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Co-Worker Letter – May 27, 1983

The PLAIN TRUTH”a magazine of understanding

Pasadena, California 91123



May 27, 1983

Dear PLAIN TRUTH subscriber:

GREETINGS to 1,210,000 new subscribers to The PLAIN TRUTH since I last wrote such a general personal letter to all our millions of subscribers!

Another 895,000 of you were NEW subscribers also at this time a year ago.

As founder and Editor-in-Chief of The PLAIN TRUTH, I want to tell you about this unique mass-circulation magazine and what’s behind it.

This magazine was a dream in my mind in 1927, seven years before it was first published. Then, at age 34, I had been shaken and astonished to learn the real truth about the purpose of human life – the CAUSE of the incredible paradox of awesome human progress amid appalling evils and unsolvable human problems in this troubled world. I was staggered by the lack of human UNDERSTANDING of the very things that govern, shape and affect our lives.

I had been in the magazine and publishing field since age 18.

The dream of a magazine to be called The PLAIN TRUTH, a magazine of understanding, took shape in my mind.

But the dream was not to come true until February 1, 1934. And even then, a hand-produced mimeographed “magazine” – first edition about 350 copies. But through the 49 l/2 years, now in its 50th year, The PLAIN TRUTH has grown to a circulation of over 5 l/2 million copies per month.

From the first I determined it must not be commercialized – no subscription price – no advertising revenue – no request of the public for contributions or financial help.

I had learned, when my mind was opened to an UNDERSTANDING of the Bible, that God’s way of life is GIVING, not getting. It is outflowing love, cooperation, serving, sharing-not competition, jealousy and envy, strife and violence. And for 50 years I have tried to live that way of PEACE – and have been prospered in that way.

In a very intense in-depth study of origins – both the evolutionary theory that now dominates higher education, and of the biblical revelation of special creation by the Creator GOD – I came to learn that there is, indeed, as Winston Churchill said to the United States Congress, a PURPOSE being worked out here below. And that PURPOSE affects every human life – YOUR life as well as mine. I had to give up my own self-centered way, and literally GIVE my life over to Jesus Christ (instead of just “receiving” Christ). And then God’s Spirit opened my mind to UNDERSTANDING of God’s revelation of TRUTH to humanity – the Holy Bible.

The Bible is approximately one-third history, one-third prophecy and one-third revealed teaching of God’s way of life and the PURPOSE and MEANING of life.

But it also reveals the real MEANING of world conditions and their causes – the reasons for such human perplexity, misunderstanding, suffering and confusion in the midst of such amazing PROGRESS and materialistic advancement.

Consequently, since the Bible is God’s Word to mankind, and it is the TRUTH, I was led to name this magazine The PLAIN TRUTH – making the TRUTH about life and about world conditions plain, clear, understandable!

The PLAIN TRUTH, therefore, brings you the real MEANING of today’s world news and the PROPHECIES of the future. It brings you UNDERSTANDING of life’s problems, personal, family, group, national and worldwide.

It is unique, unlike any other publication on earth, now published in six languages, circulated over every continent on earth. It is a mission of LOVE – a desire to HELP, to GIVE, to enlighten, to make you THINK, examine, study – to get ALL the facts before you.

Many new subscribers wonder why there is no subscription price for The PLAIN TRUTH, and no commercial advertising. The Bible teaches, “Buy the truth, and sell it not …” (Prov. 23:23). God’s TRUTH cannot be commercialized. For the benefit of new subscribers, let me explain our policy.

God’s Word teaches GIVING. God is the chief GIVER – he gives us the air we breathe. He GAVE his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for repentant sinners. His way of life for us is GIVING, not getting. Yet he does not compel humans to live according to HIS WAY – we are free moral agents and each must make his own decision. Giving must therefore be voluntary on the part of each individual. We find an increasing desire on the part of subscribers to help out financially. So our policy is this:

We never solicit contributions or financial help. It must be voluntary. But, if one does voluntarily send in a contribution two or more times within six months, we believe that person does desire to have a part with us in spreading the TRUE GOSPEL to the world. I do then send a letter to such contributors, explaining our policy, and assuming they desire to be co-workers WITH Christ and with us in God’s Work. We place names on our “Co-Worker List” to receive a monthly special letter from me informing of progress in the Work. I do when necessary tell our family of co-workers of any special financial needs. This, we believe, is God’s way.

Jesus taught us to pray, “give us this day our daily bread” – our day-to-day needs. God has promised “God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19). We rely on HIM and he supplies our need through those he can use.

That is why we not only do not solicit the public for financial help – we GIVE God’s truth freely!

Not only do we GIVE the truth over the air and in The PLAIN TRUTH, but also we publish books and booklets – all given GRATIS – no price.

For those more than a million more recent subscribers, we would be happy to send you, with our love, either of the two booklets Never Before Understood – Why Humanity Cannot Solve Its Evils or The United States and Britain in Prophecy, describing where we are mentioned in Bible prophecy, and what is prophesied to happen in this present generation.

These booklets are eye opening. They will bring you new knowledge and understanding – VITAL knowledge you need, and which affects YOUR LIFE and your eternity.

For those who already have these, I offer two booklets we have not offered for some time: Are We Living in the Last Days? and The Book of Revelation Unveiled at Last.

Thank you all for letting us serve you.

In Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong