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The Good News – March 1979
The Good News – March 1979
What You Should Know About The Passover And Festival Of Unleavened Bread

by Herbert W. Armstrong

CREATION is the proof of the existence of God. Creation identifies God. The Sabbath is a weekly memorial of creation. A weekly reminder of God’s power to create. Therefore it identifies God to us – keeps us in the true memory and true worship of the true God. No other day but the SEVENTH DAY OF THE WEEK could have that great significance and MEANING. It was designed to keep us in the true worship of God.

The purpose of Holy Days

Now in like manner, God gave His Church seven annual Sabbaths. These Holy Days were given to keep God’s children in the true memory and worship of God by keeping us constantly in the understanding of God’s great plan of redemption. For these annual days picture the different epochs in the plan of redemption, mark the dispensations and picture their meaning.

The whole story of the redemption of man was, in these feast days, to be reenacted year after year continually. They have vitally important symbolism and meaning.

God purposed to impress the truths these high Sabbaths picture upon the minds of His children through ALL time, keeping His Church in the true understanding of HIS PLAN.

The Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread

Most churches teach that Christ finished the plan of redemption on the cross. But the very FIRST event in God’s great PLAN for man’s redemption was the death of Christ on the cross. We find the operation of this great sacrifice beginning in Eden, when God killed a lamb or goat, in order to COVER the nakedness (type of sin) of Adam and Eve with skins. We find it operating when Abel sacrificed a substitute lamb. And so the PASSOVER is the FIRST of these events picturing to God’s children year by year His great PLAN.

Let us understand it.

Egypt is a type of SIN. As God’s people Israel are today in “BABYLON,“and soon are to be delivered after God pours out His PLAGUES upon Babylon, so they once were in Egypt and were delivered after the pouring out of the plagues.

And, as Rome has changed times and seasons and days, professing Christians have been deceived and have lost sight of true TIME and God’s DAYS, as well as the true WORSHIP of God. So it was with the children of Israel in Egypt.

For years they had been in severe BONDAGE in Egypt -forced to work with taskmasters over them. There was no Bible – no written Word of God. They were not permitted to worship God as He had ordained. They were forced to work seven days a week. They had lost sight even of the true Sabbath – and that is why God REVEALED to them the Sabbath in the wilderness of Sin (Exodus 16). Just as Rome has changed times and seasons, so had Egypt.

Passover only the start

And so, on delivering His people from Egypt (sin), God straightened them out as to TIME. And, as the BEGINNING of our salvation was wrought by Christ’s death on the cross, so God said,“THIS month [in the spring] shall be unto you the BEGINNING of months…” (Exodus 12:2).

Some few keep the BEGINNING of this first Feast of salvation in observing Passover, but never go on to know the “depth of the riches” of God’s grace pictured by the following feasts! Christ is not only the author or beginner, but the FINISHER of our salvation!

On the 10th day of this first month the Israelites were instructed to take a lamb without blemish. They kept it UNTIL – not after – the 14th day of the same first month, AT EVEN, at DUSK as the Jewish translation has it – between the two evenings, or between sunset and dark, when it was killed.

This was IN, not AFTER the 14th day. They shed the blood of the lamb, picturing Christ’s sacrifice to come. They ate the flesh IN THAT NIGHT. At midnight the death angel came, but PASSED OVER every house where the BLOOD had been sprinkled.

There are some very important details it is vital that we notice at this point. Perhaps we have not seen them before. It proves that the Passover shall be observed the 14th, not the 15th.

Passover 14th, not 15th

Notice Exodus 12, verse 6, they shall kill the lamb AT DUSK (Jewish official translation). Verse 8, they shall eat the flesh in that night - still the 14th. Verses 9 to 11 continue to describe how it shall be roasted and eaten – the TIME is still the same night – the 14th. Verse 12: “For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn” – still same night – 14th.

Now notice carefully the paragraph beginning verse 21. Here are more detailed directions for striking the blood on the doorposts – the TIME this was done, as proved above, was the night part of the 14th. Notice carefully verse 22 “…strike the lintel and the two sideposts with the blood that is in the basin; and NONE OF YOU SHALL GO OUT AT THE DOOR OF HIS HOUSE UNTIL THE MORNING.” Notice that carefully! NONE were permitted to leave their houses that night. They remained IN their houses UNTIL MORNING! They remained there all night!

Now read on. Verse 29, at midnight (the 14th) the Lord smote the firstborn of Egypt. Verse 30, Pharaoh rose up in the night. This was, of course, after the death angel passed at midnight, and therefore, after midnight.

He called for Moses and Aaron. This must have taken some time, but still the same night. Verse 33, the Egyptian people were urgent to get rid of the Israelites. Verse 35, the Israelites borrowed of the Egyptians silver and gold and clothing and spoiled the Egyptians. When? Surely this borrowing and spoiling of the Egyptians took several hours. The Israelites were forbidden to LEAVE THEIR HOUSES UNTIL MORNING – SO this spoiling and borrowing took place through the DAYTIME of the 14th day.

Exodus 24 hours after Passover

But – notice this highly important point – the Israelites did not GO OUT from the land of Egypt UNTIL THAT NIGHT – the 15th Nisan!

Notice the paragraph composed of verses 41-42: “…Even the selfsame day it came to pass, that all the hosts of the Lord WENT OUT from the land of Egypt. It is a NIGHT to be much observed unto the Lord for bringing them out of the land of Egypt: THIS IS THE NIGHT of the Lord to be observed…” Which is the NIGHT to be observed? The NIGHT they came out of Egypt. They went OUT of Egypt, not during the daytime the 14th, but after that day had ENDED – after the sun had set the following NIGHT – on the 15th Abib! And THAT night, the 15th, is to be observed!

The following verses, beginning verse 43, form a new paragraph and refer again to PASSOVER – the 14th day.

Now, notice Deuteronomy 16:1. “Observe the month of Abib, and keep the passover unto the Eternal thy God: for in the month of Abib the Lord thy God brought thee forth out of Egypt BY NIGHT.” Notice it, they did not GO OUT of Egypt until NIGHT. And this night was the 15th, not the 14th. Further proof?

Notice now Numbers 33:3. “And they DEPARTED from Rameses in the first month, ON THE FIFTEENTH DAY OF THE FIRST MONTH; ON THE MORROW AFTER THE PASSOVER the children of Israel went out with an high hand in the sight of all the Egyptians.”

There it is, in plain language.

Now some believe that they killed the lamb between noon and sunset the 14th – about 3 p.m., near the END of the day – ate it that night, the 15th (claiming that is when the Passover was eaten, and when we should take it today) and then went on out of Egypt THAT SAME NIGHT. But this theory will not hold water, in view of ALL. these scriptures, and following through Exodus 12.

The Israelites were not permitted to leave their houses that night after eating the lamb. They remained in their own houses – up in the land of Goshen – until daylight. Then they went to their Egyptian neighbors, and borrowed from them and spoiled them. There were millions of them. It took TIME to notify them. It took TIME to do all this. It could not have been done after midnight, when Pharaoh rose up, and still have gotten out of Egypt the same night. The Israelites were in their houses in Goshen ALL THAT NIGHT. Exodus 12:10 further proves this. Whatever remained of their roasted lamb uneaten UNTIL MORNING they were to burn with fire. That shows they stayed in their homes UNTIL MORNING.

They did not LEAVE Egypt until after that day ended – after night fall again, during the NIGHT part of the 15th.

In, not after, 14th!

Now to connect one other vital point, turn to Numbers 28:16-17.

… IN the fourteenth day [not AFTER it]… IS the PASSOVER of the Lord. And IN the FIFTEENTH day [not BEFORE it] of this month is THE FEAST: seven days shall unleavened bread be eaten.” Leviticus 23:5-6 says the same thing. Notice the PASSOVER is not the 15th, but IN the 14th. IN it is not after it is past. And notice too, the FEAST mentioned here is not the 14th (though the Passover is elsewhere called a feast), but the FEAST DAY is the 15th. The SEVEN-DAY period begins the 15th. The 15th is the FIRST of the seven Days of Unleavened Bread.

However, since leaven was put out of the houses during the 14th day, it came to be called one of the Days of Unleavened Bread by New Testament times, but when this is done EIGHT DAYS are included as Days of Unleavened Bread. The entire EIGHT-DAY period is, in New Testament usage, called by the name PASSOVER. But the SEVEN-DAY period begins the 15th, after the 14th, or Passover, has ended.

The 14th day is the Passover. It is the first of God’s festivals. It is NOT the FEAST DAY mentioned here. In the 15th day is the FEAST. Let us get that distinction clearly in mind. It is the 15th that is the FEAST – the 14th is the PASSOVER. This FEAST day begins after PASSOVER has ended.

Now with these facts well in mind,let us turn back to Exodus 12. Notice beginning verse 14. “And THIS DAY shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it A FEAST to the Lord throughout your generations; ye shall keep it A FEAST by ordinance FOREVER. Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread … And in the FIRST DAY there shall be AN HOLY CONVOCATION … to you”

WHAT DAY is established as a MEMORIAL – not a shadow, a MEMORIAL – a FEAST – to be kept FOREVER? Notice, it is the day that is the FEAST – “Ye shall keep it a FEAST.” It is the day that is the FEAST DAY – the 15th Abib, not the 14th – not the Passover!

This day is the FEAST DAY – a MEMORIAL, to be kept a Sabbath or holy convocation, FOREVER! SEVEN DAYS are included, and we have shown that the seven-day period begins the 15th, after Passover has passed. “In the fourteenth is the PASSOVER, but IN THE FIFTEENTH DAY is the FEAST – seven days.”

Many have always believed the day here spoken of, and ordained for-ever, was the PASSOVER, or 14th. But it is not – it is the 15th day.

Now this day – the 15th – is established a HOLY CONVOCATION. Look in the dictionary. A convocation is an assembly of the people where their presence is commanded, under power and authority. A holy convocation is a religious assembly, for purposes of worship. The weekly Sabbath is a holy convocation. So is Abib 15th. Our presence is COMMANDED, under God’s power and authority. But let us continue on.

Notice, now, beginning verse 16: “And in the first day [of the seven, 15th Abib] there shall be an holy convocation, and in the seventh day [21st Abib] there shall be an holy convocation to you … And ye shall observe the FEAST OF UNLEAVENED BREAD; for IN THIS SELFSAME DAY [the 15th Abib] have I brought your armies out of the land of Egypt: therefore shall ye observe THIS DAY [the 15th, not the 14th] in your generations by an ordinance FOREVER”(verses 16-17).

There it is! Before the ceremonial law of Moses! The day established as a Sabbath or holy convocation forever is the Feast day, the selfsame day on which they WENT OUT of Egypt, and they went out on the 15th, not the 14th (Numbers 33:3).

This day is a MEMORIAL, not a shadow of the cross. A memorial of DELIVERANCE from EGYPT, which pictures DELIVERANCE from SIN!

To keep us constantly in the MEMORY of the great fact that, having had our sins FORGIVEN by Christ’s BLOOD (pictured by the 14th)we are not to stop there and REMAIN in sin, but to GO OUT away from sin! Why should we observe the 14th, picturing remission of PAST sins, and then we, COMMANDMENT-KEEPERS of ALL people, refuse to continue the Feast of Unleavened Bread, picturing the COMING OUT of sin – seven days of unleavened bread symbolizing and picturing COMPLETE putting away of sin or, in other words, THE KEEPING OF THE COMMANDMENTS!


Not abolished with old covenant

Observe that the Days of Unleavened Bread are a PERIOD, having two high-day SABBATHS. And this PERIOD is established FOREVER – while the Israelites were still in Egypt – before the ceremonial law of Moses had been given or written – before God even proposed the old covenant! What the law of Moses, or the old covenant, did not bring or institute, THEY CANNOT TAKE AWAY! In Fenton’s translation, the 16th verse is translated: “consequently KEEP THIS PERIOD AS AN EVER-LASTING INSTITUTION.” The whole period is included.

This ALONE ought to prove that the HOLY DAYS – and the seven Days of Unleavened Bread – are binding today, and FOREVER!

Now, if these texts apply to the 15th, not the 14th, as they assuredly do, and is here conclusively proved, then is the Passover established FOR-EVER? Indeed it is! But THESE texts above refer to the FEAST and not the PASSOVER. In the paragraph beginning Exodus 12:21 the PASSOVER is again referred to, and verse 24 establishes it FOREVER!

Purpose of Festival

But let us learn the full significance of this. WHY did God ordain these feast days? What was His great PURPOSE? Turn now to Exodus 13, verse 3: “…Moses said unto the people, Remember THIS DAY, in which ye CAME OUT from Egypt…” This was the 15th of Abib. Verse 6: “Seven days thou shalt eat unleavened bread, and the seventh day shall be a FEAST unto the Eternal … This is done BECAUSE of that which the Eternal did [a MEMORIAL] … and it shall be for a SIGN” – (miraculous PROOF of identity) – “unto thee upon thine hand, and for a MEMORIAL between thine eyes” – WHY? –“that the LORD’S LAW MAY BE IN THY MOUTH … Thou shalt therefore KEEP this ordinance…”

Oh, beloved brethren, do you see the wonderful meaning? Do you grasp the true significance of it all? Do you see God’s PURPOSE? The PASSOVER pictures the DEATH OF CHRIST for the remission of sins that are past. The accepting of His BLOOD does not forgive sins we SHALL commit – it does not give LICENSE to continue in sin – therefore WHEN we accept it, our sins are forgiven only up to that time – PAST SINS.

But shall we stop there? Past sins forgiven. But we are still flesh beings. We still shall suffer temptations. Sin has held us in its clutch – we have been SLAVES to sin, in its power. And we are powerless to deliver ourselves from it! We have been in BONDAGE to sin. Let us understand the picture – the meaning.

Quitting sin utterly

To what extent shall we put away sin? Not partially, but COMPLETELY! And, as leaven is also a type of sin – leaven puffs up, and so does sin – and, as SEVEN is God’s number symbolizing COMPLETENESS, we are to follow the Passover with the seven Days of Unleavened Bread!

The picture – the meaning – the symbolism, is not complete with Passover alone. Passover pictures the acceptance of Christ’s blood for the REMISSION of past sins. It pictures the CRUCIFIED – the DEAD – Christ.

Shall we leave Christ hanging on the cross? The seven Days of UNLEAVENED BREAD, following Passover, picture to us the COMPLETE putting away of sin, the KEEPING of the Commandments – after past sins are forgiven. They picture the life and work of the RISEN CHRIST – who ascended to the throne of God where He is actively at work in our behalf as our HIGH PRIEST, cleansing us of sin – delivering us completely from its POWER!

To observe Passover alone, and then fail to observe the seven Days of Unleavened Bread, means, in the symbolism, to accept Christ’s blood, and to continue on in sin – to say with the Sunday churches the LAW is done away, we are under grace, meaning license, to continue in sin!

The seven Days of Unleavened Bread picture the keeping of the Commandments, which is another way of saying the putting away of sin.

And, as Rome’s followers have the MARK of the BEAST in their right hand and forehead, so God’s true Church is to have these feast days, the first of which is a MEMORIAL picturing deliverance from sin, in OUR right hand and forehead, as God’s SIGN, in order that we shall KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS. And since the forehead is the seat of the intellect and symbolizes ACCEPTANCE, and the right hand symbolizes WORK, we have this SIGN OF GOD thereby accepting this truth about the Holy Days and Days of Unleavened Bread, and by NOT WORKING on these Holy Days! Not only is the weekly Sabbath God’s SIGN (Exodus 31:12-17) but annual Sabbaths are SIGNS as well!

One incident

Just a personal reference showing how marvelously this ordinance pictures the PLAN OF REDEMPTION. It happened years ago at Eugene, Ore. As we assembled in holy convocation the last of these Sabbaths, 21st Abib, one sister mentioned she had found a half slice of leavened bread behind some things in her home, during the Days of Unleavened Bread.

She had put it out of the house immediately. Another said she had found a can of baking powder half full, which she did not know she had. Another found a slice of bread and some yeast. All had put the leaven out as soon as discovered.

How true to life is the picture! How often do we, after we think we have put away sin, discover hidden sins or habits we did not know we had – or thought we had overcome?

They must be put away and overcome as soon as discovered.

The perfect picture

But let us notice the wonderful picture further. The children of Israel started out of Egypt, the night of the 15th Abib, as we must, of our own accord, start out of sin as soon as we accept the blood of Christ. They started out on their own power – and we must make the start of ourselves.

But they did not get far until Pharaoh pursued after them. If Egypt is a type of sin, then surely Pharaoh must picture Satan, the army of Egypt Satan’s demons.

While Israel was IN EGYPT they were Pharaoh’s slaves, helpless and powerless under his taskmasters – just as the sinner is in the power of the devil. But when Israel took the blood of the Lamb when God acted, and as a result of God’s act of the plague of the firstborn, Pharaoh released Israel. When we accept Christ’s blood, GOD ACTS, and the devil must release us.

And, as the Israelites went out WITH A HIGH HAND (Numbers 33:3), probably in great exultation and elation over their deliverance from bondage, so does the newborn Christian start out his Christian life – up in the clouds of happiness and joy. But what happened?

Exodus 14:5 – Pharaoh immediately began to pursue after them with soldiers in 600 chariots. So the devil immediately pursues after the new-born child of God with his demons – and soon the new and inexperienced Christian finds he is down in the depths of discouragement and tempted to give up and quit.

Notice, beginning verse 10 – as soon as the Israelites saw this great army pursuing them, they lost their courage. Fear came over them. They began to grumble and complain. They saw it was IMPOSSIBLE for them to get away from Pharaoh and his army, because he was too powerful for them. And they were helpless. So it is with us.

Our strength not sufficient!

But notice the message of God to them through Moses: ” . . Fear ye not, STAND STILL, and SEE THE SALVATION OF THE ETERNAL … for the Egyptians … ye shall see them again NO MORE for ever. THE ETERNAL SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU! … How wonderful!

Helpless, we are told to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. He shall fight for us. We cannot conquer Satan, but He can. It is the risen Christ – our High Priest – who will cleanse us – sanctify us – deliver us – who said He would never leave us or forsake us! We cannot keep the Commandments in our own power and strength. But Christ IN US can keep them! We must rely on HIM, in faith.

Notice verse 19. The angel who had gone before, showing the Israelites the way, now went behind them, getting between them and their enemy, protecting them. And then God parted the waters of the Red Sea. “…and the waters were a wall unto them on their right hand, and on their left” (verse 23). In Isaiah 55:1 and John 7:37-39, the WATERS are a symbol of the HOLY SPIRIT.

The LIVING WATERS,of God are a wall to us, on our right hand and on our left, guiding us in the true path, making the path, protecting us in it. But when Pharaoh and his army attempted to follow Israel in this divinely created path, these same waters completely COVERED THEM, as the Holy Spirit removes and covers our sins, and the Israelites SAW THEM NO MORE! What a wonderful picture!

No sacrifices originally

Thus we see, the FEAST of Unleavened Bread as well as the PASSOVER, was ordained and established FOREVER, PRIOR to the ceremonial law of Moses – PRIOR to the old covenant. Let us be consistent about this. Opponents tell us these are IN THE LAW OF MOSES. We reply they existed before the law of Moses, are carried over in the New Testament, and therefore are binding today.

Notice especially, that originally there were NO SACRIFICES – no MEAT AND DRINK ordinances – held on these days. See Jeremiah 7:22-23. These days were not instituted FOR THE PURPOSE of the sacrifices as some have wrongly supposed. These Holy Days are not shadows – they are MEMORIALS, and twice called such. Where do we find such plain language calling the Sabbath a memorial? (See also Leviticus 23:24.)

The Sabbath, too, existed BEFORE the law of Moses – was made HOLY UNTO THE LORD before the Mosaic law was given.

When the law of Moses came, with its sacrificial ordinances, its meat and drink ordinances, then THESE SACRIFICES AND MEAT AND DRINK OFFERINGS WERE INSTITUTED, TEMPORARILY – until Christ – TO BE HELD, some daily, SOME ON THE WEEKLY SABBATH, AND SOME ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH AND SOME ON EACH OF THE ANNUAL HOLY DAYS.

But, mark well this fact! Where we find these sacrifices and meat and drink offerings instituted on the Holy Days we find them also on the weekly Sabbath. The same chapters in the law of Moses adding them to the annual days ALSO ADD THEM TO THE WEEKLY DAYS.

The argument that these sacrifices held on these days does away with the days APPLIES EQUALLY TO THE SABBATH! If this argument abolishes one, it abolishes also the other. The Sunday preachers argue that these sacrifices do away with the Sabbath. We deny it – why? The Sabbath existed BEFORE these sacrifices were added. THE SAME IS TRUE OF THE HOLY DAYS! They began, too, BEFORE the ritualistic law of Moses! This is SO PLAIN that none will deny it except those whose hearts are rebellious against Almighty God and His TRUTH!

Sacrifices on weekly Sabbath

Let us notice,Numbers 28 and 29: First, the offerings by fire DAY BY DAY, the “morning-evening” sacrifice. Second, verses 9-10, burnt meat offerings and drink offerings every SABBATH. Third, verses 11-15, NEW MOONS. Then, verse 16, to end of chapter 28, the annual days.

Now we know these MEAT AND DRINK offerings, by fire, were TYPICAL and were DONE AWAY. But are the seven week days DONE AWAY? Is the weekly SABBATH done away? Is the first day of each month DONE AWAY? Only in BABYLON – not in God’s sight. Neither are the annual HOLY DAYS OF THE LORD done away!

The sacrifices were typical, and they came with the law of Moses, and they WENT with it. But the DAYS on which they were held were not typical, did not come with the law of Moses and did not go with it.

The DAYS are binding FOREVER! As the Sabbath is a MEMORIAL, so are the Holy Days!

Commanded in New Testament

And now we wish to show a NEW TESTAMENT COMMAND – more plain, more direct, than any we can find for the weekly Sabbath – to keep these annual HOLY DAYS!

Observe again Numbers 28:16-17: “…IN the fourteenth day of the first month is the PASSOVER of the Lord. And IN the fifteenth day of this month is the FEAST: seven days shall unleavened bread be eaten.”

This FEAST was not the 14th, but the 15th. It was the PASSOVER, when the LAMB was killed, the 14th. The daylight part of the 14th was the PREPARATION for the FEAST. (Mat-thew 27:62; Mark 15:42; Luke 23:54; John 19:14.) (NOTE, in Jesus’ day the Jews celebrated their Passover one day late according to the tradition of the elders – John 18:28.)

Let us get this point thoroughly established in our minds, for if this is true, as it is, THEN ALL OF THESE DAYS ARE STILL BINDING UPON US BY NEW TESTAMENT as well as Old Testament AUTHORITY!

Notice Matthew 26:5: The Jews, conspiring to kill Jesus, said: “…Not on the FEAST DAY, lest there be an uproar among the people.” They hastened so they could take and kill Him the day before the feast, or on the 14th Nisan.

Mark 14:2 says the same thing. Now to establish that the Feast day was the day after the Passover Festival, and that it was the high-day Sabbath – the day AFTER Jesus was crucified, notice John 13:29: “For some of them thought, because Judas had the bag – was treasurer – Fenton, that Jesus had said unto him, Buy those things that we have need of against the FEAST…” This was at the Passover supper. They thought Jesus was sending Judas out to buy provisions to prepare for the FEAST. Surely this proved the FEAST was the following day – the 15th Nisan, as all these scriptures positively affirm.

Now let us examine carefully I Corinthians 5:7-8. Churches have applied this to the PASSOVER. Notice it does not say, or apply to, PASSOVER at all. Let us willingly, prayerfully, study to see what it does say:

“…For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us:Therefore LET US KEEP THE FEAST…” Notice it. Because Christ, our Passover, has been sacrificed, therefore let us of the NEW Testament dispensation – BECAUSE Christ has died – keep, WHAT? Notice it! NOT the Passover, which was on the 14th Nisan – but let us keep the FEAST – which was the 15th! The high-day Sabbath of John 19:31! The annual HOLY DAY. And, in a large sense, the FEAST included all seven of the Days of Unleavened Bread including the SECOND Holy Day or Sabbath on the 21st Nisan! We cannot escape this, if we are yielded to the Lord and the Word of God! There it is, in plain language, in the New Testament! Because Christ was crucified, therefore let us keep the FEAST! The 14th was the Passover, but in the 15th day of this month is the FEAST! Let us no longer apply that to the Passover, for it SAYS “feast.”

Days of Unleavened Bread kept by Paul and New Testament Church

It is faithfully recorded in the New Testament that, during the period its history covers, the Church was keeping those days!

In Acts 20:6, “…we sailed away from Philippi AFTER THE DAYS OF UNLEAVENED BREAD…” Paul and companions plainly had observed the Days of Unleavened Bread at Philippi. The Holy Spirit could never have inspired such words otherwise.

Notice also Acts 12:3-4: ”… Then were the days of unleavened bread … intending after PASSOVER [see Greek] to bring him forth to the people.” Could the Holy Spirit have inspired the direct affirmation, “Then WERE the days of unleavened bread” if those days had, in God’s sight; ceased to exist?

Notice, it is not any blinded Judaizers, ignorant of what was abolished, making this statement – it is Almighty God saying it through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This was YEARS after the crucifixion. The Days of Unleavened Bread still existed, or the Holy Spirit could not have inspired “Then WERE the days of unleavened bread.”