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Dear Fellow Ministers and Wives
Pastor General’s Report – November 14, 1979
Dear Fellow Ministers and Wives

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Dear Fellow Ministers and Wives:

First, let me express my gratitude for the reports coming to me of your renewed devotion, dedication, and leading your congregations into a real reawakening of our serious need for a deeper spiritual experience and closeness to God our Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord and Leader!

From all over the world come reports of renewed zeal for the Work of God, and preparing ourselves for the soon coming of Jesus Christ in SUPREME POWER AND GLORY to establish GOD’S KINGDOM!

This certainly encourages me to press on with renewed zeal myself. I remember you all in my prayers – and I thank you from the heart for your prayers and your FAITH in Christ our Savior and Leader.

Time is now growing shorter FAST! Two or three days ago a nuclear attack alarm in the Pentagon set the military there into instant action. All U.S. nuclear bases over the world were put on instant alert. The Presidential Air Force 1 aircraft was made ready to whisk President Carter instantly to a place of safety. Then it was discovered to be a false alarm – some piece of technical equipment had gone wrong – something that rarely happens. But it ought to alert us into spiritual readiness.

The plans for my visit to Peking, capital of the largest nation, in population, on earth are now virtually complete. I will fly first to Tokyo, with stopover to break the long flight at Honolulu, arriving Tokyo November 30, Friday. Fly to Peking Sunday December 2. There will be that night a dinner in my honor hosted by leaders in government and universities. On Monday night, December 3, a banquet of about 400 men and women leaders in government and education, at which I will speak for 30 to 40 minutes.

On Tuesday night, December 4, The AICF will host a dinner for the entire diplomatic corps. On Wednesday night, the 5th, there will be, sponsored by the AICF, a performance at the Nationality Palace Theatre.

Thursday afternoon, the 6th, we fly back to Tokyo. Friday night, the 7th, a banquet in Tokyo, attended by Prince Mikasa, my “Japanese sons” from the Diet, and leaders from the Chinese Embassy – and probably other ambassadors. Sabbath, rest, with possible Bible Study with readers of The PLAIN TRUTH. Fly home Sunday.

The Chinese have a government guest house, “Government State House,” like the U.S.’ Blair House across from the White House. I will be expected to stay there.

Mr. Rader is now in Tokyo and has been completing arrangements. He has arranged that I will not have a problem with the food while in Peking.

I am personally very pleased with this schedule. We have to remain in China only four nights.

I think it is important that I am the FIRST spiritual or church leader from Christianity to be invited to visit and speak in mainland China. The officials there know very well who and what I am, all about the Worldwide Church of God, and what we believe. Surely this is a door opened by God, and that is why I am going to walk through that door with His blessing and guidance. Since they are atheists and communists it will require tact and diplomacy, but God will guide me.

Today Mr. Rader is seeing the USSR Ambassador in Tokyo, and it is hoped that the long overdue visit to Warsaw, Poland, may be combined with a visit to heads of the Kremlin in Moscow. Truly God is opening doors. He knows TIME IS NOW SHORT!

It is with deep regret to have to inform you of the death of Joe Pyle, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Norvel Pyle, pioneers in this era of God’s Work. Having lost a son, I know the deep sorrow they are going through. Young Joe’s attitude and faith was an outstanding example to all.

Carry on, fellow ministers, my beloved sons in the Lord!