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Changes in Foreign Ministry
Pastor General’s Report – July 18, 1980
Changes in Foreign Ministry

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Circumstances in the Foreign Work have necessitated certain changes in the Foreign Ministry, to take effect immediately.

I am sending Mr. Robert Fahey, formerly manager over the churches and Work in South Africa, to take charge of the Work in Australia. I am cancelling all services in all churches in Australia for this Sabbath, July 19, as a day of fasting and prayer for peace and harmony in God’s Church over the Australian continent, and on the following Sabbath, July 26, combined services will be held in all cities where there is more than one local congregation.

Mr. Gerald Waterhouse also is going immediately to Australia, to preach to these combined church congregations in Australia. He has just completed his tour speaking to churches throughout Canada, and will now travel over Australia. Before Canada, Mr. Waterhouse spoke to every local church in the United States, touring at the rate of some six or seven churches every week.

Mr. Dibar Apartian had been removed as Director of the French Work, and apparently for the sole reason that he was loyal to Christ’s Apostle and to Jesus Christ. I reinstated him, and now he is reinstated also over the French-speaking churches in eastern Canada as he was before.

I am sending Mr. Larry Salyer, who has been pastor of the AM church at Pasadena headquarters, as assistant to Mr. McCullough, second in charge over all churches in Canada (except French-speaking).

There has been no office as Director of Foreign Work since I abolished the office of Pastoral Administration, although I have approved two or three visits to overseas offices by Mr. Leslie McCullough. Supervision over all foreign work continues to remain in Ministerial Services, under my personal direction.

Mr. Dean Wilson is being transferred to be in charge of the three churches in Portland, Oregon.

The Work of the living GOD continues to be SET BACK ON THE TRACK!

Meanwhile, in Ambassador College, Mr. Rod C. Meredith has returned from his leave of absence and will teach 3rd-year Church of God Doctrines, Epistles of Paul, and introductory Homiletics.