word love.
are God’s way of life.
All of the above.
24. How can God’s love be in us?
By receiving His Holy Spirit.
By following our own personal moral values and way of looking at things.
By following Satan’s “get” way of life.
By rejecting God’s “give” way of life.
25. The supreme creative effort of God-His ultimate purpose—
was the creation of the archangel Lucifer.
was the creation of physical man with all his remarkable abilities.
is the creation of His own perfect, holy, righteous spiritual character in man.
was the creation of the vast universe.
Angels (Lesson 14)
26. Both members of the God family are eternally living beings because:
they don’t require oxygen to live.
have self-contained life within themselves
are composed of non-spirit substance.
sustain each other in some incomprehensible way.
27. God created the angels out of spirit so they
would be equal with God.
could develop Godly character.
would not have an eternal existence.
would have self-contained life like the God family.
28. The earth was originally created to be
the habitation of angels.
the dwelling place of man.
the abode of the God family.
merely an example of God’s creative power.
29. God’s government, based on His law of love,
involves the administration of God’s way of life.
directs those under it into His way of life.
was established over the angels to regulate their conduct toward their Creator and toward each other.
All of the above.
30. Whom did God set over the angels to administer His government?
The Word, before His human birth.
The archangel Lucifer, who had been stationed at the very throne of God in heaven.
A cherub without any training in government.
One of the 24 elders.
31. Lucifer, as God originally created him, was
always an adversary.
an ordinary angel.
a glorious archangel with remarkable attributes.
predestined to fail.
32. Lucifer was perfect in all his ways until
he began thinking thoughts of vanity, envy, lust and competition and sinned.
he fell from heaven.
God assigned him to another planet.
other angels convinced him to become the first rebel.
33. After Lucifer rebelled, God
removed him from his office of rulership over the earth.
has been in constant fear of being overthrown by sinning angels.
changed his name to Satan which means adversary.
realized He erred in making angels free moral agents.
34. How many of the angels abandoned God’s way of love and followed Lucifer in his rebellion?
35. God chose to make angels, and later humans, free moral agents so they
could develop holy, righteous character.
would be like automatons.
would rebel.
would sin and need a savior.
36. The sin of the angels
was a total surprise to God.
destroyed the government of God.
was a fatal blow to God’s plans.
proved that only members of the God family would not sin.
37. After the sin of the angels, the next step in God’s plan was to
provide a savior for fallen angels.
promote the loyal angels to sonship in His family.
begin reproducing Himself through human beings.
dispense with the idea of free moral agency.
38. What did the “tree of life” symbolize?
The Holy Spirit and eternal life.
The way of God’s government which is the Law of God
Revealed knowledge that could be received and understood.
All of the above.
39. Which one of the following did the tree of the “knowledge of good and evil” not represent?
The way of rebellion against God’s government.
Eternal life.
The way of deciding for oneself right from wrong.
Sin and its penalty—eternal death.
40. Had Adam and Eve partaken of the tree of life,
they would have received the Holy Spirit and been begotten of God.
they would have immediately received eternal life.
their character would have been perfected instantly.
they would have been led into Satan’s “get” way of life.
41. When Adam partook of the forbidden fruit,
he gained access to revealed spiritual knowledge.
he limited himself to the knowledge of spiritual things.
God shut the Holy Spirit off from mankind.
All of the above.
42. The “second Adam,” Jesus Christ,
restored the government of God on earth before ascending to heaven.
made the Holy Spirit available again after His resurrection, but only to those God would call.
failed to replace Satan as world ruler.
was inducted into office as the new world ruler after defeating Satan.
43. Which of the following is not true?
Man was made a little higher than the angels for now.
The World Tomorrow will not be ruled by angels.
Spirit-born sons of God are to rule over angels.
Angels can never become members of the divine family of God.
44. Angels are not intended to
be God’s messengers.
serve potential sons of God’s divine family.
protect God’s Spirit-begotten children.
amuse either themselves or men by supernatural feats or tricks.
