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Test 6 – Lessons 21-24
Bible Correspondence Course
Test 6 – Lessons 21-24

Is This the ONLY Day of Salvation? (Lesson 21)
1. The teaching that a person is now either “saved” or “lost”
is not a widespread belief of traditional Christianity.
is based on the truth of the Bible.
comes from the false assumption that God is trying to save the world now.
proves that this is the “only day of salvation.”
2. People who do not understand the true way to salvation
are “lost” forever.
have been deceived by Satan.
can be saved some other way.
have rejected their chance to really understand it.
3. Jesus spoke in parables
to make the meaning of what He said clearer to the general public.
to help convict His listeners so they would repent and be converted.
to hide the truth from His disciples.
so most people would not understand.
4. Which statement is FALSE?
God wants everyone to understand His truth at this time.
God has allowed Satan to deceive the vast majority of humanity.
Only those whom God specially calls can understand the true way of salvation.
God is now calling only a few to prepare them for positions of rulership in His soon-coming Kingdom.
5. When Adam ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
he took to himself the authority to decide what is righteousness and what is sin.
he rejected God’s authority, in effect choosing Satan as the “god” of mankind.
humanity was “kidnapped” by Satan and has been blinded spiritually by him ever since.
All of the above.
6. Satan
cannot influence humans to sin.
is the present ruler of this world by God’s permission.
has not deceived the whole world.
is not the “god” of this world.
7. Jesus Christ came to earth to
prevent Satan from deceiving mankind.
call everyone to salvation then.
preach His Father’s message—the Gospel of the Kingdom of God—to the public only as a witness.
All of the above.
8. Someone who really wants to quit sinning and obey all of God’s commandments
is immediately saved.
is guilty of wanting to earn his salvation.
will convince God to call him.
is already being called by God, otherwise he would have no such desire.
9. “Predestination”
means that God has predetermined whether a person will be saved or lost.
has only to do with when one is called by God to understand the way of salvation.
shows that God has decided our fate in advance.
proves that we are not free moral agents.
10. Which statement is FALSE?
God has predestined most to be lost.
Some have been foreordained to be called at certain times for a specific purpose.
God has predetermined that some be called in this age for special training to prepare them for His Kingdom.
The majority of mankind is predestined to be called by God later.
11. The one and only way to salvation
does not involve repentance from sin.
has nothing to do with living God’s way.
is through Christ and spiritual conversion as defined in the Bible.
is accurately understood by traditional Christianity.
12. The vast majority of people who have ever lived
have not yet understood the true way to salvation.
have not yet had their opportunity for salvation.
will be given their opportunity for salvation later.
All of the above.
13. One way a person can permanently lose salvation is by
dying before hearing about Christ.
sinning willfully after having been called by God and given spiritual understanding of His truth.
having been predestined to be lost.
None of the above—everyone will eventually be saved by being given a second chance.
14. A willful (or unforgiveable) sin is
one that a person refuses to repent of.
one that is committed through human weakness.
impossible for a Spirit-begotten child of God to commit.
one that many have committed.
15. Another way one can sin willfully is to
break the First Commandment.
accuse Christ of wrongdoing.
intentionally speak abusively against God’s Spirit and attribute works of God’s power to the devil.
All of the above.
16. Now is “the” day of salvation
for all professing Christians.
for the entire world.
for all who want it to be.
only for the few who have been called and begotten by God.
17. God’s spiritual truth
can be understood by anyone.
is understood by most professing Christians.
is understood only by those whom God has called and given His Spirit.
can be fully understood without having the Holy Spirit.
18. Which one of the following is NOT a reason God is calling only a few in this age?
To help proclaim Christ’s Gospel to the world as a witness.
To give them eternal life as a special favor or reward.
To train them to rule with Christ in the World Tomorrow.
To prepare them to teach the way of salvetion to all humanity after Christ’s Second Coming.
19. The “firstfruits” of salvation—those whom God calls and begets before Christ’s Second Coming –
must use God’s Spirit to overcome Satan and qualify for responsibilities in the Kingdom of God.
are no longer susceptible to Satan’s influence.
do not need to have the Spirit of God to grow in His character.
are trying to reform this world.
20. All mortals who are alive after Christ returns will
immediately be given immortality.
be taught God’s way and given an opportunity for salvation.
be denied access to the Holy Spirit.
continue to be deceived by Satan.
21. Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones being brought back to life
is a prophecy showing that those who died in spiritual ignorance will be brought back to mortal life and given God’s Spirit of understanding.
is just a fanciful story.
pictures the first resurrection.
does not refer to any resurrection.
22. What will happen at the first resurrection, which will occur at Christ’s Second Coming?
All the dead will be brought back to mortal life and given their opportunity for salvation.
Those who willfully rejected God will be cast into the lake of fire.
The “firstfruits” of God’s plan of salvation will be given immortality.
The dead in Christ, will go to heaven.
23. Those resurrected to mortal life in the second resurrection, which will occur after the Millennium, will be
given their first and only opportunity for salvation.
given spiritual understanding of the Bible.
judged by their works—how well they live by God’s Word.
All of the above.
24. The vast majority who will be made alive in the second resurrection will
be condemned to eternal death for having followed Satan’s way during their previous life.
not be able to compare Satan’s “get” way with God’s “give” way.
choose to live God’s way, develop His character and eventually be born into God’s Family.
remember nothing about their former life.
25. Who will live again during the future “day” or period “of judgment” that Jesus referred to in Matthew 11:20-24?
People from Tyre, Sidon, Sodom, Nineveh, Israel and Judah.
Children who died untimely deaths, those who lived before the Flood, and most people alive today.
Everyone who had not been called and begotten by God during his first life.
All of the above.
What is God’s Purpose for Mankind? (Lesson 22)
26. The book of Hebrews reveals that man’s dominion or rule, now limited to the earth and its atmosphere, will
eventually extend over “all things”—the entire universe.
extend only to the rest of our solar system.
be forever limited to earth.
never be above the angels.
27. The earth, when created, was
ugly and disorganized.
like a finished piece of furniture.
to be given a beautifying finish by the angels.
so perfect it could not be improved.
28. If the angels had continued to obey God and completed earth’s creation,
they would have lived in eternal retirement on earth.
God would have entrusted them with the responsibility of completing the rest of the universe.
they would have been born into God’s Family.
they would have been allowed to do as they pleased.
29. After a third of the angels sinned, God realized that only members of His Family could be trusted to remain sinless forever. God then decided to
create mankind for the purpose of enlarging His Family.
train humans so they could be trusted to help restore His government on earth and finish the creation of the universe.
develop His holy, righteous, perfect character in man.
All of the above.
30. To assist Christ in finishing the creation of the universe, Spirit-begotten Christians must first be trained for their coming responsibility by
studying the sciences.
creating beautiful works of art.
growing in God’s character through keeping His spiritual Law.
learning how to travel through space.
31. The real potential of every human being is
to become a God Being just like the Father and Jesus Christ.
to become equal to the angels.
to become like Adam was before he sinned.
understood by all professing Christians.
32. In Genesis 1:1, the Hebrew word for “God” is Elohim, which
refers to one divine Being.
means “Mighty Ones”—the divine Beings, presently two in number, who compose the Kingdom or Family of God.
refers to three equal divine Beings known as the Trinity.
refers to God and angels.
33. Mankind was created in God’s own “image and “likeness,”
just like the angels were.
which makes humans equal to the Creator God.
because God’s purpose is to create humans after the God kind.
because God did not intend to reproduce Himself through human beings.
34. God instituted the family relationship among humans
to be a physical type of His own divine Family.
as another evolutionary step from the social groupings of apes.
to prevent divorce.
only after Adam and Eve sinned.
35. The spiritual marriage of the Church to Christ at His Second Coming
is evidence that the Kingdom of God is not a Family.
will be completely unlike human marriages.
will result in the begettal and birth of untold millions of divine children into the Family of God.
All of the above.
36. Jesus Christ is called “the firstborn among many brethren” (Rom. 8:29) because
He was the first to be born of God’s Spirit into the divine Family of God.
many other Spirit-begotten children of God will be born into His Family at Christ’s return.
