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The Plain Truth – February 1981
The Plain Truth – February 1981

from Herbert W. Armstrong

Why is there no daily reminder of the HUMAN SURVIVAL CRISIS?

WE FACE a far greater problem than the recent U.S.-Iranian hostage crisis. For the first time since humanity inhabited the earth, weapons of mass destruction exist that can erase mankind from this planet.

Today the WHOLE WORLD is being held for ransom! Would Americans have forgotten all about the fifty-two government representatives held hostage, if they were not reminded daily?

Are we forgetting – putting out of mindthat four billion of us are being held in danger of human extinction? Do we think that just by keeping our minds off of it, the threat to our own survival will just go away?

Are the hard, cold facts too awesome – too frightening – to think sensibly about? Are we playing ostrich – until it will be too late?

This voice reminds you – there had to be a CAUSE to bring us to our number one problem of human survival! And we are pursuing that same CAUSE with increasing momentum!

Are we deceiving ourselves? Do we reason foolishly that nuclear and other mass-destruction weapons are so frightening that no one will dare unleash them? No weapon of increased mass destruction ever yet has been produced that was not used! The nuclear family includes smaller nations beside the Soviet Union and the U.S.A. A madman in a smaller nation could set off the nuclear war that could spread to destroy all mankind!

What a paradox! This twentieth century has spawned a man-made civilization of awesome progress. But before our problems, troubles and evils, we and our leaders stand utterly HELPLESS! There seems no limit to human accomplishment – in the physical and material. But our troubles and evils are spiritual in nature.

An invisible spiritual Law governs our lives. That Law is outflowing LOVE. I simplify it, and its transgression, by the simple terms of “GIVE” and “GET.” This world has traveled the way of the “GET” incentive – self-centeredness, vanity, coveting, competition leading to strife, violence and war! This spiritual Law is as relentless, as inexorable, as the law of gravity. Break it and it will break you! The whole world has been breaking it – and world peace, happiness, universal abundance and well-being have been taken from us!

It isn’t too late, even now, for a deluded and misled world, self-exalted by its achievements in the materialistic sphere, to come awake to its bankruptcy in the moral and spiritual realm.

But if a self-willed and vain humanity will not, that unseen “Strong Hand from Someplace” will intervene very soon in the world’s chaotic affairs, and forestall the climactic death-blow to the human race. A stubborn world, ignorant of the TRUE VALUES, is going to be compelled to enjoy PEACE worldwide, with happiness and universal well-being in abundance! We are going to be compelled to change our motivations from “GET” to “GIVE.” In spite of us, the wonderful WORLD TOMORROW will dawn in this generation! The spiritual Law of “GIVE” will fill human minds and hearts worldwide, as the ocean beds are filled with water.

Believe it or not, it is as sure as the rising of tomorrow’s sun.