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Pastor’s Report – June 18, 1979
Pastor’s Report – June 18, 1979
The Most Frightful of Earth’s History

by Herbert W. Armstrong

TV NEWS and DOCUMENTARIES right now, inspired by the signing of SALT-II by President Carter and Brezhnev are picturing the imminent possibility of a war so FRIGHTFUL words cannot express it. Brezhnev was quoted as saying those left alive, in such a war, would envy the dead!


There is no prophecy of such a war between the U.S. and the SOVIET UNION, but there is such an over-kill, super-frightful war in prophecy with a UNITED EUROPE destroying the United States.

Fellow ministers and wives, God called me and prepared me in a most unusual way. I know of nothing to match it in Biblical history. He SWEPT MY MIND CLEAN of all contrary religious beliefs and worldly beliefs, gave me HIS TRUTH, and raised up HIS CHURCH through me.

We have had, and survived, self-appointed doctrinal committees of self-professed “scholars” who were searching diligently, NOT to discover TRUTH or add new truth, but to try to prove these truths GOD GAVE ME AND PLACED IN HIS CHURCH to be false, and get rid of them. Instead the living Christ, HEAD of God’s Church, has ridded His Church of those would-be scholars, and the original TRUTHS are being REemphasized!

The UNITED STATES IN PROPHECY booklet was one. There were originally a few isolated small errors in the original printing. I have been more willing to change and remove them than the “scholars” trying to destroy the MAJOR TRUTHS in that booklet. It will soon come out IN FULL (with those few errors corrected, of course) in book stores around the world where the English language is read. And perhaps within the year, that and other books I am putting on the market, may be translated and put into book stores in other languages.

But the U.S. in P., as we called it, does picture what is prophesied to HAPPEN to our United States.

Let’s not kid ourselves! We are in the LAST DAYS! Frightful times are ahead. SO, let us work while it is day, for the night cometh when no man can work!

Let me add that the Russians make treaties ONLY FOR THE PURPOSE OF BREAKING THEM! Yes, we shall find it is a united EUROPE, not USSR, that will inflict the frightening blow, killing one third of our population, after another third has died of disease epidemics resulting from a soon-coming MAJOR DROUGHT!