45. Satan looks upon all mankind as “competitors” because
humans are competing with him for rulership of the world.
God has destined man to replace Satan and his demons as rulers of this world.
Satan and man both have the potential of becoming Sons of God and ruling all things under Christ.
he feels inferior to man.
46. The evil characteristics of human nature are
expressions of the mind of Satan the devil.
expressions of God’s love.
the results of demon possession.
inherited from our parents.
47. How does Satan transmit his nature to our minds?
By using radio signals.
He doesn’t—we are actually born with his nature.
He spiritually injects or “broadcasts” his attitudes.
He can’t do this to Christians because conversion shields them from his attitudes.
48. How can a Christian overcome Satan and his demons?
By simply mentioning the name of Christ.
By putting on the whole spiritual armor of God.
By resolving not to sin.
By just praying regularly.
49. Which of the following statements is not true?
Satan will again attempt to dethrone God
Once cast back to the earth, Satan will know he has but a short time before being restrained for 1,000 years.
Satan, once cast down again, will attempt to physically and spiritually destroy Spirit-begotten Christians.
Satan will always have access to God’s throne.
50. During the coming time of Satan’s wrath upon the whole world, God’s obedient servants will:
be miraculously protected in a special place prepared by God.
flee to local forests and mountains where they will hide.
be whisked away to heaven in a “rapture.”
have to suffer along with the rest of the world.
What Makes Man Unique? (Lesson 15)
51. God’s instruction Book, the Holy Bible,
merely tells us how we function.
only tells us who God is.
is the foundation upon which man builds his own knowledge.
reveals what man is.
52. God reveals that the “breath of life” (Gen. 2:7)
refers to an “immortal soul” He puts in each human.
is simply air—oxygen—the spark that ignites and sustains our physical life.
is unique to man—animals don’t have it.
is in animals only.
53. Nephesh, the Hebrew word translated “soul” in the Old Testament,
refers to physical, material life.
refers to a conscious existence which continues after a person is physically dead.
never refers to animal life.
is never translated “dead body.”
54. The “soul” of man
is actually spiritual in nature.
is subject to death and decay.
is not the man.
cannot be destroyed.
55. The Greek word psuche
is not translated “soul” in the New Testament.
has a different meaning than the Hebrew nephesh.
is equivalent to the Hebrew nephesh in the Old Testament.
refers to an “immortal soul” in man.
56. What cannot be destroyed by men?
The body.
The soul of man.
The life of man.
The life God restores by a resurrection.
57. Which of the following is not true?
God wants every human being to have a chance to repent and live forever.
God will force us to repent.
Some people will refuse to repent.
Those who die the second death will cease to exist forever.
58. Why did God create man mortal?
So that if we sinned and refused to repent, we would die and simply cease to exist.
So we could not repent of sin.
Because He is unmerciful.
So that incorrigible sinners would experience the same penalty as the angels who sinned.
59. The punishment of the angels who sinned
is death.
is loss of sonship in God’s family.
is eternal loss of their former opportunity to serve in God’s government.
would not include the eternal anguish of frustration and hopelessness.
60. Animals
have creative minds like God’s
comprehend the concepts of good and evil.
can repent.
were not created in God’s image.
61. Which one of the following is not true?
The gap between animal brain and human mind is not as great as once believed.
Some animals have physical brains as large or larger than man’s.
Some animals’ brains are nearly as complex as man’s.
Animals function primarily as a result of instinct.
62. Animals, “programmed” by God with instinct,
think, reason and make choices as a man can.
can plan and devise different methods of doing things
follow predetermined habit patterns in feeding, nesting and reproduction.
have the potential to build God’s character.
63. Man was created
without a thinking, reasoning, creative mind.
with a mind patterned after God’s own mind.
on the same mental plane as animals.
with the instinct of animal brain.
64. Man’s power of intellect
is impossible to explain.
is due to instinct.
evolved over millions of years.
is due to a nonphysical component in the human brain.
65. The “spirit in man”
has joined with the physical brain of man to form human mind.
has consciousness of itself.
is an “immortal soul.”
also exists in the brains of animals.
66. What is the “spirit in man”?
The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Ghost.
Spirit essence from God.
A spirit being.
67. Why can we refer to the spirit in man as “human” spirit?
Because it is physical in composition.
Because it is in every human being
Because it is inherited from our parents.
Because it is mortal.
68. Which one of the following choices is not true? The spirit in man
works independently of the brain.
enables the brain to think, reason and make freewill decisions.
acts as a computer to store and recall acquired knowledge.
cannot see, hear or think of itself.
69. Who has hidden the truth about the spirit in man from the world?
Greek philosophers.
Protestant reformers.
Satan, who first deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
The true Church of God.
70. Man
is incomplete with just the human spirit.
cannot comprehend spiritual truth without the addition of God’s Holy Spirit to the human spirit.
cannot be begotten of God without the Holy Spirit.
All of the above.
71. Once a person is begotten by God’s Spirit, he
becomes wholly composed of spirit.
must begin to grow in the spiritual character of God.
does not need to obey God.
suddenly becomes perfect like God.
72. What must one do to grow in God’s character?
Study and meditate on the Word of God.
Converse with God in daily prayer.
Practice the way of God in his daily life.
All of the above.
73. What part does God’s Church not play in our spiritual growth?
It overcomes sin for us.
God’s children are nourished with spiritual food within the Church.
God’s chosen ministry “feeds” His children with the Word of God.
It protects God’s begotten children from false doctrine.
74. What else does the human spirit in man do?
It imparts miracle-working power to man.
It imparts the ability to read minds.
It becomes an indestructible record of our form, personality, knowledge and character.
Nothing other than make human intellect possible.
75. What happens to the human spirit when a person dies?
It disintegrates.
It floats around in space
It joins with some other person’s brain at birth.
It goes back to God and is preserved until the resurrection when God will use it to restore the whole individual.
Ancient Israel – Why God’s “Chosen People” (Lesson 16)
76. After Adam and Eve rejected God as Revealer of spiritual knowledge, God
limited spiritual knowledge and salvation to the descendants of Abraham.
called the majority of men and women prior to Christ’s first coming.
offered the Holy Spirit to all their descendants.
shut off the first humans and their descendants from His Holy Spirit and revealed truth.
77. Prior to Abraham, only three men are specifically mentioned in the Bible as having followed God’s way. They were:
Shem, Ham and Japheth.
Seth, Lamech and Jared.
Abel, Enoch and Noah.
Enos, Moses and Isaiah.
78. The first part of the promises God made to Abraham was
the promise of the Messiah and salvation through Him.
material and national—that Abraham’s descendants would become a great nation
spiritual and therefore individual in nature.
not fulfilled in any way.
79. The second part of the promises God made to Abraham was
spiritual and individual—the promise of the Messiah and salvation through Him.
that his descendants would inherit all the land of Canaan.
that his descendants would be prolific.
that his descendants would become a great nation.
80. The birthright promise
was not passed on for want of a legitimate heir.
was passed on to the Jews.
was passed on to Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, when Jacob adopted them.
stated that Christ would be blessed materially.
81. The “sceptre” promise went
to Judah.
went to Joseph.
has never been fulfilled.
has nothing to do with eternal salvation through Jesus Christ.
82. The descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh today have been blessed abundantly only because
of their obedience to God.
their forefathers were Jacob’s favorite grandsons.
of God’s promise to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
of time and chance.
83. Which one of the following is not true?
The children of Israel multiplied greatly in number.
Eventually the Israelites became slaves of Egypt, helpless to change their circumstances.
God’s miraculous intervention through a series of miracles set Israel free of Pharaoh.
God encouraged the tribes of Israel to blend into the surrounding nations so as not to be conspicuous.
84. God offered the nation of Israel
only material and national blessings.
nothing in return for obedience to Him.
the Holy Spirit.
spiritual understanding and salvation.
85. The children of Israel agreed to become God’s chosen people
immediately after they crossed the Red Sea.
at Mount Sinai.
in Egypt when they kept the first Passover.
out of respect for their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
86. God chose Israel above all other nations on earth because
they were the best candidate to be a “holy nation.”
of the natural leadership ability of the twelve tribes.
they were already obedient.
of His love for and promises to their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
87. Instead of setting an example for the surrounding nations, ancient Israel
assumed an overbearing leadership role in the region.
followed the ways and customs of the pagan nations around them.
asked that God would be their king.
forsook their promised land and voluntarily moved to Assyrian territory.
88. What did God do to His people after pleading with them for centuries to obey Him?
He sent them into captivity as punishment.
He forced them to obey Him.
He rejected them and chose another nation as His own.
He continued to plead with them for several more centuries.
89. Israel didn’t keep its part of the covenant with God because
blessings for obedience never came when they followed righteous leaders.
the blessings were insufficient for the effort required.
in lacking God’s Holy Spirit, they couldn’t resist Satan and submit their carnal natures to God.
of their spiritual comprehension of God’s Law.
90. The record written in human experience by Israel and Judah proves
nothing for us today.
that disobedience was unique to them.
that given enough time they finally would have obeyed God.
that without the Holy Spirit man is incapable of understanding God’s spiritually revealed truth and obeying the Ten Commandments from the heart.
91. Why did Jesus speak to the Israelites in Judea in parables?
To make plain the truth of God.
To maintain the spiritual blindness of the majority because their time to understand had not yet come.
So they would understand and repent.
To gather a large following of true believers.
92. When did God start to open spiritual understanding to the Gentiles after founding His New Testament Church?
Simultaneously with the Jewish converts.
One year later.
About ten years later.
Just after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.
93. Which one of the following is not true?
Gentiles (non-Israelites) can become heirs to the spiritual promises made to Abraham by becoming spiritual “children” of Abraham through Christ.
Israelites by birth must also become Christ’s to receive the spiritual promises.
To date, comparatively few natural-born Israelites have been called by God to become spiritual Israelites.
The spiritual promises made to Abraham pertain to flesh-born Israelites only.
94. Why did God call ancient Israel a “congregation” and a “church” even though they did not have the Holy Spirit?
These people were a physical type of the spiritual Church that was to be established when Christ came.
Duality in God’s plan certainly has nothing to do with it.
Because the nation was deeply religious.
Because the Israelites were churchgoers.
95. Spiritual Israel today
is the Church of God composed of spiritual Israelites, whether Israelite or gentile by birth.
is in training to rule with Christ when He comes.
has been called by God to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world.
All of the above.
96. Another captivity of Israelites
will never happen.
is to happen with modern-day descendants being taken as slaves to nations all over the earth.
will be mild compared to the former captivity.
will not include the Jews.
97. Which of the following will not happen to the modern-day descendants of ancient Israel?
God will allow all of them to die in captivity as punishment for past sins.
At Christ’s return He will rescue the remnant of Israel from captivity.
The coming exodus of Israel out of captivity will be far greater than their former exodus from Egypt.
Christ will restore these regathered Israelites to the promised land where He will make them a model nation.
98. How will the Israelites respond to God when restored to the land of their forefathers?
They will rebel against Him as before.
They will reject David as their king.
They will resist unification of the nation.
They will repent bitterly, turn to God in obedience, and become an example for other nations to follow.
99. What will not contribute to Israel’s obedience toward God?
Their realization, through the influence of the Holy Spirit, of having sinned against God.
Their receipt of the Holy Spirit which will help them to obey.
Attending church regularly on Sunday.
Their appreciation for God’s manifold mercy.
100. What does the “valley of dry bones” in Ezekiel 37 picture?
The utter desolation at the close of human misrule.
The destruction of all mankind.
A resurrection to spiritual life.
Millions of ancient Israelites being physically resurrected after the Millennium to receive their first chance to understand God’s master plan, develop His character and receive eternal life.