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Co-Worker Letter – September 25, 1984



September 25, 1984

Dear Brethren and Co-Workers with Christ:

This time I have to give you bad news which at the same time is very GOOD news.

The other day Mr. Leroy Neff, our treasurer, called a special meeting of all department heads. In the past two months we have gone considerably over budget, and cash reserves are at dangerous levels. But the reason is GOOD news. Responses to the telecast and demand for The PLAIN TRUTH magazine on newsstands have been showing a remarkable increase, resulting in greatly expanded costs of magazine production!

A month or two ago, our publishing production manager came to me, enthusiastically reporting that by expanding newsstand opportunities, we can within a year or so expand PLAIN TRUTH circulation to nine or ten million! But of course this expansion would cost considerable money.

The most effective means on earth for spreading the true Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world is The PLAIN TRUTH magazine. It is utterly unique. It carries no advertising. It cannot have any subscription price, because God’s Word says we may buy the TRUTH, but “sell it NOT.” It is too precious to sell like merchandise. Yet we must not give it where it is not wanted. People just ASK for it, or take it by themselves.

People receive knowledge about 10 times more readily through the eye, in print, than through the ear by preaching. The PLAIN TRUTH gives the true MEANING behind today’s world news, and in that way it is a NEWS magazine. It deals with personal and family problems, and therefore it is a family magazine and a human interest magazine. But it also explains PLAINLY the true Gospel of Jesus Christ – not merely a gospel ABOUT Jesus Christ. And so it does carry the true Gospel into EVERY NATION on earth – – in the United States and Canada, to one out of every 20 homes. Present circulation is approaching EIGHT MILLION copies per issue.

I could cut the expenditures for the Work by two or three million dollars, by suddenly cutting off a large portion of the circulation of The PLAIN TRUTH. But I know Jesus Christ, the HEAD of this Church, doesn’t want that circulation reduced. The PLAIN TRUTH goes only to those who WANT it, and God doesn’t deny his TRUTH to any who want it. On the other hand, we cannot expand The PLAIN TRUTH circulation to other millions of people who will WANT IT without more tithing and offering laborers and co-workers who help finance this wonderful work of God. So I do ask you to PRAY earnestly that God will prosper our co-workers and provide many additional co-workers, that this most vital activity in all the world may expand as God opens doors before us for that expansion.

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong