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The Plain Truth – May 1980
The Plain Truth – May 1980

from Herbert W. Armstrong

A very sobering issue of The Plain Truth – now like an entirely new magazine. The meaning of world events today – a prophetic look into tomorrow!

IN ALL our worldwide activities, I have personally been initiating a housecleaning. The Plain Truth is now a much improved magazine. As always, it still is ahead of its time! It is entirely unique – unlike any other – giving you the meaning of the now fast-moving world events today – and giving you a look into the world TOMORROW! You get this UNDERSTANDING in no other magazine.

The Plain Truth is now running around two million copies monthly. It should be the largest-circulation publication on earth. We hope to expand it to that.

When we turned our calendars over to January 1, 1980, we were entering a new DECADE not only – but a new and more active phase of this fateful TIME OF THE END! As I have written before, entering the decade of the 1980s is an entirely “new ball game.”

Actually the world did not realize it, but we entered the “time of the end” (of this world’s civilization) about January 1, 1900 – as the 20th century dawned.

How well I remember that moment! I knew nothing at that moment of the fateful century I was to experience. I was 7 1/2 years old. My parents took me to a “watch-night” in a Methodist church in Des Moines, Iowa. Along about 9 o’clock that night I wanted to lean over and go to sleep. My father kept waking me and sternly whispering I must stay awake. Time and again I would start to drift off into slumber – but my father was very attentive. What a relief when the clock struck 12 – the old century gone and the hectic 20th century ushered in. At that moment I had no desire to live (awake) on into this 20th century. All I wanted was to drift off to sleep!

The old horse-drawn streetcars had just been replaced by the electric trolley car. Very few homes had telephones (hung on a wall, with a handle to ring a bell). Such things as airplanes, radio, television, motion pictures were unheard of.

Modern science was yet in its infancy. Technology and the Machine Age were in swaddling clothes. No one had yet heard of the automobile. Indian tribes still ran free from parts of Iowa and west and south. But 2 1/2 years before, I had seen for the first time a President of the United States – William McKinley.

But what has whipped by since then? When I was 11 Orville Wright made the first flight of some 50 or 100 feet in an “airplane.” By 1914 airplanes played an important part in World War I. The automobile came – first as a “horseless carriage” guided by a stick instead of a wheel. World War I started the downward plunge in morals. I was shocked to see women working as elevator operators in the Marshall Field store in Chicago. Women were beginning to “win their rights.” Everybody was out to GET his “rights.” Women won the vote. The emancipation of women had begun – and with it the collapse of the FAMILY STRUCTURE.

After World War I it became legal to publish information about sex. The moral toboggan-slide was on. Family life began disintegrating. Science and technology, promising the world a new age of leisure, license and luxury, began producing more and more terrifying weapons of mass destruction. Then, came radio, movies and after World War II, television. We entered the age of mass transportation, instant communication, the NUCLEAR Age that empowers one madman at the head of a government to blast all LIFE from off this planet. But never mind! We now can go to other planets!

A man by my family name (but no relation) was the first to set foot on the moon. We have sent cameras to land on the surface of Mars and send back close-ups of the martian surface.

All the while, people have more and more fiercely striven against others to “GET” or to “TAKE” from them. Violence has spread over all nations of the earth. We await the WAR that will DESTROY ALL HUMANITY!

In this mad, mad struggle for advantage in a technological world that in near-fatal sickness HAS LOST ITS WAY, The Plain Truth continues, after more than 46 years, to give you true UNDERSTANDING of today’s brutal world and to give you a look into the FUTURE – to bring you the GOOD NEWS of what finally WILL take place on this earth! A time when PEACE and RIGHTEOUSNESS, HAPPINESS and knowledge of RIGHT WAYS will cover the earth! Why don’t you urge your friends, neighbors and relatives to ask for FREE sample copies of The Plain Truth?

They NEED the understanding of the FACTS of the world situation today. They, too, live in this world. They, too, are going to be seriously affected by events now in the making.