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A Whole New Ball Game
The Worldwide News – January 28, 1980
A Whole New Ball Game

by Herbert W. Armstrong

In the past two weeks, this world has entered into a “whole new ball game”. The intervention of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan changes the whole world picture. Or does it?

President Jimmy Carter has said this new development has given him a new insight and appraisal of Communist Russia. It gave me no such thing. I wrote 30 and even 46 years ago, the nature and undeviating policy and commitment of the Communist Party, which runs the Soviet Union.

I wrote then that nothing would dissuade the Kremlin rulers but MILITARY FORCE that is SUPERIOR TO THEIRS.

IN 1945 – 30 years ago – I was writing articles and making broadcasts comparing Communist Russia to a huge bear, lumbering along, kicking against doors. If the door caved in, the bear waddled on in, and once it planted its huge feet inside it would never move out unless driven out by a superior force. But I then said, if a snarling bulldog came growling viciously at the bear from inside, the bear would draw back and run lumberingly away.

The Russian Communists don’t want a war they can’t win. That’s why for some years we had the Cold War. The United States was keeping even with them, or was superior, in armaments and nuclear warfare development. Even so, the Russians pushed at the United States as far as they safely could without endangering a nuclear showdown – which they would avoid at any cost.

I was saying over the air, and writing, back in 1934 , that the Communist unwavering strategy was, as a first offensive toward world domination, propaganda. They began sowing the seeds of their communist atheistic education all over the United States – especially among college professors and students. They invaded American university campuses, full force, and the U.S. universities trustingly let them in. They made inroads into the U.S. government structure. The State Department was a fertile working ground for their doctrines. The State Department official who authorized my credentials as a press representative attending the San Francisco (Calif.) Conference in 1945, where the charter for the United Nations was formed, was later convicted as a Communist Spy.

The Communist permanent policy to which all party members are solemnly dedicated, calls first for a war of propaganda (call it education if you will) Next, a war of nerves or “Cold War” short of actual military offensives, then in countries where sufficient inroads have been made, such as South Vietnam, support of guerrilla warfare.

The unchanging policy has been, where the Russian bear plants its boot, it never removes it, unless driven out by a superior force.

All Communists have been taught this program. They have been taught that they know total world domination cannot be achieved without one final all-out military war. For this purpose the Red army was formed, and the Russian nuclear development added. Its purpose meanwhile was literal defense – but even an offense like that now going on in Afghanistan is termed by Communists “defense” or “liberation.”

So, just where are we now, at the moment? We thought it was the Chinese Communists who were backing North Vietnam over there. Vice Chairman Tan Zhen-lin of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, one of the three top men in the People’s Republic of China, told me it was Russia who actually backed the North Vietnamese, and was promoting the “domino theory,” which he said the Russians are still pursuing. The vice chairman was close to both the late Chairman Mao and Premier Chou En-lai, and fought with them in the war.

Actually, what is taking place right now in Afghanistan is another thrust on the “DOMINO THEORY.” By Monday, Jan. 7, the Russians had 100,000 or more troops in Afghanistan and more being massed at the border, ready to crash through. The Russian boot is now planted in Afghanistan and NOTHING short of SUPERIOR MILITARY FORCE is going to drive them back.

The domino-type strategy means they plan next, in due time to plunge on farther south through Pakistan , giving them an outlet into the Indian Ocean, from where they plan to control, with their superior nuclear submarine fleet, all commerce to and from the Far East and the Middle East.

Iran to become satellite?

But more The United States has been too busy concentrating its mind solely on some 50 hostages in Iran to realize the GREATER turn of events in Afghanistan. But local civil wars are sputtering in three or four separate areas, against the Khomeini government in Iran. Iran is in TURMOIL. It borders on Russia. This offers Russia a logical reason, from their viewpoint to send massive troops into Iran to “settle the turmoil and civil war,” and bring “peace” to Iran. Of course, once the Russian boot is planted in Iran, it will have no intention of removing it. Iran, too, like Afghanistan, will become another Russian satellite nation.

This is all part of Russia’s ultimate goal to impose communism on the WORLD. Once they have formed a ring around the Far East and the Middle East, dominating the Indian Ocean, and completed the domino program of toppling over adjacent nations from Vietnam on through Cambodia (Kampuchea) – Thailand next (King Bhumibal told me he expects the Vietnamese to invade Thailand) – then Malaysia and on into the Indian Ocean at the point of Singapore – once they have achieved all that they will control all commerce through Asia, the Far East and Middle East – then they have only the West to consider.

Meanwhile the domino strategy and toppling the nations adjoining continues MARCHING ON. And THIS IS ALARMING EUROPE!

The European Allies of the United States know that somewhere along the way in this mass-plan for world communism is, going to be a military invasion next door to the West – into WESTERN EUROPE! Of course first must come, domination around southern Africa.

The European nations have relied on United States armed and nuclear strength to protect them from the Russian satellites bordering them on the east.

Just where are we?

Again, where are we at this moment?

President Carter has been concentrating on 50 U.S. people in Iran. Now Russia is employing MILITARY MIGHT. At least 100,000 troops are now in Afghanistan, and more on the way. President Carter says he is trying every option short of military force.

But the Kremlin, even after Mr. Carter called Mr. Brezhnev on the HOT LINE, has used military force! They will not be deterred by anything short of SUPERIOR MILITARY FORCE! The embargo on grain and fish may hurt Russia a little – like a slap on the wrist – but their military forces will keep marching on! Don’t for a moment suppose the men at the Kremlin are so stupid that they actually started this MILITARY intervention without first calculating such meager retaliation as these embargos! The men at the Kremlin figured that the stakes were worth it!

Meanwhile, consider this from the viewpoint of London, Bonn, Paris and Rome. Mr. Carter is indulging in wrist-slapping while the bear lumbers right along – – AND EUROPE FEARS IT MAY BE NEXT! THAT IS THEIR FEAR!

I see in this a real fear in Western Europe, that will FORCE European leaders and the Vatican to get their heads together in mutual DEFENSE – European civil nations against nuclear military invasion, and the Roman Curia and Papacy against atheism making inroads over all Europe! In their eyes, President Carter is DOING NOTHING – and Russia is MOVING!

When we entered the decade of the 80’s just eight days ago as I write, the world entered an entirely NEW BALL GAME!


Jesus said “O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky, but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”(Matt. 16:3)

Prophecy says Ephraim and Manasseh would be stupid in worldly politics, and they are!

But for us? Can we discern the sign of the times? END-TIME EVENTS are going to happen FAST from here on! The 80’s well might see the END of the present world, WAKE UP!