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Co-Worker Letter – May 16, 1984

The PLAIN TRUTH”a magazine of understanding

Pasadena, California 91123


May 16, 1984

Dear PLAIN TRUTH subscriber:

GREETINGS to more than 1,300,000 new subscribers to “The PLAIN TRUTH” since I last wrote such a general personal letter to all our millions of subscribers!

Here at Pasadena, California, the entire “PLAIN TRUTH” staff is elated! With the current month’s issue, the circulation has gone over SEVEN MILLION copies! Its worldwide circulation now reaches subscribers in every nation on earth except just two under Soviet influence. It is now larger than most of the internationally known magazines except “Reader’s Digest” and “National Geographic.”

“The PLAIN TRUTH” explains the meaning of world news, yet its circulation is larger than “Time,” “Newsweek,” “The Economist” or “Der Spiegel” – larger than “Good Housekeeping,” “Cosmopolitan,” “McCalls,” “Lady’s Home Journal.” It’s larger than ” Playboy.”

I believe it is more IMPORTANT than any magazine on earth, and a finer magazine. Yet it has no subscription price, contains no advertising. It brings you the plain truth as no other magazine does, covers human interest subjects, treats family living and problems, gives you UNDERSTANDING as no other publication does.

But, speaking of world news, it’s still all bad, and growing rapidly worse, toward the final world crisis and the end of this world. WHY? There has to be a cause. And it all began 6,000 years ago, with the creation of the first human man. This man, named Adam, was made mortal with only temporary physical life. God, however, offered Adam immortal life, but he had to make a choice. In the Garden of Eden were two special symbolic trees. The tree of LIFE meant receiving immortal life from God through the Spirit of God. If Adam took to himself the fruit of that tree, he would receive God’s Spirit – God’s LIFE as God’s son, and with it God’s mind and righteous character. This was freely offered Adam.

The forbidden tree meant taking to himself the knowledge of good and evil – deciding for himself right from wrong. Adam took the forbidden fruit. He died, and all his children have been dying down to the present living generation. Adam’s children have populated the world – all races and peoples. There has been good in humans, as well as evil, but only human good which is selfish good. And being selfish, mankind has become more and more evil.

When Adam chose to go it his own way and rejected God’s way and God’s life, God closed off the tree of LIFE UNTIL God’s own Son, Jesus Christ, should come as the SECOND ADAM. This world grew from Adam, cut off from God’s love and God’s righteousness. It became an evil world and the evil is increasing.

Jesus, as the SECOND Adam, came to START A NEW AND DIFFERENT WORLD – GOD’s world. He said, “I will build my church.” The Church was called out of the world and the world’s way of life. Jesus died to pay the penalty of human sin, so those called by God could come out of this world, receive God’s Holy Spirit, and God’s righteousness and eternal life.

Jesus said he would build God’s CHURCH – not churches such as have developed over the world. Soon after the foundation of the Church of God in A.D. 31 division set in. Many false prophets deceived the world and false churches have sprung up, all different, believing different doctrines. But Jesus said his one true Church would never die. Among all these differing churches, calling themselves “Christian,” there still exists today the one true Church, persecuted, yet living and proclaiming the true Gospel to the world. It is the embryo of the coming new world of God. Today’s world is the world of Satan the devil.

Soon now Christ will return to earth in all the supreme POWER and GLORY of God, as King over all the earth to rule all nations.

Meanwhile, WHERE IS THE TRUE CHURCH TODAY? I have written an exciting and revealing booklet by that name. May I send you a copy? It’s free, just as is your subscription to “The PLAIN TRUTH.” Also the free booklet “The Seven Laws of Success”.

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong