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Co-Worker Letter – February 25, 1982

Herbert W. Armstrong Post Office Box 431
Tucson, Arizona 85702

February 25, 1982

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

I have just returned from a very busy trip to Honolulu, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, and Tokyo, and am writing in flight to Big Sandy, Texas, to speak before the college and Church there. Then on to Atlanta, Georgia, to speak to a combined group of about 3,000 brethren.

I think the Far East trip was reported in The WORLDWIDE NEWS. I spoke before a Church group at Honolulu, a group of nearly 200 subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH in Hong Kong, more than 200 PLAIN TRUTH subscribers in Bangkok, and a similar number in Tokyo. In Thailand I flew on north to Chiang Mai, where King Bhumibol of Thailand sent his mountain jeep to bring me to his mountain palace for an hour’s visit.

At Manila I was guest speaker at the Rotary Club of leading businessmen, a banquet of 1,000 leading citizens, addressed a meeting of all the ministers and wives of the Worldwide Church of God from all parts of the Philippines (about 80 present), a luncheon and a morning tea with Mrs. Dona Josepha Marcos, mother of President Ferdinand Marcos, who is only a year younger than I, visited with the President and First Lady and held two overflow services in the large new public auditorium – the Philippines Convention Center – attendance 4,200 and 4,500 on successive nights.

In Tokyo I also was guest speaker at a prestigious banquet of some 400 leading Japanese, including Prince Mikasa, brother of the Emperor, and his wife Princess Mikasa, several congressmen of the Japanese Diet who call themselves my “Japanese sons,” 21 ambassadors from 21 other nations and many leading citizens. Some of these speeches will be telecast on my weekly TV program in some three or four weeks. I also had a private luncheon with the ambassador from Israel and his wife.

I am leaving in about three weeks for a trip to London and Amman, Jordan, for a private meeting with King Hussein, a visit to Cyprus to obtain radio and TV time, Jerusalem and Paris.

This schedule has kept me very busy. We are opening up radio and TV time in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila and probably Tokyo as a result of this trip.

Many other near-breathtaking opportunities are opening now for the expansion of God’s Work. More details next letter. Don’t forget February is the shortest month, which reduces income, though month’s bills remain the same. We are now nearing Big Sandy. More next time.

THANKS for your prayers, and you have mine. I hope to arrange for the use of Petra as a possible refuge or place of safety during the Great Tribulation, when I see King Hussein. Pray about this, please. God is leading, opening doors and blessing His Work now beyond all expectation. Praise Him and thank Him!

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong