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Pastor General’s Report – September 25, 1979

by Herbert W. Armstrong

This will be the last Pastor General’s Report you will receive before leaving for the Feast.

I hope we may all do our best to make this the GREATEST feast in 1900 years. Already God has started to make this the greatest in our time. Normally we have had to borrow one million dollars in June or July, to be paid back out of the Holy Day offerings at the Feast. We also customarily had to borrow a million dollars in January and pay it back after Passover time Holy Day offerings. THIS YEAR, IN SPITE OF THE MASSIVE ATTACK BY THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA, WE HAVE NOT HAD TO BORROW AT EITHER TIME! In spite of troubles, and Garner Ted Armstrong trying to draw away our members after him, GOD HAS RICHLY BLESSED HIS WORK THIS YEAR! How THANKFUL we should be!

Certainly God has intervened to give us a truly great send-off for this year’s Festival! Now it’s up to us to let this great blessing of His inspire us to the highest pitch of enthusiasm to make this the greatest Feast of our time – and, so far as I know, this Festival had not previously to our time been held at all for centuries – perhaps for about 1900 years!

On the Feast of Trumpets, just day before yesterday, I held an afternoon service here at our home in Tucson. The Tucson Church held the usual morning and afternoon services, but for the afternoon service here at our home, my wife’s mother, Rona’s mother, Mel and his family, Mr. Tkach and Kevin Dean and Henry Cornwall attended. My wife’s mother’s dog, Suzy, came also. And when we all stood up for prayer at the beginning, Suzy stood up also, standing on her hind feet, bracing herself with her front paws against my legs.

Remember, fellows – those of you who will be speaking during the Feast – God has ordained these annual Festivals to REMIND US every year of the various stages in His Master Plan for our spiritual creation. BE SURE AND PREACH ON THE MEANING OF THIS FESTIVAL!

Pray, and FAST AND PRAY, between now and the Feast, for Christ’s further blessings, and that He will inspire us all – both ministers and lay members – to make this the most inspiring Festival of our lives!

Last year the special Festival edition of the book, “The INCREDIBLE HUMAN POTENTIAL,” was ready and given out to members. This year the book, “TOMORROW – What It Will be Like,” is ready and one will be given to each family. This book is devoted to the very event this Festival portrays. Some of you who will be speaking at one or more of the Festival sites may find some inspiring sermon material about the coming millennium in this book

Let us all praise and thank God for the special way in which He has blessed us this year.