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The Worldwide News – February 19, 1979
The Worldwide News – February 19, 1979
Comments From Recent Letters From Members

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Quite often, in letters from brethren, something is said that makes me wish you were all here, looking over my shoulder, so I could share these inspiring things with you.

Today I have just felt impelled to quote from two or three very recent letters.

I was quite inspired and pleased by a letter the other day from one who had read my book, The Incredible Human Potential, three times and was now reading it carefully for the fourth time. Somehow that letter got filed away (we receive letters here at Tucson now by the thousands every day), and I can’t put my hands on it at the minute.

Another writes in regard to this same book, made available to all members at the Feast of Tabernacles. This letter I will quote with great thanks and appreciation:

“I have just completed your book, The Incredible Human Potential. It is an incredible book! Truly inspiring.

“I intended to complete my reading during the Feast of Tabernacles. I thought I could probably skim right through it because the chapter headings indicated topics with which I was already familiar. However, as I began to read I found that I was unable to skim the way I do in ordinary reading. Each paragraph or two would open up new vistas for thought and meditation. Buried in the familiar themes were tidbits of new knowledge and wisdom, new insights and new perspectives. Each chapter is a spiritual feast that must be spiritually digested.

“This is not a book that one can ‘gulp’ down in one or two sittings. Sometimes I would reread a section and see an implication that I had missed only a day or two earlier. This is why I have taken so long to complete my reading of your book. Yet it is all time wisely invested.” From Richard Walther, Pasadena.

I have often said that one who accuses is usually himself guilty of the very thing he accuses in another. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Pate, Boaz, Ala., write, “The charges made against Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and his assistant, Mr. Stanley Rader, of siphoning off funds, of ‘fleecing the flock,’ are what you and the State government of California are committing against the Worldwide Church of God.” – The above quoted from a letter addressed to ex-Judge Steven S. Weisman, receiver. I am sure that thousands of red-hot indignant letters have been written to Mr. Weisman or the State Attorney General’s Office.

From Norco, Calif., Ron Martin writes: “The reason I am writing this letter is that I know you want to know the condition of the local congregations. In my area liberalism has spread severely. I want to share some thoughts with you.

“First we should consider one of the basic fundamental differences between Satan’s way of life and that of God. My thoughts on this matter first developed several years ago after discussing God’s law with an agnostic skeptic. He pointed out that good and bad is relative to your point of view; an example is that what may seem good to an Israeli may seem bad to an Egyptian.

“At first I dismissed that observation as mere argumentative rhetoric. It was not until later that I realized the significance of that statement. What it boils down to is this: Right and wrong or good and bad may seem different to different people depending on their point of view. Therefore, in order for a society [or church] to live together in peace and harmony, it is necessary that everyone agree to adopt the same basic point of view on certain critical points. Otherwise the conflict that results leads to animosity, hatred and violence.

“Let me state that again another way. Under Satan’s plan, each person decides for himself what is right and wrong, or good and bad. As a result, what one person thinks is good, another may think is bad, eventually leading to serious disagreement. And can two walk together except they be agreed? On the other hand, God tells us that the only way we can have peace and harmony is if we all agree to live by His point of view.

“This approach of Satan [was] Satan wanted to become like the Most High, deciding for himself what is good and what is evil, and that is exactly what he preached to Eve! He told Eve that if she judged for herself what was good and what was evil by sampling the tree, she would be like God.

“So, whenever I hear a minister preach a sermon, I look to see whether the underlying theme is submission to God’s definitions of good and evil, or whether his theme is that we should ‘mature’ and decide for ourselves what is right or wrong. We must not let our conscience guide, for ‘what seemeth right unto a man, the end thereof are the ways of death.’ Instead of deciding for ourselves, we must say, ‘Let not my will be done, but thine!

“I believe that the reason so many Church members have been deceived into accepting liberalism is that they think ‘maturity’ means letting your conscience be your guide rather than… the will of God. Mr. Armstrong, as long as you follow Christ, I will follow you. Let’s continue to faithfully work together and rely upon God to guarantee our success.”