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The Plain Truth – March 1981
The Plain Truth – March 1981
Uniting In Order To Divide

from Herbert W. Armstrong

I WISH PARTICULARLY to call attention to a new trend among modern Bible translators to de-sex the Bible. There is a tendency today to want to UNITE opposites because of hostility but usually the result is only to produce more competition and division.

There is a tendency today toward unisex. Frequently you cannot easily tell whether one you happen to see is male or female. Women wear shorter hair and males wear longer hair until they are about equal length. The barber trade once made it mostly on shaves. The safety razor ended that sort of barber income, and the electric razor has perpetuated it. So now the barber shops give men female hairdos at fancy prices and the younger men fall for it – and often older ones too.

Women wear slacks and male pants.

Women filled in men’s jobs during World War I while U.S. “doughboys” were fighting “over there.” They never went back to the home when “it was over, over there.” World War II put the finishing touches on women assuming men’s jobs. In the postwar period, women have taken university courses in law, medicine, business administration and other professions. Today we have women lawyers and judges in a rapidly increasing measure, women doctors, and more and more women moving into executive positions in business and industries.

Meanwhile more and more husbands are becoming “house-husbands,” and homemakers while their wives work. More and more young women of around age twenty-five find it difficult to enter marriage. One woman under thirty, manager of a large high-quality women’s-wear store in a major city, came to me for advice. She had chosen a career and let it cancel out a marital engagement some years before. Now she was successful. How could she respect a man enough to think of marrying him, if his income was less than hers? At last she realized she really wanted most of all marriage, children and a family life.

In some universities senior men ready to graduate find romance for them difficult. They have grown more timid, have not developed leadership qualities, and fear senior girls would dominate them, so they marry freshmen girls. Marriage itself is breaking down. People unite in marriage – only in order, it seems too often, to divide into divorce.

In many areas there is a tendency toward uniting, but too often it leads to division.

We have tried busing to bring about racial balance in the schools, but in too many cases it has not proved practical and has led to more division and hostility. There has been a tendency by some to promote interracial marriage and an amalgamation into one race.

In 1945 I attended the entire San Francisco convention where the charter was battled out for the United Nations. They were going to UNITE the nations for world peace. In plenary sessions heads of governments and foreign ministers rang out in grand oratory that this was the world’s last hope for PEACE. The weapons of mass destruction were about to be multiplied that could erase human life from the earth. UNITE or PERISH was the theme. Yet those same orators fought like ferocious lions or tigers against representatives of other nations in closed private sessions to gain every possible selfish advantage for their own nations. The United Nations has brought no genuine PEACE. Dozens of wars have ensued on the world scene.

And on the domestic scene women want to “wear the pants” – and now often do. Many a young bride has said, “I want our marriage to be fifty-fifty” – no one rules. But that is all together impossible. Whether it’s a marriage of two, a family of several or a football team, a quarterback or a coach has to call the signals, and all MUST respond to the order or lose the game – lose the home and happy family life.

The question comes up whenever the Bible is quoted in topics on man-woman relationships. God simply is not either sex – God is all-knowing, all-powerful spirit-composed divine FAMILY. But one member of that originally two-member divine Family, known as “the WORD” (John 1:1-4, 14), was made human flesh, born of a human woman, but fathered by the divine GOD, Head of the divine God FAMILY. But the virgin Mary conceived not by a physical human male sperm cell, but by the very Spirit of the divine GOD. God does not need or have physical sex organs. Neither do angels. And those mortals who do reach their incredible HUMAN POTENTIAL, in which God is reproducing Himself through humans, will no longer have sex organs – no longer male or female, but, as Christ Jesus said, be as the angels in heaven – no sex differences. They shall be GOD-PERSONS. And the one the Bible calls God the Father will be FATHER of that divine Family. Those of us who attain by His grace to this potential shall have been begotten by God’s Holy Spirit, which flows from the very Person of God. The physical male sperm that imparts human life to the female ovum is merely the physical and material type of the begettal power of the all-powerful Spirit of GOD! Human reproduction is the exact physical type of divine spiritual reproduction. (See my book The Missing Dimension in Sex.)

Those women’s organizations that disparage male leadership, in love, over the wife, are being deceived by a wily and evil Satan, as was Mother Eve, into opposition against their own Maker who gives them the breath they breathe.

I know well it isn’t popular today in human MISthinking to believe there actually does exist a Satan the devil. Ah, well! He knows better than those he is deceiving that he now has but a short time left to deceive a mixed-up humanity, which has lost the true values, and in whose fund of knowledge there is a seriously gaping missing dimension.

That invisible “strong hand from someplace” will very soon, now, intervene in world affairs, to take over, rule and reeducate ALL NATIONS OF THE EARTH. A wonderful WORLD TOMORROW is just over the horizon!