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Pastor’s Report – June 25, 1979
Pastor’s Report – June 25, 1979
Further Re: Stanley Rader

by Herbert W. Armstrong

It has been brought to my attention that some ministers hostile to Mr. Rader and influenced by Garner Ted Armstrong, may say: “Mr. Rader gave Mr. Armstrong orders to write that.”

Mr. Rader knew nothing about what I have written about him in this [last] issue of the Pastor’s Report until he read it in proof copy ready to be mailed. Tears came to his eyes.

Let me say flatly and on the AUTHORITY of Jesus Christ, I will NOT TOLERATE any more character assassination in God’s Church. Of course, if you leave God’s Church I have no authority over you.

But if I hear of any hostile character-assassination remarks against Mr. Rader by any minister, I will require that minister to come to Tucson and present to me in person his EVIDENCE against Mr. Rader. And if he HAS NO EVIDENCE (and I feel sure none has) he will learn that I am truly the PASTOR-GENERAL with full power to terminate such character assassinator on the spot. I am simply indignant at all this UNCHRISTIAN hostility against a man WITHOUT CAUSE in God’s Church. The living Jesus Christ is CLEANING UP God’s Church. That job is not yet completed, but it’s definitely ON THE WAY!