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Yes! Your Letters Do Get Through to Me!
Pastor’s Report – May 14, 1979
Yes! Your Letters Do Get Through to Me!

by Herbert W. Armstrong

I have just received two anonymous letters, apparently from ministers in mid-east areas.


I threw them into the waste basket:

Recently there has been a tendency for a VERY FEW members and ministers – either dissident or for some reason wanting me to hear a voice (as in a telephone call) not knowing who is talking. If you call me anonymously on the telephone – if you expect me to listen when you refuse to identify who is talking – I shall, as I’m sure you would, hang up.

Fellow ministers, ANY of you can get through to me at ANY TIME. So can our lay members – yet some ministers have become nervous and verbal if for any remote purpose I let the membership know they can reach me if and when they feel necessary. Naturally I do have to be screened from 250 thousand members and co-workers – too many trying to get through to me at once. Like the Volkswagen ad, I’m only human. But there is no unwillingness on my part to hear from any – except the anonymous.

But let me make clear TWO important points:

1) If you wish, I will respect your privacy, and your letter will be put to no use, as an anonymous letter would – except it won’t hit the wastebasket.

2) If your letter accuses someone or carries a charge against someone, that someone remains innocent in my mind unless or until proved guilty. Especially if a lay member writes something against a minister, I fully protect the minister unless PROVED in the wrong.