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Current Trip So Far
Pastor General’s Report – January 9, 1981
Current Trip So Far

by Herbert W. Armstrong

We left Tucson Friday noon, January 2nd, arriving Honolulu Friday evening. I met with and preached to the Church on Sabbath. Left Honolulu Sunday noon. Crossing international date line in afternoon it became Monday; arrived just before dark at Tokyo Monday.

Mr. Rader accompanied me as usual in early afternoon visit with Prime Minister Zenko Suzuki at his official residence. He is the sixth prime minister I have met in private visit in Japan. I congratulated him warmly on his new “Suzuki Doctrine” announced that morning for Japan aid to, and cooperation with, the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) announced in the Japanese press that morning.

I congratulated him on a policy of “give” instead of “get.” His office was filled with TV and still cameras and bright lights, and reporters for our interview which was reported in Wednesday morning Japanese-language newspapers, but not in English-language papers. We presented him with a gift of Steuben crystal as we had to other prime ministers before him.

Prime Minister Suzuki left Tokyo for Manila Thursday for conferences with President Ferdinand Marcos. I will have conference with President Marcos week of January 11th.

On Wednesday the 7th, Mr. Rader and I had tea and an hour’s visit with Prince Mikasa, the Emperor’s brother, and his wife, Princess Mikasa. We have known them for twelve years, and we decided we were all getting old for we talked over old times of 1968, 1970 and later, that we have enjoyed together.

Thursday night was the big banquet in the Imperial Hotel’s largest ballroom. Four hundred and eighty-two were present – the very top elite of Tokyo, including 22 Ambassadors representing other nations and some 20 of my “Japanese sons” who are congressmen in the Japanese Diet. I was chief speaker and gave them a strong message on the Kingdom of God.

Sabbath afternoon at 2:30 I spoke to an audience of about 100 Plain Truth subscribers – all Japanese and all either students or faculty from universities who understand English. They seemed very interested and the sermon was in power on approaching world crisis (great tribulation) and Christ’s coming Kingdom of God, way of life, spiritual law, and peaceful world tomorrow. Will speak here again three weeks from today and expect a larger crowd. Leave Sunday for Hong Kong and Manila.