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Pastor’s Report – August 21, 1978
Pastor’s Report – August 21, 1978
Prepare for a Great Feast of Tabernacles!

by Herbert W. Armstrong

I have been working in close cooperation with Mr. Sherwin McMichael, director of festival operations, in planning for this year’s great Feast of Tabernacles.

We are working in advance with the ministers who will speak at the various Feast sites in the U.S. and Canada.

A survey made AMONG MINISTERS (many of whom, of course, did not speak) asking their assessment of last year’s Festival brought very discouraging results. Many of you ministers felt the Festival was way below par last year.

Mr. McMichael and I, in cooperation with Mr. Wayne Cole, are doing our best to “pep up” the speakers at this coming Feast, and we feel indications are that this Festival will take on NEW INSPIRED LIFE!

I personally will speak at all Feast sites worldwide, by telecast shown on movie screens, on the opening night (about 15 minutes) and the first annual Holy Day.

I plan to be in person at St. Petersburg for the opening night and Holy Day, at Big Sandy on Wednesday, and at Tucson the remainder of the Feast, but speaking personally at Tucson only on the final day.

Begin NOW in earnest PRAYER for this Festival!