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Pastor General’s Report – February 28, 1980
Pastor General’s Report – February 28, 1980
The Big News Right Now

by Herbert W. Armstrong

The BIG NEWS in world “progress” backward toward the GREAT TRIBULATION and ARMAGEDDON is what’s going on secretly between heads of European nations and the Vatican – and what’s going on with equal secrecy between Leonid Brezhnev and other Kremlin leaders.

Important news is happening right now – but the newspapers and TV news are not getting it.

Meanwhile sports-minded people in the U.S.A. are recovering from watching the Winter Olympic Games on ABC-TV and the winners being embraced by President Carter at the White House. And, of course, politically-minded America is awaiting breathlessly the results of the first Presidential Primary in the small-population state of New Hampshire. TV news this evening (Feb.25) is showing political candidates in New Hampshire showing off their best smiles (smiles won the election for President Carter) and the usual kissing of babies.

But the already-elected King of the whole world, Jesus Christ, does not have to campaign in that fashion.

The winning of five gold medals might teach some of us a lesson in perseverance and determination. Eric Heiden did not really win those five skating records at the Olympic Games. He won them by long, continuous weeks and months of grueling training, even with special machines to develop leg muscles. That arduous training put him in better condition and with stronger muscles where skating requires them, than his Russian or East German or Swedish competitors. He simply had what it takes. It might be a lesson in some of the laws of success. It required patience, steadfastness, determined endurance – the same as our battle against ourselves and the devil in overcoming.

But be sure important NEWS has happened during this past week, even if not exposed to the public as yet.

President Tito seems to be living on – no news the past days about his supposedly imminent death. Maybe he’s outliving those who proclaimed him dead or dying, just as I am. Incidentally, although during this flu epidemic I’ve had a sore throat and head cold; it has never been serious and is about gone. Regardless, don’t stop praying for me, please.