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Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 15
Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 15
WHAT MAKES Man Unique?

Man is God's unique physical creation. But HOW is man different? WHAT makes him utterly unlike any other living creature? More important, WHY is he unique?

THE most complex, truly unique mechanism ever designed and made is man with his marvelous mind and body.

With such a complex creation it was only natural that our Maker send along His “Instruction Book” – just as a manufacturer sends along with the instrument or device he manufactures an instruction book describing what his product is designed to do.

Source of Missing Knowledge

That Instruction Book sent from God you have been studying with the help of these lessons. It is the Holy Bible. It reveals the missing dimension in knowledge – the incredible human potential. That all-important knowledge is revealed and made plain for those who will read it, study it, and believe what it says.

God's Instruction Book tells us what we are, why we are, where we are going, and the way to get there!

It reveals, as we have seen in previous lessons, that “God” is a divine family composed of two supreme Spirit Beings (John 1:1). God, the head of that family, has existed eternally. With Him there coexists, also from eternity, “the Word,” a second Personage who also is God. God created all things by and through this coexisting Spirit Being (verses 2-3).

The Word first created angels – composed of spirit, though lesser than God and lacking in ultimate creative power. Next, the physical universe, including the earth, was brought into existence. A third of the angels were then placed here on earth. They were put under the rule of the government of God, which was administered on earth by the great archangel Lucifer.

Under the government of God – which is in reality the administration of God's way of outgoing love as spelled out in the Ten Commandments – the earth was initially filled with peace, happiness, joy and wonderful accomplishment. But ultimately, Lucifer led his angels into rebellion. The government of God was rejected – no longer enforced. As a result, the earth became waste and empty, in confusion and utter darkness.

Later, in six days God renewed the face of the earth (Ps. 104:30). During this creation week of Genesis chapter one, God made physical life forms – the flora and then the fauna – that reproduce themselves. These life forms were created without thinking, reasoning, and decision-making processes, and without ethical or moral capabilities – unlike man, God's masterpiece of creative workmanship.

That which makes these God-plane attributes possible in man is the fascinating subject of this lesson!

But before you begin this study, be sure to get your Bible so you can turn to each scripture given in answer to the questions. Always read these verses to benefit fully from your study.