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Co-Worker Letter – June 13, 1978


President and Pastor

June 13, 1978

Dear Co-Workers and Brethren in Christ,

Just as the invisible adversary Satan has been leading this world toward the final violent WORLD CRISIS at the CLOSE of this age – so the same insidious and subtle unseen adversary has been seeking to destroy GOD’S CHURCH!

Satan has been doing his utmost to deceive and mislead God’s Church into SECULARISM – into material and worldly interests – into going as far as possible into THIS EVIL WORLD’S ways, while we may still try to keep one foot in God’s Church so that we may make it into THE KINGDOM OF GOD. This Church has been IN MORTAL DANGER!

But in the past four to six weeks JESUS CHRIST has been moving dynamically to thwart Satan’s subtile deception WITHIN GOD’S CHURCH.

First, Christ the living HEAD of this Church SET THE CHURCH BACK ON THE TRACK of BIBLE ORGANIZATION. NOW our Leader, Christ, is moving dynamically to AWAKEN His Church from this secular drift – to get us back on the track SPIRITUALLY in CLOSENESS TO GOD!

A most important article will appear on the front page of the next GOOD NEWS, due off the press in a few days. It is VITAL to the Work, as well as your own personal ETERNITY that you READ CAREFULLY EVERY WORD.

God’s battle cry to us NOW is, “BACK TO CHRIST!” He wants us to get our minds off of worldly pursuits, and to concentrate our minds and hearts on JESUS CHRIST OUR LIVING LEADER!

Christ is now crying out for us to rally behind Him in doing OUR PART toward finishing God’s OVERALL MASTER PLAN!

God’s OVERALL Master Plan started with putting the great archangel Lucifer on the throne of the GOVERNMENT OF GOD over angels which first inhabited this earth prior to MAN. But Lucifer, perfect in his ways from the day God CREATED him till iniquity was found in him, led his angels into REBELLION AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD ON EARTH!!

Then God renewed the face of the earth, and began His GREAT PURPOSE by putting MAN on the earth. But the first man, Adam, also decided on the way of Lucifer (his name now changed to SATAN). God ALLOWED mortal man to choose the way of Satan – all but those God has CALLED to Him and HIS TRUTH – and to forsake and OVERCOME Satan. Two thousand years ago (almost) Jesus Christ appeared on earth in human flesh. He brought the GOOD NEWS of the yet future restoration of THE GOVERNMENT OF GOD, and setting up of the KINGDOM OF GOD on earth – at Christ’s return, now imminent. Jesus overcame Satan, and QUALIFIED to take OVER THE THRONE OVER THE EARTH and usher in the KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus called and trained apostles to carry this GOOD NEWS to the world. Then He took on Himself OUR SINS – paid our penalty for us by His life’s blood! God raised Him from the dead, making our immortality possible through Him.

Now that same Jesus Christ, the living HEAD of God’s Church, is VERY SOON – in our present generation – to RETURN as KING of kings.

Meanwhile, He has called us to proclaim that wonderful ANNOUNCEMENT OF GOOD NEWS to the entire world. THAT IS OUR JOB! That job is not yet finished!

Now He calls on us to GET OUR MINDS back on OUR PART in FINISHING God’s great OVERALL MASTER PLAN!

Therefore, in HIS NAME, as His apostle, I am calling for a day of FASTING AND PRAYER throughout the entire Worldwide Church of God, on Sabbath, June 24th!

Let us come before Him on that day in an all-pervading SPIRIT OF REPENTANCE, rending our hearts, and praising our God for leading us, IN THIS GENERATION, into HIS KINGDOM!

Come with renewed awareness of OUR PART in His Work, to support and back it with all our being.

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong