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Pastor’s Report – September 21, 1978
Pastor’s Report – September 21, 1978
Mr. GTA is not Keeping His Word.

by Herbert W. Armstrong

In one of the last two speeches Mr. GTA made while still a member of God’s church, was a SOLEMN PROMISE, which shows he cannot be trusted in what he is now saying! Following is a direct quote from the tape of his sermon before a group of area churches at Rochester, New York, May 27, 1978.

These statements were made during the time when Christ’s Apostle had put Garner Ted on an obligatory leave of absence. He had been removed for such leave from his executive position, and, instead of obeying the obligatory leave of absence, he was in controversy with Christ’s Apostle by traumatic personal conferences via telephone, and written letters – in other words, when he knew his disfellowshipment was hanging in the balance.

Can his word be believed?

Following is a copy of his recorded speech to a large group of brethren, May 27:

“I have to do what I have always preached to the churches, what is a guiding light of my life, which is to say, he [Christ’s Apostle] is my boss. He’s in authority. I will do as he says. That’s what I live with. I told a large group of ministers during a traumatic period of 1974. I said, if I should ever leave the Work of God, don’t follow me. And I will say that again today.

“There’s only, say, two ways, or three ways, I suppose, that I could ever be out of the Work of God. One is that my father would simply put me out. And if he did, for whatever purposes or reasons that he would have, I would simply, humbly and quietly go with my family and reconstruct some new life and do perhaps what I do best, radio and television broadcasting. But not on religion.

“I would keep the Sabbath. I would faithfully tithe. I would spend time in prayer and study. I would be loyal to God’s Church. I would never give the people of this church an alternative of some other individual to follow. That is so deeply ingrained into the marrow of my bones, that I could never do it.

“Now the only other way is if I die. I’ve always said that. The only way I would go out of God’s Work is feet pointing straight up in the air and that’s what I intend. I put my hand to the plow. How in the world could I preach and stand in this pulpit and tell people – it’s until death that we endure trials, it is through the trials of our faith that we are matured and so on and not really adhere to these principles myself? So I must do that. I must remain true to these convictions. I intend to.”

If he did not mean what he said then, can God’s people believe his statements now? Sowing the seeds of discord among the brethren is one of the seven things God hates!