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Pastor General’s Report – October 10, 1980
Pastor General’s Report – October 10, 1980
New Magazine to be Born

by Herbert W. Armstrong

During the midst of the Feast of Tabernacles God put in my mind the need of still another magazine.

Already we publish more magazines and regular publications than any church so far as I know. I have even wondered if we are top-heavy – publishing too many. But I really don’t think so – people are reached through the eye more effectively than by any other means.

The PRINTED WORD has done more to build and inspire God’s Church than any other means. Radio and TV have been effective – the first approach. But the booklets, Correspondence Course, The PLAIN TRUTH and, in the Church itself The GOOD NEWS, the WORLDWIDE NEWS, and for the ministry the PASTOR GENERAL’S REPORT – not to mention even full books – have done more to follow up a first temporary, casual interest into a completely changed and dedicated life than radio and TV by far!

But God has now shown me that we have been neglecting a MOST IMPORTANT NUMBER OF OUR PEOPLE – the youths from age 18 and under. We have the Y.O.U. and the Y.E.S. and the S.E.P. summer camp at Orr, Minnesota. But our young people coming along are the FUTURE MEMBERSHIP AND LEADERS IN THE CHURCH AND THE LEADERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF TOMORROW!

In a sense, doesn’t that make them almost the MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE ON EARTH?

So it came to my mind that they need a REAL MAGAZINE of their own. Not even a tabloid “newspaper” type paper – a REAL MAGAZINE! Full color. I have thought, turned over in my mind and prayed over the NAME of the new magazine. I had thought of several, such as the JUNIOR PLAIN TRUTH, and then “YOUTH TODAY.” Discussing it with Dexter Faulkner, Managing Editor of our publications, he came up with,


The following year it would be “YOUTH/82” and so on – a takeoff from “QUEST.”

The first issue will come out as the January, 1981 number – Volume 1, Number 1. It will be sent without subscription price to all youths, children of Worldwide Church of God members, ages 13 to 18.

We will have a department for “What Our Readers Say,” and if some of our youths will write in right away telling us what they think of the idea of a magazine OF THEIR OWN, the editors will select from among them letters to be published in VOL.1, No.1. And that will become a treasure copy to be kept for years.

I want this magazine to be well illustrated. There’s a saying that one picture says more than a thousand words. I would like some of the illustrations to be humorous, some to bring a laugh – yet others to illustrate more serious or thought-provoking articles. There will be articles on sports, and the things all youths are interested in, and also articles looking into the future, such as “WHAT DO TEENS AND YOUTHS HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD TO IN A MODERN WORLD?”

There will be news of the Y.O.U. and the Y.E.S. I would like someone to write a good article on “LIFE AT S.E.P. CAMP.” There will be updated articles on the PLAIN TRUTH ABOUT SEX. There is perhaps no need more urgent for pre-marriage youths than proper, intelligent and frank knowledge about sex after puberty and before marriage – AND W H Y? You can’t get this sorely needed knowledge from other kids – and very few ever get it from parents. Nor any book on sex at bookstores.

There will be articles about youth and parent relationships, about competition in sports, about sports in the World Tomorrow.

Articles on where do youths get their LIFE-STYLE, and where SHOULD THEY? An article on “Did SATAN Get to YOU When You Were Young?”

The above gives you a few ideas of the type of articles and material that will appear in “YOUTH/81.”

Another, “Is the BIBLE for Youths – or ONLY For Middle-aged and The Elderly?” I would welcome ideas and suggestions from youths about the kind of articles and subjects they feel should be covered in THEIR new magazine.

I am personally very enthusiastic about this. I myself will be in my 90th year a year from now – but don’t ever get the idea I’m an old man. I still have very YOUNG IDEAS – though both God and the years have added enough wisdom to know which the BETTER values are even for kids and youths. I don’t mean better for God or for parents – I mean better for the YOUNG. Yes, and better for us ALL!

Remember, God does not deny us anything that is good for US – He wants our lives to be happier, with more JOY that is good for US! Some people – adults, middle and old-aged as well as the young – are deceived into thinking some things are good that make us painfully sorry afterward.

I will have this story of “YOUTH/81” run in Worldwide News also.

By the way, I would urgently request all youths of Worldwide Church of God parents to send in AT ONCE, their names and addresses, with age (13-18 inclusive). And, if some a year or so younger or older want to subscribe, we will enter the subscription. Be sure to PRINT the name and address in block letters.

Send the subscription to “YOUTH/81,” Worldwide Church of God, Box 111, Pasadena, California 91123.