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The Presidential Campaign
Pastor General’s Report – June 20, 1980
The Presidential Campaign

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Millions of dollars are being donated to and spent by four aspirants for the Presidency of the United States.

What a spectacle it is! Most who contribute to campaign expenses do so for selfish advantage, hoping to get something out of it. This world has been brainwashed by a subtle and clever devil in the “GET” principle of life.

Once again the situation is like someone said of a previous election, “Well, thank God, only one of them can finally win.” Actually, not one is qualified for the position.

But the winner will have his hand on the greatest throttle of POWER possessed by any man on earth. And that is what each candidate COVETS! It makes me think of a 15-year-old boy who can hardly wait another year to get his hand on the POWER that goes with a steering wheel. Unfortunately, we have had some ex-ministers who played politics within God’s Church, coveting MORE POWER! Usually those who covet power are not competent to wield it.

There are no more really “strong” leaders in the world in the government of any nation – men such as Joseph Stalin, the man of steel, or Winston Churchill. But one is now looming on the horizon – Pope John Paul II. We may hear a lot more of him, later.

Recent Gallup polls indicate Governor Reagan is now in the lead of the three candidates expected to be in the race after the political conventions. President Carter rated second, with Congressman Anderson a poor third. But even Reagan showed well under 50% of the poll.

That would indicate the final election may be thrown into the House of Representatives. But Ted Kennedy is still running. He is counting on the President falling downhill rapidly before the Democratic convention – which he already has started to do. I predicted this three or four months ago when Mr. Carter escalated in the opinion polls because of the hostage situation in Iran. But now that very hostage situation is dropping him back down rapidly. Don’t be surprised if Ted Kennedy is the next President after all. He isn’t fit for the office – but then, WHO IS? Kennedy still shows much boyishness and immaturity, but the sudden weight of the office might sober and mature him. President Carter has not measured up to the stature of the office, and is so recognized in Europe. Ronald Reagan has a much sounder philosophy of what the national government ought to be than any of the candidates, but just is not big enough a man for the job.

Whatever happens, the country LOSES! If there exists a man in the United States of presidential caliber, he is big enough to refuse to run for the job.

In any event, the heads of the governments of Europe – all likewise men of inadequate caliber for the job – have lost all confidence in relying on the United States to protect them from Communist encroachments. The Russians have now made their move toward their projected WORLD DOMINATION by sending, now, more than 100,000 troops into Afghanistan. They will not retreat. They are in no great hurry (a bear lumbers along slowly most of the time) but in due time, they at least now PLAN to keep moving on. One more small leap across Pakistan and they can control the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf – CONTROLLING THE WORLD’S OIL. Europe now fears them. The Europeans want political and military UNION. No leader in Europe is strong enough to unite them.

BUT, Pope John Paul II is rapidly gaining stature and public acclaim. He now looms as the world’s ONLY STRONG MAN! He can bring about the prophesied resurrection of the “Holy Roman Empire.” Then the world will quickly be plunged into the final conflagration of world wars. That will seal the doom of the United States – and the British!


Just consider how idiotic – how foolish – it all is!

The GOVERNMENT OF GOD will then soon take over. Jesus Christ, in SUPREME POWER AND GLORY, will HEAD the government of the world tomorrow over all nations.

There will be no political elections. No $100 per plate banquets to raise campaign funds for willful aspirants who covet POWER. No little, unqualified men running for office. No fear of other nations, or of nuclear war.

Those Jesus Christ will APPOINT to the chief offices ALREADY have undergone their training in their mortal life on earth. I expect father Abraham to be resurrected to the next highest office under Christ. King David will come alive and rule all the nations developed out of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel. Each of the original Apostles will be appointed head of one of those twelve nations.

Christ will be Supreme Judge as well as Supreme Executive. The “Congress,” “Parliament” or LAW-MAKING BODY will be GOD THE FATHER IN HEAVEN. Those of us who are given office of rule will rule by GOD’S LAW! All will be JUST. We shall not rule or judge as the world does now – but we shall have power to read men’s minds and hearts (Isaiah 11).

NO ELECTIONS! NO LITTLE MEN unqualified for office spending millions of dollars crying out, “Vote for me – I want to be President.”

Well, fellows and wives, we now do not have long to wait. This present election travesty may well be the very LAST political election for the presidency of the United States, with little incompetent men vying for the coveted prize. There will be no more coveting, nor lying, nor murders, nor broken homes and families. There shall be PEACE, HAPPINESS, JOY, all living the way of “GIVE” which is out flowing LOVE!