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United States – Humiliated Again!
Pastor General’s Report – April 25, 1980
United States – Humiliated Again!

by Herbert W. Armstrong

As we go to press, the United States once again bungles a military action and suffers another serious humiliation from a comparatively small country.

For six months President Carter was blamed for “doing nothing” about the hostage crisis in Iran. Now we learn that all during this six months the Pentagon and military command was preparing – training volunteers for this attempt by helicopters to rescue the hostages. But first reports say that one, two, or three of the helicopters, after they reached the Iranian desert, from which point the rescue was to be made, went sour mechanically.

God Almighty says this country is now about to suffer punishment as no other nation ever suffered in all history. Could the mechanical failure of those helicopters have been an “ACT OF GOD”?

The knowledge of GOD’S WILL and of GOD’S WAY has been revealed to our nation more than to any other. Since the expiration of the 2520 years of withholding the national Birthright (Lev. 26) which God had promised UN-conditionally to Abraham – which expiration occurred 1800-1803 – God has kept His promise to Abraham by blessing our country as no other country ever was blessed. We were blessed with GOD’S TRUTH, yet we trampled it underfoot, and educated our on-coming generations in the atheistic, God-denying basic approach to knowledge of atheistic EVOLUTION.

As a nation we have denied God’s TEST Commandment – His holy Sabbath. The churches of our country have turned God’s Holy Word upside down, and proclaimed the diametric opposite of its TRUTH! God chose to reveal to me His Holy days and annual Festivals. Yet when I revealed them to the one fragmentary true Church of God left on earth in 1927-1933, they “laughed me to scorn” (II Chron. 30:10). No other church body on earth observes God’s annual festivals, with their true MEANING except the Worldwide Church of God!

Our government, elected by vote of the people, has in many respects been corrupt. God calls our people, even today, a stiff-necked and hard-hearted people – though some would disagree with God on that.

Now God says, in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, He is about to punish us as no nation ever was punished! See latter portion of our booklet United States and Britain In Prophecy.