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New TV Studio in Tucson
Pastor General’s Report – May 9, 1980
New TV Studio in Tucson

by Herbert W. Armstrong

In my home in Tucson was a garage – originally a three-car garage, but with the space of one car converted into a storeroom.

Now the entire space of the three-car garage has been converted into a new TV studio and office. A special carport has been constructed just outside the door of the new studio for the TV pod. As soon as the new office desk and other furniture arrive, the combination office-and-TV studio will be ready for operation.

On our third wedding anniversary, April 17, my wife gave me a new super-size TV set, with a screen about two by three feet or larger.

This can be connected by remote TV with the auditorium in Pasadena. During a Pasadena Church service, I will see on this enlarged screen the audience in the Pasadena auditorium. The Portable TV cameras from the pod will be on me. The Pasadena congregation will see me on a large movie screen in the auditorium, and as I speak, I will also be facing the Pasadena audience on my new enlarged TV screen. If the TV cameras in the auditorium zoom in on some close-ups in the audience, I will see some of our congregation larger than life size as I speak to them from Tucson.

It is remarkable what modern technology has produced, and I am a bit excited about the fact that very soon I shall be speaking in my Tucson home to the Pasadena auditorium congregation, and seeing the congregation in front of me as I speak – while they shall be seeing me speaking on the large movie screen in the auditorium – LIVE!

I suppose this same arrangement could be made with other congregations, such as Chicago, Cincinnati, New York. However, it probably will be much simpler and more advantageous if I use the G-II plane and go in person to the churches in cities other than Pasadena, where all the technical facilities are already built into the auditorium.

We are, however, working on plans so that I may speak from the Tucson feast site to other feast sites live, come next feast.