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Pastor General’s Report – January 4, 1980
Pastor General’s Report – January 4, 1980
Significant New Developments

by Herbert W. Armstrong

On Thursday of last week, one day too late for last week’s Report, Soviet military forces said to number 30,000 or more troops, crashed across the Afghanistan border.

This has drastically CHANGED the whole picture of the Iranian hostage situation.

Afghanistan adjoins the Iran border on the east, and the Russian border on the north. The Russian border also adjoins the Iran border on its north.

Some years ago I had been invited to visit Afghanistan and have a private meeting with its king. But a military coup overthrew the government there before I could make the trip. Apparently Russian Communists were involved in that military coup, for it appears a Soviet-dominated man took over the rule. But apparently the Kremlin was not satisfied with his loyalty to them. A Kremlin-appointee is the new Afghanistan head, though he is still in Russia. The former leader was assassinated.

This brings a most grave and serious change in U.S.-Soviet relations. President Carter used the emergency HOT LINE to talk personally to Mr. Brezhnev, and reported that since that talk he has greatly revised his appraisal of Russia’s intentions. Today, January 2, the President had a long conference with leaders of the Pentagon and the State Department, and reported that he came to a decision on action to be taken –though it was reported military action against the Soviet is not considered.

Now the question is: HOW LONG before Russian military forces will also invade and TAKE OVER IRAN ALSO? Local differences with Khomeini are sputtering in different parts of Iran. Russia may say she is marching in to stop the civil war and bring “peace” in Iran.

In any event, this brings about a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME, so far as U.S.-Soviet relations are concerned. It endangers the SALT treaty, threatens NATO, and gives European nations the fearful jitters – with Soviet-dominated countries ON THE VERY EASTERN BORDER OF WESTERN EUROPE NATIONS! It is even hinted today that the OLYMPIC GAMES may be boycotted by the U.S. this coming summer. And President Carter has recalled the U.S. Ambassador from Moscow to fly immediately to Washington.

Make no mistake! THIS IS SERIOUSLY SIGNIFICANT! The nations of Europe are going to feel a NEW URGENCY to speed up plans for a UNITED EUROPE, restoring the medieval “Holy Roman Empire!” It may well be done through the Polish Pope.

And when THAT happens, our Work will be finished, and the GREAT TRIBULATION brought on!

This new development since the Report last week has suddenly put a NEW LOOK on the entire world situation!

TIME IS SHORT! It may now RAPIDLY grow SHORTER! We must work with all our might to get God’s Church READY! Now is the time for earnest, prevailing PRAYER as never before!