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Co-Worker Letter – July 21, 1977


President and Pastor

July 21, 1977

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

It is Tuesday morning July l9th. We are in flight in our G II from Tokyo to Hong Kong. We have on board one of my “Japanese sons” – a high member of the Japanese Diet, with his very charming wife and two of their three sons.

Last Sabbath we had a private dinner in the private dining room connecting with the Fontainebleue Restaurant atop the Imperial Hotel with the Ambassador of Israel and his wife, with other members of the Israeli Embassy and their wives, making it a total of 12 at the dinner. There immediately followed a Sabbath afternoon service attended by some 200 PLAIN TRUTH readers.

Last night was the big night of the visit to Tokyo – a most important banquet with about 150 in attendance, including several high in the Japanese government with 13 ambassadors from as many countries. Most of my “Japanese sons” – all members of the Japanese Diet – were present. I was guest of honor and main speaker. I did get over to them the GOOD NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD.

I mentioned, first, that I had a very happy ANNOUNCEMENT to make. I then mentioned that some three years ago I had been guest speaker at a luncheon in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, attended by 19 ambassadors – official representatives of 19 nations – and most of their wives. Everyone was so jovial in a bedlam of laughing conversation that I then said this was evidence that all our nations could live happily at peace as we were doing. I said, last night, that “tonight I will go further. I ANNOUNCE to you tonight, that, in our very present living generation, ALL NATIONS WILL come to live happily and joyfully together in WORLD PEACE. We will not bring this about ourselves,” I said. “We humans have brought only trouble, pain and suffering – discontent, injustice, and unhappiness on ourselves!

“Governments are now being overthrown at the rate of one a month. This will accelerate. For the first time in all history, since 1950, man has created the weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION that can ERASE ALL LIFE FROM THIS PLANET EARTH. We humans are going to bring conditions to the very brink of TOTAL DISASTER! Our number one problem now is SURVIVAL of the human race!

“Many world-famous scientists say our only hope is the emergence of a ONE WORLD SUPER-GOVERNMENT to rule all nations. One of our great weekly news magazines in the United States said in an editorial that it would seem that mankind’s ONLY HOPE now is the sudden intervention of AN UNSEEN STRONG HAND FROM SOME PLACE.


“I am here to ANNOUNCE to you tonight that IN OUR PRESENT LIVING GENERATION humanity will bring things to the place that, UNLESS there is that supernatural Divine intervention, NO HUMAN WOULD BE LEFT ALIVE. But, just before that happens, GOD ALMIGHTY WILL INTERVENE, and save humanity ALIVE. And He will then set up over us THE KINGDOM OF GOD – the same super-government to rule all nations which scientists say is our ONLY HOPE.

“Mankind then will be governed by GOD’S LAWS OF LOVE – of GIVING – of helping, sharing, serving. It makes no difference whether you believe that or not. It is SURE! It is as certain as the rising and setting of the sun. I have ANNOUNCED IT TO YOU. Your ears have HEARD IT! It’s your ONLY HOPE. THANK YOU, ladies and gentlemen!”

I said it with authority and power. That is the way we are getting THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM to the leaders of the Gentile nations ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I need you back of me one hundred percent.

In Hong Kong I will speak at a special dinner of the highest people, and hope to give them the same message.

Remember our serious NEEDS in your heartrending PRAYERS. I am on a very long and strenuous trip. From Hong Kong we go to New Delhi, where I am to speak to a very large audience, then on to Israel, and then to three countries on the West African coast, and then Pasadena.

With deepest love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. From Hong Kong. This is Thursday July 21. The dinner last night had to be canceled because of a typhoon which hit Hong Kong yesterday.