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Co-Worker Letter – April 24, 1983


Tucson, Ariz.

April 24, 1983

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

For the past week I have been in Tucson, Arizona, in an inquisition, legally called a deposition. It is becoming evident that the case is being turned into another legal battle aimed to destroy the Church of the living God.

Satan tried to destroy the Christ-Child in Jesus’ infancy. Satan again attempted to destroy the Founder of God’s Church before He began his ministry of founding it, at age 30, as recorded in Matthew 4:1-11. That was the most titanic battle ever waged for the greatest stakes – control of the entire universe – – a battle to destroy GOD in the person of his Son!

Satan will never give up. But he will lose this battle as he has lost all others – God is still on his throne. And I hope and pray that you and I will be with Christ on HIS throne when he comes to reign in the very near future.

Every sign in the world and world events show we are now FAST drawing into the FINAL CRISIS at the END OF THIS WORLD – and the beginning of GOD’S world – the Kingdom of GOD. We are now in Satan’s world. Christ has called us to come out of it and be separate, though still in it.

But GOD is also moving swiftly right now, through his Church. As I wrote you last month God has now opened the door for the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah 40:9-10. That message now will go in power to the cities of Judah.

The nations of Europe are moving rapidly toward reunion – the resurrection of the medieval “Holy Roman Empire” – which will be a NEW NATION – a giant world power possibly more powerful than either the Soviet Union or the United States. And prophecy says that will occur shortly before the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ as KING of kings over the whole earth – the new world – GOD’S world.

Brethren, God has been with me this week. We’re not really struggling against PEOPLE – whether lawyers or what – but against the spiritual POWERS of darkness and evil – Satan and his demons – the invisible actual rulers of this world.

Yesterday, Sabbath, I spoke to most of our brethren in this state of Arizona – six churches at a combined service of 1,200 members. They are of GOOD CHEER. As long as we are on GOD’S side, he is on our side and we need fear not. But we need to spend more time on our knees – more time studying God’s Word. We need to work more diligently at GROWING in grace (spiritual character) and spiritual KNOWLEDGE – closer to GOD!

Sacrifice for the Work as never before. THANK YOU from the heart for praying continually for me.

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong


Early in 1979, after the state of California lawsuit, instigated by embittered enemies intent on destroying the Church of God during its “Philadelphia era,” we requested you to send all tithes and offerings for The Worldwide Church of God to Tucson, Arizona. At that time we moved a sizable portion of the Church’s Mail Processing Center from Pasadena to new offices opened in Tucson.

At no time did I personally collect or handle such mail sent in my name to Tucson, but it was handled entirely by duly constituted and trusted officials and employees of the Mail Processing Center of the Church.

Before coming to Tucson a week ago I called a meeting of the Church’s Advisory Council, and also with the Executive Committee, and it was decided to begin at this time to transfer the receiving of all such mail direct to Pasadena, to be received there by the headquarters of the Mail Processing Center of the Church.

Consequently, please hereafter send all tithes and offerings, addressed either Box 111, Pasadena, or just the zip code 91123.