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Pastor General’s Report – August 28, 1979
Pastor General’s Report – August 28, 1979
China Trip Set

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Mr. Stanley Rader has been in Tokyo and Peking, China the past several days, making advance arrangements for my visit to the chiefs of government in China.

Plans are now complete. I will fly first to Tokyo, then to Peking. The visit to Peking will be an OFFICIAL visit, sponsored by the People’s Republic of China government. The Chinese government has even sponsored Mr. Rader’s visit to set plans for mine – paying all his hotel bills, meals, transportation – everything but his laundry and long-distance telephone calls.

Mr. Rader has been royally treated by the government in China. Since I wanted to limit my trip to Peking only, the government has insisted that he visit a few other cities in China – Nanking, Shanghai, and one or two others. They will insist that I take one short side trip to see the great Chinese wall – surely one of the world’s wonders built by man.

Mr. Rader has done a superb job in making all advance arrangements – sponsored by some of my “Japanese sons” – influential members of the Japanese Diet.

I urgently ask your continued PRAYERS for my good health, and for wisdom as to what to say in China, and HOW to say it – for China is communist with no religion. I must tell their leaders of the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT – we call it THE WORLD TOMORROW – but I will not be able to tell them in Christian or Bible-sounding words. I am not going for the purpose of offending them – because God loves them as well as us – but I shall ask God to give me wisdom in what to say and how to say it. Besides meeting with the two leaders in the government of the People’s Republic, a large banquet is planned with

400 or more influential and high-ranking Chinese attending.

The government of China has very graciously planned for me to occupy a comparatively new suite in a new addition to their leading hotel. The great God who loves us all has given me great favor in their eyes, and opened their hearts and minds to provide for me their best. Give God THANKS!

The trip will take place very shortly after the Feast of Tabernacles – late October or early November.