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Evangelist Rank Is Designation of Rank – Area of Operation
Pastor General’s Report – October 24, 1979
Evangelist Rank Is Designation of Rank – Area of Operation

by Herbert W. Armstrong

I hope it is understood that designation of ordination as Evangelist, Pastor, etc., refers – and always has – to rank, rather than assignment of activity.

As I recall at the moment, none who have held Evangelist rank have devoted themselves to holding evangelistic campaigns – preaching to public audiences regularly in proclaiming the Gospel Message to the world.

The nearest exception to that, as I now recall, is that Mr. Rod Meredith held two or three campaigns, with public invited, in England more than twenty years ago. My son Garner Ted held occasional two-or three-night abbreviated campaigns a number of times, taking along on some of them singers, M.C., etc. He also held an evangelistic campaign of some weeks at Springfield, Missouri, in the late 50s. A few others of Evangelist rank have held a few occasional one-or two-night campaigns.

But none has been occupied regularly in holding evangelistic campaigns preaching to the outside public.

For years Mr. Norman Smith, of Evangelist rank, was occupied in supervision of radio and TV production. For years Al Portune was occupied in the Business Office, handling finances. For years Mr. Les McCullough, ranked Evangelist, was executive in charge of the Big Sandy campus of Ambassador College. For years Mr. Raymond McNair was occupied as Deputy Chancellor of Ambassador College in England, as he is on the Pasadena campus now. And so with the others – none has been occupied in evangelizing the outside world, though many have spoken more or less often, on the Sabbaths, to our own congregations.

In I Corinthians 12, the various functions in Church organization are explained. “There are differences of administrations, but the same Lord” (verse 5). Different administrations require administrators – and that is listed first in the designation of duties within the organized Church. Most of our administrators have been ranked Evangelist.

Next, “And there are diversities of operations” (verse 6). This can include all other specially designated operations within the Church, devoted full time (not laymen necessarily). For these many varied functions in a united, organized, cohesive Work, God has given various ones special spiritual gifts – dividing to each as GOD wills.

Then, same chapter, God has set in the Church, apostles, prophets, teachers… governments. In Ephesians 4 this is amplified a little further: apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers. It is apparent these are intended to be ranks, rather than definite occupations. AND THAT IS THE WAY GOD HAS SET IT IN HIS CHURCH TODAY!

When I ordained Mr. Rader, I specifically ordained him as “Evangelist, in the area of finance, legal affairs, and advisor to me,” as all present distinctly heard. Yet it has come to my attention that reflection was cast on this ordination in at least one instance, saying Mr. Rader does not conduct evangelistic campaigns. No, nor did God call him to that, but God gave him special talents and abilities in the fields of finance and legal affairs, such as none other in the Church has.

At the same time, I ordained Mr. Joseph Tkach Evangelist as a rank commensurate with his exceptional value to the Work, though he has been placed in the office of Ministerial Services. But he had been doing a large share of the real spiritual work at Pasadena.

I have decided to ordain one more as Evangelist, and raise one from Preaching Elder to Pastor rank by or before the Conference – and more ordinations may be recommended to me.


We have decided that the Ministers’ Conference early next year will provide for bringing in the same rank of ministers as last January at the Tucson meeting.

I hope wives may come too – depending on finances – decision a little later on that.

The date and place of meeting will be decided shortly, but I did want to let you know that all of the ministry, as last year, will be coming.

There may be reason to hold the Conference a month or two later this year, and I cannot decide until a little later whether we can hold it in Pasadena or Tucson. Will get this information to you as soon as possible.


The Supreme Court HAS MADE NO RULING against God’s Church. What it did do was decide the case must go through the California State Courts to the California Supreme Court, before it can be heard or even considered by the U.S. Supreme Court.

However, yesterday (10-22-79), a FEDERAL Circuit Court (for the 9th Circuit in Los Angeles) DID make a ruling IN OUR FAVOR.

God is still on His Throne. This is the Church of GOD, not of embittered MAN. NEVER, for the past 15 years has this true Church of God had such harmony, unity, togetherness as NOW!