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Special Sabbath for Giving Thanks
Pastor General’s Report – October 17, 1980
Special Sabbath for Giving Thanks

by Herbert W. Armstrong

I am appointing a special Sabbath, November 15, worldwide, for giving grateful THANKS to ALMIGHTY GOD and the Head of the Church, the living JESUS CHRIST, for causing the attorney general of California to “LET MY PEOPLE GO!” by dropping the unconstitutional lawsuit against GOD ALMIGHTY, against JESUS CHRIST, and against GOD’S CHURCH!

In this battle we were forced to defend the rights of separation from state domination and total takeover of all churches of this world. Most of the major and several minor established churches came to our legal aid, for which we are grateful to our GOD.

I wonder if we have realized fully the real significance of this major persecution.

First, although I personally have suffered considerable opposition and persecution in the raising up and building of the Philadelphia era of God’s Church, and many of our people have met with trouble and persecution, yet this was the first time THE CHURCH, as an organized Body, has been persecuted directly by Satan, who controls this world’s governments. Therefore I have wondered, does this mean that Revelation 12:7 has now been fulfilled – the war in heaven, and Satan cast back down – and also verse 13, Satan’s persecution – NOT of individuals, but of the CHURCH AS A BODY, prior to the Great Tribulation (verse 14) and his final persecution of the Laodicean Church, verse 17?

Plainly, verses 13 and 17 show two different persecutions against the whole church, in two different eras, the final one, and the 6th or Philadelphia era.

Second. Also consider Revelation 3:9, where those of “the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before they feet, and to know that I have loved thee.”

The Book of Revelation speaks in symbols. Paul writes that in this dispensation he is a Jew who is one inwardly – SPIRITUALLY – in other words in the CHURCH.

In this lawsuit, the Catholic and leading Protestant churches, as well as the Jewish Synagogue Council of America, came to our legal aid. IT WAS THEIR POLITICAL PRESSURE ON THE CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE AND THE GOVERNOR which passed the Petris bill, forcing the dismissal of the lawsuit.

Did they SYMBOLICALLY worship before our feet, and know God has loved us? Always before they would not in any way even ACKNOWLEDGE US. They looked on us not as a bona fide church.

Perhaps this lawsuit and this world’s organized church acknowledgement as fighting THEIR battle is a far more significant event in the fulfillment of God’s great PURPOSE than we have realized!

I think there is more reason to be thankful and grateful to God than we have realized.

On the other hand, we are like the American soldier in a trench in World War I, when the Allies had just won a significant battle. He still didn’t dare stick his head up, for the whole war was not yet over.

We must not underestimate Satan. He doesn’t give up. He will strike again – at the whole church, or at the ministry, or some of the ministers, or at some members. He is a persistent antagonist. We must KEEP ON that WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD!