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Pastor General’s Report – March 19, 1982
Pastor General’s Report – March 19, 1982
Is Mr. Tkach “Boss?”

by Herbert W. Armstrong

One local pastor called me at my home to ask whether Mr. Joseph Tkach is really “boss” over the field ministry.

I have placed Mr. Tkach in a sensitive position which could bring embarrassment and even persecution to him. I think it’s time I make his position CLEAR so all of you can UNDERSTAND!

Those who could have been conspiring to “take over” the Church have accused Mr. Tkach of that very thing, but you will notice that he is still in his position. Jesus said we shall know them “by their fruits.” And as His instrument, thus I evaluate. They accused others in supervision over the ministry used the office to try to take over the whole Work, implying the accusation without basis that Mr. Tkach was trying to do the same thing. He is still IN – they are out.

Mr. Tkach is supervisor or director over MINISTERIAL SERVICES. He is there as a SERVANT! A servant under WHOM? Under you ministers to serve YOU? NO! A servant under me, as I am a servant under Christ. I serve Christ as His instrument whom He uses. Mr. Tkach serves me as my instrument in directing you whom I use.

Mr. Raymond McNair is Deputy Chancellor of Ambassador College, administering the College UNDER and FOR me, as I administer it and the whole Work UNDER and FOR Christ as His instrument. But I do leave most of the administration of the College in Mr. McNair’s hands, just as I leave most of the administration of the ministry in Joseph Tkach’s hands. But Mr. McNair is NOT free to CHANGE POLICIES, or initiate his own new ideas or policies. He is on the job to administer MY policies and directions, as I am an instrument CHRIST uses in SETTING and DETERMINING the policies of the whole Work and the direction it shall take.

Am I IN AUTHORITY over the Church and the Work? As long as I faithfully and loyally carry out CHRIST’S will – HIS policies and directions – yes. So Mr. Tkach is in authority over you ministers as MY SERVANT, carrying out MY orders and policies, as I carry out CHRIST’S, and as Christ carries out those of GOD the Father who is the HEAD of Christ! So it is a CHAIN of authority, starting with God the Father!

WHY should so many be confused about this? Bob Rice is janitor in the Hall of Administration, and the ONLY one over the executive fourth floor because we have confidence in his INTEGRITY. But he has no authority to set executive policies enacted from the executive office.

His brother Richard Rice is director of the very prestigious and important Mail Processing Department. But he administers it FOR and UNDER me, as I administer the WHOLE Work for and under Christ as HIS INSTRUMENT!

Perhaps much of the MISunderstanding has come from the fact that there have been men in supervision over the ministry who made themselves sole boss. One, in 1974, in collusion with another high officer at headquarters and a number of field ministers, conspired to TAKE OVER the WHOLE CHURCH. Another, as Executive Vice President, shut off everybody over him, virtually making himself head of the whole Work, while JESUS CHRIST was then, and still is, HEAD of the whole Work.

The trouble comes when one in a subordinate office tries to SHUT OFF all authority over him. A local minister can try to do this, and “TAKE OVER” his local church, stealing it for himself, setting up by and through it his own work. Some years ago a managing editor of The PLAIN TRUTH wanted to make it a “spinoff” – a separate “business” of his own. But he was aboveboard about it in that he proposed it to us, under terms of which the Church would pay all the finances but he would do all the spending.

Mr. Tkach does not “own” the ministry and run it his own way apart from the one Christ put over him. But he does relieve my time by taking a mountain of work and reports and conversation with you ministers off my hands, freeing me to write, broadcast, preach around the world, make all major decisions, and, UNDER Christ, direct the WHOLE WORK as the living Jesus Christ directs and uses me as His INSTRUMENT. And as GOD THE FATHER directs Him!

I have direct access to God the Father. So do YOU! You have direct access to me, at any time – BUT I do thank you fellows and wives that you UNDERSTAND that Mr. Tkach is relieving my time, and that you bring things to me personally when really necessary.