God’s Family will expand to include many children of God.
All of the above.
37. God’s Spirit-begotten children
do not need to grow spiritually before being born into God’s Family.
are being trained and tested before God gives them eternal life at Christ’s return.
do not have to obey God to grow spiritually.
do not have to do any “works” before being born of God.
38. The Apostle Paul wrote that true Christians are God’s “workmanship” because
they are descendants of Adam and Eve.
they are already perfect spiritual examples of His creative ability.
God is in the process of creating His righteous character in them.
All of the above.
39. How does God develop His character in His Spirit-begotten children?
By not leading and empowering them through His Spirit.
By not instructing and correcting them through His Word.
By forcing them to obey Him.
Gradually, as they learn to live by every word of God.
40. When God’s Spirit-begotten children are born into His Family, they will
not look like Christ, nor shine like the sun.
have the same glory, power and authority as the angels.
have eternal life as a gift from God.
be like Adam was before he sinned.
41. Adam’s sin
thwarted God’s plan for mankind.
did not stop God from proceeding with His Master Plan for man.
forced God to think about what He could do to repair the damage to His plan for man.
has not resulted in man doing his own thing for nearly 6,0OO years.
42. Which statement is FALSE?
Human civilization is based on Satan’s way Of “get.”
Humans, without God’s Holy Spirit, do not know how to live in harmony and peace with one another.
For nearly 6,00O years, the “get” way has produced the opposite of what mankind really wants.
The “get” way results in love, peace and harmony.
43. Which one of the following will a Spirit-born child of God NOT be able to do?
Travel to other planets without a spaceship.
Tell Christ what to do.
Pass through walls and locked doors.
Appear as a human when necessary.
44. God’s children, after being born into His Family, will
possess God’s perfect character in full measure.
begin developing God’s holy, righteous character.
have to choose either God’s way of “give” or Satan’s way of “get.”
finally learn which way of life is best.
45. Keeping God’s Law is necessary for righteous character development because
the Law does not define righteousness.
God’s perfect Law of love defines His character.
God wants to see how well we can follow arbitrary rules and regulations.
None of the above.
46. The Spirit-born children of God’s Family will
administer His government with His Law of love.
rule by their own laws.
still possess human nature.
still sin occasionally.
47. When God’s plan of salvation is complete, His incredibly huge Family will
not have enough to do.
be bored for eternity.
be busy and productive forever.
make it possible for God to take a well-deserved vacation.
48. When will God’s government stop expanding?
When everyone has learned God’s way.
When all members of God’s Family have fulfilled their responsibilities.
When the limits of the known universe are reached.
49. The entire physical creation is described as anxiously awaiting the spiritiral birth of the Sons of God because
it will then be changed into spirit and thus be a perfect creation.
the creation is now complete.
they will begin to restore and beautify the entire universe.
the physical creation will then be destroyed.
50. Those who become the Spirit-born children of God will
never grow tired or weary.
assist the Father and Christ in ruling the universe forever.
enjoy a never-ending life of creative accomplishments.
All of the above.
Why Christians Should Keep God’s Holy Days (Lesson 23)
51. God gave His people weekly and annual Sabbaths that
no longer have meaning or purpose.
were patterned after pagan festivals.
are reminders of His purpose and plan for bringing mortal humans into His divine Family.
are not to be observed by true Christians today.
52. Which statement is FALSE?
The land called Canaan in ancient times produces abundant harvests throughout the year.
The spring grain harvest in the modern state of Israel is the smaller of the two annual harvest seasons.
God’s festivals during the spring harvest season picture the relatively small beginning of God’s spiritual harvest of humans into His Family.
The festivals that occur near the conclusion of the late summer-early autumn harvest season picture God calling the vast majority of mankind to salvation.
53. The “oracles”—the Old Testament Scriptures, which include knowledge of God’s Sahbaths and festivals and God’s calendar—were given to ancient Israel and preserved by the tribe of Judah
until the coming of Christ, who did away with the Law.
because they were only for the Jews.
to help the Jews earn salvation.
for God’s New Testament Spirit-begotten Church.
54. After renewing the face of the earth in six days, God (the Word, who became Jesus Christ) rested on the seventh day
because He was tired from all His work.
to set an example for humans to follow.
- known today as Sunday.
— known today as Friday.
55. If we keep the Sabbath as God intends, it
gives us extra time to learn more about God and His awesome purpose for our lives.
is a sign reminding us that He is the Creator and we are His chosen people.
is a type of our future spiritual “rest” as Spirit-born members of God’s divine Kingdom or Family.
All of the above.
56. Since God’s Spirit-begotten children—true Christians—have become Abraham’s spiritual descendants, they
keep God’s weekly Sabbath— Saturday, the seventh day of the week.
keep every day of the week “holy.”
no longer need to keep any day.
keep Sunday, the first day of the week.
57. The New Testament references to God’s annual festivals indicate that the Church Jesus Christ founded
knew it was no longer necessary to observe these festivals.
observed God’s festivals, just as Christ had done and commanded His chosen people to do.
observed these festivals only in Judea.
celebrated Easter and Christmas.
58. Which statement about the first of God’s seven annual festivals is FALSE? The Passover
was originally a yearly reminder of God’s deliverance of Israel’s firstborn from death.
pictured, in advance, the sacrifice of Christ for the sins of mankind.
was to be kept forever and is now an annual memorial of Christ’s suffering and death.
commemorates Christ’s resurrection.
59. Shortly before His crucitixion, Jesus
instituted the sacrament of communion, and told His disciples to observe it every Sunday morning.
changed the Passover symbols to unleavened bread and wine.
told His disciples to commemorate His birth and resurrection.
explained to His disciples that His death would do away with the annual festivals.
60. Which statement about the New Testament Passover is FALSE?
The new symbols Jesus gave on the eve of His death were for the apostles only.
Foot washing, which Jesus instituted before taking the bread and wine, depicts the attitude of humility and service every true Christian should have.
Eating the unleavened bread symbolizes our faith in the body or Christ, which was broken open for our physical healing.
Drinking the wine symbolizes our faith in the fact that Christ’s blood was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.
61. The Feast of Unleavened Bread, the second of God’s annual festivals,
was replaced by Lent through the authority of the apostles.
shows that accepting Christ’s sacrifice to pay for our sins is all that God requires of us.
reminds us that God wants Christians to be striving to put sin completely out of their lives.
lasts for eight days.
62. Leaven is a symbol for sin. Therefore
leaven should never be eaten.
unleavened bread typifies the presence of sin.
the Feast of Unleavened Bread shows that God does not want us to “unleaven” our lives spiritually.
the act of eating unleavened bread during the Feast of Unleavened Bread symbolizes the opposite of sin—righteousness, which is active obedience to God.
63. Pentecost, the third annual festival and Holy Day,
reminds us that we need the power of God’s Spirit to overcome sin.
reminds us that human willpower alone is enough to overcome sin.
should be observed as a special day for baptisms and confirmations.
is observed correctly by those churches named after this day.
64. “Pentecost,” the New Testament name for the Old Testament “Feast of Firstfruits,”
was observed 50 days after the spring grain harvest began.
is a memorial of the coming of God’s Spirit to beget and strengthen the “frstfruits” of God’s Master Plan.
commemorates the beginning of the New Testament Church of God in AD 3l.
All of the above.
65. The festival picturing the fourth step in God’s Master Plan
marks the completion of events involving the Church.
has nothing to do with Christ’s return to earth.
is the Feast of Trumpets.
is no longer to be observed today.
66. The fourth of God’s annual festivals
has no meaning for God’s Church today.
pictures the return of Jesus Christ to save humanity from total annihilation.
is a musical festival with little spiritual meaning.
pictures Christ coming to “rapture” away His saints.
67. The Feast of Trumpets also pictures the
terrible time of world war just before Christ’s return.
resurrection of the “firstfruits,” who will be reaped into God’s Family.
first resurrection.
All of the above.
68. After Christ returns, He will
begin to qualify to replace Satan.
depose Satan from being world ruler and restrain him from influencing mankind for 1,000 years.
allow Satan to rule for another l,000 years.
allow Satan to continue broadcasting his evil attitudes to mankind.
69. Fasting on the Day of Atonement
means to abstain from meat but not other foods or water for 24 hours.
has no connection with becoming at one with God.
is for the purpose of humbling oneself to draw closer to God.
is not a vivid reminder or the state of mind necessary for salvation.
70. The symbolism surrounding the azazel goat of Leviticus 16 pictures
all sin being blamed on Christ.
the blame for mankind’s sins being placed on Satan, who inspired them.
mankind’s sins never being forgiven.
Satan and his demons being released to further lead mankind into sin.
71. After Christ has returned to earth and put Satan away, He will
begin the 1,000-year reign of the Kingdom of God on earth.
return to heaven and let men solve their own problems.
return to heaven with His saints, leaving the earth desolate for 1,000 years.
abolish God’s annual Holy Days.
72. During the seven-day Feast of Tabernacles, God’s people
are to live in temporary accommodations such as motel and hotel rooms.
rejoice greatly, thus picturing the universal happiness and joy that will exist during the Millennium.
receive instruction from God’s Word to help them further prepare to rule and teach in the Millennium.
All of the above.
73. The Last Great Day, the festival immediately following the Feast of Tabernacles,
pictures the Great White Throne Judgment period, when all who were not yet called by God will be given their opportunity for salvation.
has no connection with the second resurrection.
shows how unfair God really is.
shows that today is indeed the only “day” of salvation.
74. God’s Master Plan for the salvation of all mankind will
never be complete.
be complete at Christ’s return.
be complete after the period of judgment pictured by the Last Great Day.
is now complete.
75. God’s Holy Days
point us directly to our Savior, Jesus Christ.
reveal His great purpose for mankind and how He is accomplishing it.
are faithfully kept by true Christians.
All of the above.
The Plain Truth About God’s Holy Sabbath (Lesson 24)
76. After renewing the face of the earth and creating all life upon it in six days, the Word (Christ)
made the first Sabbath by resting on the seventh day.
sanctified the seventh day of creation week, setting it and every future Sabbath apart for a holy use.
set the seventh day apart for man’s physical and spiritual rejuvenation.
All of the above.
77. For whom was the Sabbath made?
For all mankind, regardless of race or nationality.
Just for the ancient Israelites, particularly the Jews.
For New Testament Christians only.
For those who need time to catch up on work around the house.
78. Which statement is FALSE?
The word “sabbath” means rest in the Hebrew language.
The seventh-day Sabbath is the true “Lord’s day” because Christ made it.
Sunday, the first day of the week, is the “Lord’s day.”
God’s holy Sabbath day is the time from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset.
79. Keeping God’s Sabbath holy
reminds us of the Creator and Ruler of all things.
allows us more time to think and study about God and His awesome purpose for mankind.
enables us to worship God in private and in fellowship with others.
All of the above.
80. Righteous men such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
knew nothing about God’s Sabbath.
observed Sunday faithfully.
kept God’s commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath.
kept God’s Law, but not His Sabbath.
81. Shortly after delivering the Israelites from Egypt and before they arrived at Mt. Sinai, God
changed the Sabbath to Sunday.
made it absolutely clear to them which day is His Sabbath by miraculously providing manna every day except the Sabbath.
did not test their obedience to His Sabbath commandment.
told them that He did not care if they kept His Sabbath.
82. In the special Sabbath covenant God made with ancient Israel, He said that Sabbath keeping would
be a sign identifying Him as the Creator God.
be a sign only to the Jews showing that they were His people.
be necessary only until Christ’s First Coming.
not be required forever.
83. Keeping the Fourth Commandment is a crucial test of our obedience to God because
most people want to be different from the world.
most people want to obey all of God’s commandments.
it identifies those who have truly surrendered to God—who strive to obey all of His commandments.
it is the only commandment we must keep.
84. God’s people today are spiritual Israelites (Gal. 3:28-29), and therefore
keep God’s Law in the spirit, not in the letter.
are not required to keep the Sabbath as did Abraham and Jesus Christ.
do not need to keep any of God’s laws.
keep the Sabbath as a sign they are His people.
85. Which statement is FALSE?
If the Israelites had obeyed God, they would have become a nation of kings and priests.
Keeping God’s Sabbath has no connection with a Christian’s responsibilities in God’s Kingdom.
Keeping the Sabbath is part of God’s teacher-training program.
Obedient Christians will become a spiritual nation of rulers and teachers when born into God’s Family.
86. Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath
in obedience to His own command, setting an example for us to follow.
because that was the day His friends and neighbors kept.
because it was Jewish.
only to follow family tradition.
87. The many references to the Sabbath in the New Testament show that the
apostles were observing Sunday.
Gentile Christians never did keep the Sabbath.
apostles did not teach Sabbath keeping.
true Church kept the seventh-day Sabbath decades after Christ’s crucifixion.
88. The Apostle Paul taught the Gentiles
not to follow his example of Sabbath keeping.
that the Sabbath was for Jewish Christians only.
to imitate His example of obedience to God.
to keep Sunday.
89. Which statement is FALSE?
God made sure that the knowledge of when to keep His holy Sabbath has been preserved.
God used the Jews to preserve the Old Testament Scriptures and His calendar.
The Jews have faithfully retained the knowledge of the correct day for God’s Sabbath.
Time was “lost” between AD 70 and now, breaking the weekly cycle.
90. The seventh-day Sabbath
does not picture the coming millennial “Sabbath.”
pictures the coming 1,000-year period known as the Millennium.
pictures the rest and peace of Christians in heaven.
will be observed only during the Millennium.
91. God did not allow an entire generation of Israelites to enter His “rest”—the Promised Land—because they
obeyed but did not believe Him.
believed but did not obey Him.
rebelled and broke the Sabbath.
obeyed all His commandments except the Fourth.
92. What must Spirit-begotten children of God do today to be born into His Family?
Accept Jesus as their Savior and observe Sunday faithfully.
Keep all His commandments, including the Sabbath, with the help of His Spirit.
Only keep the seventh-day Sabbath faithfully.
Just fellowship with true believers on the Sabbath.
93. Which statement does Not show why the Kingdom of God is pictured as a “rest”?
Being a divine member in God’s Family will be a rest from sin.
When born of God’s Spirit, we will be free of our struggles against sin.
As members of God’s Family, we will have nothing to do for eternity.
Members of God’s Family possess the capacity for tireless, never-ending accomplishment.
94. What blessings has God promised to those who keep all His commandments?
The “heritage of Jacob”—eternal inheritance of the earth.
Becoming Spirit-born members in God’s divine Family.
An everlasting name—the family name “God.”
All of the above.
95. Which statement is FALSE?
It is usually convenient and easy to keep God’s Sabbath in today’s world.
Keeping God’s Sabbath sometimes requires considerable faith.
The blessings are great for those who have the courage to obey God in faith.
We must ask Christ for the faith we lack.
96. The faith we need to keep God’s commandments, including the Fourth,
comes from within ourselves.
is the very faith of Jesus Christ.
is not a gift from God.
is not an attribute of the Holy Spirit.
97. Keeping God’s Sabbath as He commands
is a great blessing to those who obey Him.
is a “yoke of bondage” to be endured.
requires avoiding the activities defined as “work” by the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.
is impossible today.
98. How can we keep the Sabbath holy?
By pursuing our own interests and pleasures on this day.
By not preparing for it in advance.
By using honest, sound judgment in applying the spirit and intent of the Fourth Commandment.
Simply by thinking spiritual thoughts while continuing our regular activities.
99. Why is it so important for Christians to assemble on the Sabbath?
To hear God’s ministers expound the principles of Christian living from the Bible.
To worship God in spirit and truth.
To have united fellowship with Christ and the Father through God’s Spirit.
All of the above.
100. Based on what we’ve learned from the Bible, how can we identify the one and only Church Jesus built?
It is faithfully observing Sunday.
Merely by the fact it emphasizes observance of the seventh-day Sabbath.
By the fact it is faithfully keeping all of God’s commandments, including the Fourth, and is proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom of God to the world.
It cannot be clearly identified today.