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Co-Worker Letter – March 23, 1981


President and Pastor

March 23, 1981

Dear Brethren of God’s Church,

Greetings! Plans are well underway for the 1981 Church summer educational program. This year, the program should truly be the finest available anywhere.

The staff at S.E.P. this year will be outstanding. We will once again be using field ministers and college faculty members over certain programs. This should add an additional vital element to the staff. This summer, too, we will be running three three-week sessions in order to accommodate more young people. Last year we had to turn away over 300 deserving young people. I have given approval to have a lot of remodeling and upgrading of the facilities done this spring and summer. This, too, will add to the quality of the experience for the youth.

At S.E.P. our young people, ages 12-18, can be taught the proper way to conduct their lives in a wholesome environment among other youths. They will find that God’s way of life is truly uplifting and inspiring, with permanent rewards and not the temporary ones the world has to offer. The students will learn these values of God’s way of life through the wide variety of programs while learning cooperation and respect for themselves and others.

We have already received over 1100 applications from young people wanting to go to camp. Many of these young people, though deserving, simply cannot afford it. Some are without parents, others are in very large families, and others come from families where joblessness, financial difficulty, or living in a depressed area make it impossible.

Obviously, there is no way to help these young people attend camp except through donations sent to S.E.P. for that express purpose. Last year, due to the generous donations of the brethren, over 100 deserving young people from 63 church areas received financial aid, enabling them to attend S.E.P. Many thanks to those of you who were able to contribute to the S.E.P. scholarship fund!

We realize that most of you cannot contribute to this cause, and I certainly would not want to urge anyone to take away monies desperately needed for the preaching of the gospel for this purpose, but if there are some few who feel they can contribute above and beyond regular tithes and offerings for this purpose, we would welcome any donations you can make for the S.E.P. sponsorship program.

You may know of a youth you would like to help directly. This is, of course, the best way. But if you don’t know anyone personally who might need your help, but would like to contribute to a general fund for that purpose, simply fill out the enclosed form and return it with your donation in the enclosed return envelope. That donation will be used ONLY for the purpose of helping a deserving child to attend camp. Incidentally, any such amount would, of course, be tax deductible.

Thank you all for your continued support for God’s Work!

With love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong