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Problems With the Old System in Y.O.U.
Pastor General’s Report – September 17, 1980
Problems With the Old System in Y.O.U.

by Herbert W. Armstrong

1. District, Regional, Tri-regional and National competition produced a spiraling rise in competition that caused some youngsters, parents, coaches and even a few ministers, to want to advance to the next level so badly that they would put winning above setting a right example. A spirit of “GET” and hostility above “GIVE” and love toward the other equal to self-love was introduced.

2. Winning became the main thing in these people’s minds to the point that some (both players and spectators) were setting wrong examples at games, yelling at referees, shouting at their calls, angrily showing very wrong attitudes both on and off the court. When competition goes beyond “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” it is hostile – OF SATAN!

3. These wrong attitudes were becoming a problem to those who really wanted to play the way God would have us play.

4. Many players whose behavior in the congregation was totally contrary to any standards of God’s Church were kept on teams simply because they were good players.

5. This amounted to rewarding wrong behavior, and was very discouraging to those who were striving to uphold right standards of conduct.

6. The greatest emphasis in Y.O.U. has been on basketball, volleyball, track and cheerleading. Those who cannot participate in those sports had little opportunity for involvement. Churches that couldn’t get up teams also had little opportunity for involvement.

7. A great deal of traveling on the Sabbath was required to get to tournaments in other districts or regions. Local pastors are now given responsibility to see this does not recur.

New Directives To Reap Positive Benefits

1. All youth in God’s Church will automatically be part of Y.O.U., not just 55%.

2. Y.O.U. will be clearly another part of God’s Church, not a separate organization with its own structure and its own government. Christ has placed the Government OF GOD in His Church, and it will govern Y.O.U.

3. Pastors will be directly responsible for Y.O.U. in their churches, not local coordinators who answer to the National Y.O.U. Office.

4. The district weekend will provide opportunity for family participation and family-oriented activities where sport is one part, but not the main part of the schedule.

5. Pastors will see to it that the Sabbath is properly observed in all cases.

6. Cheerleading will become properly and tastefully done as an addition to the basketball games, without the poor taste in music and routines that high competition has produced in some cases.

7. Charters will not be necessary because Y.O.U. is not a separate organization but a part of the local church, for which the pastor is responsible.