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Christ’s Parables
The World Tomorrow

But, my friends, the news today is not good. Most of the news in the world today is only of fear of war, preparation for war…

Christ’s Mission and Message – No Immortal Soul
The World Tomorrow (April 24, 1979)

In going through the New Testament to see why it is that we have believed that the Bible says exactly the opposite of what it does say…

Born Again
The World Tomorrow (April 26, 1979)

Why is it, let me ask once again my friends, that you have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ? But rather a false gospel…

Christ’s Authority over Disease
The World Tomorrow (May 23, 1979)

Well, my friends, let’s get back into this series, going through the New Testament to see exactly what Jesus Christ did preach and why you haven’t heard it…

Christ’s Parables, continued
The World Tomorrow (June 13, 1979)

My friends, do you know what is the World Tomorrow? It’s the very thing that was the subject of the true Gospel which God sent to mankind and which mankind has spurned and rejected…

Christ’s Message Rejected
The World Tomorrow (June 22, 1979)

But, my friends, why do we have wars today? Why do we have all of this unhappiness?…

Feast of Tabernacles, continued
The World Tomorrow (July 24, 1979)

Now, once again, here come some surprises. My friends, it’s time to blow the dust off your Bibles and see what they say…

Hebrews 1, 2, 4, The Glory of Jesus Christ – Why Were You Born?
The World Tomorrow

How many people ever really proved, one way or the other, whether the Holy Bible is the very word of a Creator who brought into existence everything…

Bitterness – A Spiritual Addiction
The World Tomorrow

Thank God there’s good news coming, because the news today is not good. Well, what is going to happen? Back now to prophecy…