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Co-Worker Letter – January 4, 1982


President and Pastor


January 4, 1982

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

Enclosed is your receipt for tithes and offerings for the year 1981.

On behalf of Jesus Christ, Head of God’s Church and His Work, I THANK YOU with all my heart for your faithfulness and liberality. And what a year it was! The Church and Work made great strides in itself getting “back on God’s track,” and in GIVING and proclaiming Christ’s last Gospel Message to a dying world in confusion.

Let me give you a partial glimpse into what your generosity and prayers accomplished in this Work.

  • 22 million PLAIN TRUTH magazines went, without subscription price, into the hands of subscribers or those who took them free from newsstands.
  • 800,000 GOOD NEWS magazines went to members and co-workers.
  • Two million books, booklets and reprint articles were sent out – FREE, of course.
  • Our Mail Processing Department received 2.5 million letters, plus 336,000 telephone requests on our toll-free line. Through these letters and phone calls nearly one million subscribers were added to the PLAIN TRUTH circulation – and 52,000 new Correspondence Course students enrolled.
  • More than 2,600 new members were baptized in the United States alone, besides 1,335 in other countries around the world. Fifteen new churches were opened in the United States, and 20 new churches were raised up in other countries. Ninety new ministers were ordained worldwide.

I am leaving again in two and a half weeks to have personal conferences with heads of governments and speak to large public audiences in Hong Kong; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila in the Philippines; and Tokyo.

1982 is to see a big increase in the number of television and radio stations, and amount of magazine and newspaper advertising space used to proclaim Christ’s final Message. All signs in God’s Work are now “GO”!

Again, THANK YOU, sincerely and deeply, for your prayers and help with Christ in His Work.

With love and gratitude, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong