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Co-Worker Letter – August 27, 1980

Herbert W. Armstrong Post Office Box 431
Tucson, Arizona 85702

August 27, 1980

Dear Co-Workers and Brethren in Christ:

The 1980 presidential election campaign is in full swing – and red-hot! On August 27 the candidates were DEBATING on HOW to debate! They accuse each other, promise what they think will win votes.

But inflation and unemployment continue. World troubles escalate. Even the Soviet Union has serious trouble in Poland. Will Poland free itself from Soviet domination and join with Yugoslavia, Rumania and possibly Czechoslovakia – and with Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Austria – in a resurrected medieval “Holy Roman Empire” to dominate Europe and equal the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.A. in world power?

And of course human morals continue descending down below the cesspool; home and family life is fast disappearing; crime, violence and threats of war rampage. With weapons of mass destruction now available in several nations that can erase HUMANITY from the earth, WHAT HOPE, if any, can the politicians offer a frustrated and hopeless world?

Meanwhile, in all this wilderness of CONFUSION, a voice cries out with the world’s ONLY and its SURE HOPE!

Many evangelical churches are now plunging headlong into the political campaign to elect Ronald Reagan. But the churches calling themselves “Christian” do not know that the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is the GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD! – a totally different kind of government!

The Kingdom of God shall rule ALL NATIONS with a government now NEW to this world – the Government of GOD! More, this world’s churches know nothing of what tomorrow’s world will be like under that Government!

This voice cries out worldwide that the Government of GOD will usher in UTOPIA!

Don’t laugh at that word UTOPIA! I well know it is regarded in today’s frustrated world as an impractical, impossible joke! Indeed Webster defines it: “an imaginary and indefinitely remote place; a place of ideal perfection, especially in laws, government and social conditions; an impractical scheme for social improvement.”

Jesus Christ was no impractical dreamer. His Gospel was the GOOD NEWS that a coming UTOPIA shall be REAL – it is ASSURED!

WHY should it be impossible to have ideal perfection – in government and social conditions – in civilization?

Human nature, you answer? But in the World Tomorrow, which Jesus announced, human nature shall be GONE! It shall be replaced by the divine nature (II Peter 1:4).

The earth then will be as full of the knowledge and ways of God as the ocean floors are covered with water (Isaiah 11:9).

World famous scientists foresee three possibilities for the world’s future:

1) Some think we soon shall have the magic push-button Century 21 – with such an array of gadgetry produced by technology that humans will be entranced and bedazzled. Labor will be all but eliminated. But of course this would not rid the world of human nature. Evils of every sort would multiply beyond belief.

2) The world’s only hope now is for humans to form one gigantic world government, controlling the one and only military power and weaponry. Yet in the same breath they admit the utter impossibility of it. WHAT MAN or committee of people would sit on the world throne ruling the world? And WHY would he or they know any better how to solve all evils than present incompetent leaders?

3) Present evils will escalate and multiply, and, with nuclear power and other means of mass destruction, humanity soon will be erased from off this planet earth!

Thank God, not one of these is going to happen.

HOW, then, will mankind extricate itself from the present evils that threaten the destruction of all human life? MANKIND WON’T! It is going to be done TO US! – not BY us!

Nineteen-and-a-half centuries ago A VOICE CRIED OUT in the material wilderness of the Jordan River, announcing the imminent coming of the human Jesus to His material Temple and His physical people Judah, who Himself was to announce the far-future KINGDOM OF GOD to take over the GOVERNMENT over all the earth!

Today God has raised up A VOICE CRYING OUT in the spiritual wilderness of religious and political CONFUSION, announcing the imminent SECOND COMING of the GLORIFIED Jesus in Supreme Almighty POWER to His SPIRITUAL Temple (His Church then translated into Spirit immortality) – to His SPIRITUAL People the Church – this time ESTABLISHING the KINGDOM OF GOD that shall take over the RULE of ALL NATIONS with the GOVERNMENT OF GOD. No longer the government of MAN deceived, swayed and manipulated by SATAN THE DEVIL!

While self-seeking politicians are blasting accusations at one another, PROMISING the people whatever they think will win votes in their grasp for government POWER, this Christ-led VOICE cries out the announcement of a UTOPIAN Government rule, now imminent, that will finally deliver a Satan-deceived humanity from its problems and evils and bring us into the UTOPIAN WORLD TOMORROW!

Meanwhile, the living Jesus Christ has been preparing HIS CHURCH to sit with Him in His throne (Revelation 3:21), clothed with POWER to RULE (Revelation 2:26-27) all nations in WORLD PEACE, UNIVERSAL PROSPERlTY, HAPPINESS AND WELL-BEING, and with salvation and eternal life offered to ALL!

Satan will be banished from the earth. The living CHRIST will rule all nations! Those who have been led by His Spirit in His CHURCH – starting with “father Abraham” and Old Testament prophets – shall be resurrected or (if living) translated instantaneously into spirit-composed immortality. They shall occupy chief positions in the new WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The ancient King David shall be resurrected and given rule under Christ over the nations that have sprung from the ancient twelve tribes of Israel (see Jeremiah 30:9; Ezekiel 34:23-24; 37:24).

Jesus’ original twelve apostles, then resurrected as spirit GOD BEINGS, shall each rule over one of the nations that have sprung from the original twelve tribes of Israel (see Matthew 19:28; Luke 22:29-30).

A far more frightful TIME OF WORLD TROUBLE – especially on the U.S. and BRITISH PEOPLES, shall yet strike us in this world crisis at the CLOSE of this present evil world ruled invisibly by Satan the Devil! But this great world tribulation already in its prebeginning stages shall be CUT SHORT by Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:21-22) and the glorified new WORLD RULER JESUS CHRIST shall then quickly COME (verses 29-31).

Time is now SHORT and daily growing shorter. It is far LATER THAN WE THINK! Yet despite present worsening world troubles and human anguish, UTOPIA IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

THAT IS THE ONLY GOOD NEWS in the world today!

YOU are the one who has been behind that VOICE CRYING OUT THE WORLD’S ONLY GOOD NEWS!

Walter Cronkite, in a televised interview recently, said that ordinary events or GOOD news does not entice the eyes nor open the ears of a news-hungry public. It is only the UNUSUAL – the OUT OF THE ORDINARY – and that usually means the BAD – that makes newspaper headlines or TV anchorman material. Usually it is the BAD NEWS – the SENSATIONAL – the EVIL!

As a young man, from age 18 on, I trained myself in the writing skills to ATTRACT THE ATTENTION, AROUSE INSTANTANEOUS INTEREST and CREATE SUSPENSE for continued reading in educational ADVERTISING IN PRINT! Few, indeed, have been trained in that particular technical skill. Today, in my 89th year, God is using that rare skill, developed many years ago, in dynamic FULL-PAGE advertising messages in major metropolitan mass-circulation newspapers, spearheaded by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle and others.

This new advertising campaign, entirely unique in newspaper advertising, is attracting the attention and arousing the interest of the nation’s LEADERS in industry, finance, government, education and society generally. It is a NEW AUDIENCE heretofore UNREACHABLE!

But the living Christ has OPENED THIS NEW DOOR, as a result of the massive attack of the California attorney general to try to TAKE OVER, OWN and OPERATE the Worldwide Church of GOD! These powerful full-page newspaper ads, reaching MILLIONS of America’s so-called upper class, are CATCHING FIRE! “Important” people are reading them. They are saying they never read ads like these before! THEY ARE GETTING THE MESSAGE!

That new dynamic campaign must now continue and expand to blanket this and other countries!

That is just one of the NEW DOORS Christ has opened for proclaiming HIS MESSAGE to this sick world before it is too late.

Again, YOU are one who has been behind this END-TIME powerful activity directed by the living CHRIST.

We cannot solicit the public for contributions – we cannot have anything to sell (with the one exception of my hardcover books in bookstores to reach a reading audience hitherto unreachable). Even so, we have given, gratis, these books to those who request them of us direct. This is a WORK OF GIVING, NOT “GETTING.” This is the Work of the living GOD!

THANK YOU for your voluntary part in it. Pray fervently with me for this Work, and that our GOD will continue to cause His people to GIVE generously of HIS MONEY that this Work may go on in constantly increasing POWER!

With deep LOVE, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong