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Co-Worker Letter – May 6, 1985

The PLAIN TRUTH”a magazine of understanding

Pasadena, California 91123


May 6, 1985

Dear PLAIN TRUTH subscriber:

As founder and editor in chief, I want to send personal greetings to you at this critical time in world history. A million of you have become new subscribers since I last wrote personally to our vast family of readers.

This is a very crucial hour in the course of world events – especially for the United States and English-speaking nations. Present events give strong indication of impending unexpected world-shaking cataclysm. You read of these happenings in world news, and their real meanings in “The PLAIN TRUTH.”

Right now the situation in Central America is especially ominous for the United States and may trigger really frightening and shocking changes and developments.

I think most Americans do not realize that the United States now, since 1979, has had Communist Soviet power right at our doorstep. A Communist government, subject to Castro and the Soviet Union, took over the government in Nicaragua, and threatens to expand it into El Salvador and then spread into all Central America and Mexico, right up to our border. That is precisely in line with the Communist program started by Lenin.

In 1934, when “The PLAIN TRUTH” was founded, I had personal acquaintance with an FBI agent who kept an office at the Portland, Oregon, police station. He loaned me a confidential Communist book as a home study course for prospective Communists. It was shocking, and I know most Americans – even high officials in Washington – do not realize fully the real Communist goals, their plans and strategy. Many do seem to know the goal is total world domination. But their master plan and methods are not fully realized. And these plans have worked right on schedule since 1934.

Their supreme purpose is not a five-, 10-, or even a 50-year program. They have realized it may take a whole generation, or even two or three generations. The program was to maintain military superiority, not for immediate invasion, but for protection in their propaganda and diplomatic-harassing offensive. They can thus with safety deal or bargain in strength and get tough. Their program has not called for a war with the U.S. any time soon, but a war on the propaganda front, and a war of nerves meanwhile, although they anticipated it would require an all-out war against the U.S. eventually as a final stroke. Meanwhile, they would use deceptive propaganda, especially in the colleges and universities, teaching pacifism, anti-Americanism and opposition against American military interests. This was effectively done in the war of Vietnam. Soviet propaganda turned public opinion in the U.S. against the war and resulted in America giving up in defeat. Their program calls for stirring up division and discontent. They have especially tried to influence journalism students and the result is that the public media in the U.S. is today well staffed with personnel influenced by this propaganda in their college years.

Their methods are built on the thesis that the end justifies the means. Their propagandists are taught to lie, deceive, use any means to achieve their ends.

Next, after their propaganda front, was to come sabotage, guerrilla warfare, terrorism. They planned to take over adjoining countries first, then others as they would be able. At the end of World War II they took over Eastern Europe. They have stirred up public feeling against South Africa, Arabs against Israel, blacks against whites – anywhere they could set one country, class or whatever against another.

Now they have a foothold in Central America. Their propaganda machine, strongly sprinkled in the public media, stirs up division in America on this Central American situation. They stir up feeling against U.S. military force being used, yet try to make it necessary to protect our own country.

The U.S. now has 40,000 troops in South Korea. If we withdraw them, it is certain North Korea would immediately attack South Korea. We have over 300,000 troops stationed in Europe. If we get into armed intervention in El Salvador or Nicaragua we probably would need to withdraw troops from Europe or South Korea or both. That would immediately cause Europe to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire, as strong influences have been trying to accomplish. This would fulfill the prophecy that would result in a United Europe – stronger than even the Soviet Union – that will turn on the U.S.

If President Ronald Reagan does not send troops into Central America in an all-out war to rid the Communist threat on our doorstep, then the Soviet program will move into high gear and one by one the nations to our south would be under Soviet control and we would have the Soviet might right on our border.

Also the economic situation is serious and urgently threatening. In one of my meetings with Prime Minister Eisaku Sato of Japan, in 1971, he expressed to me his fear of a real trade war between the U.S. and Japan. That now looms on the horizon.

“The PLAIN TRUTH” will keep you informed.

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I personally want to thank you for being a subscriber to “The PLAIN TRUTH,” and hope you will continue to be.

With deep love, in Jesus’ name,

Herbert W. Armstrong