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Creation and Prehistory
Bible Study (May 12, 1978)

Begins: “My! I didn’t expect over 30 or 40 people here tonight… but the Church is off to a new start…” This bible study was given the evening before the sermon Creation and the Gospel which continues the subject matter of this bible study: To start from the very beginning, and go through the entire story of the Scriptures.

Zerubbabel’s Temple
Bible Study (July 21, 1978)

This Bible Study begins by Mr Armstrong recording a video clip to be used in the Feast Opening Night film. A little of this is missing on this particular recording. He then goes over the scriptures that deal with Zerubbabel’s temple and shows how much of this material was actually talking directly to us in 1978 as Mr Armstrong was led to put the Church “back on Track”. Such scriptures also talk of the same tasks that we today in the 21st century should be concerned with as we are once again led individually “back on Track.”

Romans Overview
Bible Study (December 1979)

This bible-study by Mr Armstrong is not very audible for the first half our apologies. It covers background information behind the first 5 chapters of Romans, and shows how both Gentile and Jew became off-track in regard to God’s spiritual law.

Romans 11-13
Bible Study (January 26, 1980)

As with all such bible-studies, much more is covered than mere words from the book itself. A recap of previous chapters begins the study, putting the three chapters into context, and then Mr Armstrong deals with the primary subjects: God working through Israel; Presenting our bodies a living sacrifice; and what it means to be subject to the higher powers within this world.

John 18 and 19
Bible Study (November 1, 1980)

This short bible study was given by Mr Armstrong in Jerusalem in 1980 after a visit to Golgotha where Christ was crucified. It goes through the events found in John chapters 18 and 19, and is particularly applicable as we prepare for keeping the Passover.

Review of 1st Corinthians
Bible Study – Tucson (November 22, 1980)

This is the first 1hour 25 mins of a bible study where Mr Armstrong reviews 1st Corinthians just before continuing with 2Cor 8. In it he says the following: “Now, if you go back and think those men who went out from us were thinking carnally. They didn’t have minds that went to the very depths of the spiritual knowledge of the Bible. I’m not sure that every one of them is gone yet. Some of them were very straight doctrinally. You can be straight doctrinally and still have a material, carnal mind. Did you know that?” Click Here for Transcript as supplied by deaf department at the time…

Ephesians 2
Bible Study (December 27, 1980)

This bible study deals with much more than Ephesians. It particularly examines repentance and the vital purpose of fogiveness within the Plan of God.

Beginning of James and Unleavened Bread
Bible Study – Pasadena, USA – Unleavened Bread

This Bible Study shows how we only have temporary life today, but are offered Real Life by God. The “process” of sin – following temptation – is covered, as is “the Law of liberty” – into that real life. Mr Armstrong examines a current “news” paper, and shows how meaningless such chemical “life” portrayed within it really is.

The Sabbath
Bible Study (September 11, 1981)

This bible study was given a few weeks before the sermon on The Sabbath Question in which Mr Armstrong described how to keep the Sabbath. In this preliminary bible-study he introduces the subject in a very basic way, showing how the Sabbath was not merely something given to ancient Israel, but that we are also duty bound to keep it today as it was created by the Eternal God for all mankind.

Philippians 1 & 2
Bible Study (October 30, 1981)

Mr Armstrong asks the question, “In how many really is the Holy Spirit really working? How many of you are being led by the Holy Spirit? And sometimes I think it is not half, and sometimes I wonder if it is any!” How profound this statement is when viewed today having witnessed the falling away that took place following his death! However, there is also encouragement because he points out that he, as Paul, was “sure that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” Certainly, this must also continue to be our view today.

Philippians 2 & 3
Bible Study (November 6, 1981)

Mr Armstrong ends the bible study by saying: “Knowledge is only something to live by and to be performed. Not knowers only, but doers! Are you walking in it? Are you doing it? If you are not, then you are never going to make it into the Kingdom…We’ve got to grow in praying and Bible study and in character. Brethren, we’ve got a job ahead of us let’s keep working.”

Spiritual Law vs Rituals
Bible Study (January 21, 1984)

“…the Law of Moses. That was the law of physical rituals, a physical law that was given to ancient Israel. It was only a substitute for the Holy Spirit. Today it’s the spiritual. We live according to the spirit. It’s altogether different…”