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Mr. Attorney General Of California:
The Worldwide News – August 25, 1980
Mr. Attorney General Of California:
The Battle Lines Are Drawn!

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Your office launched a State vs. Church lawsuit – to test the strength, power and the very existence of the Constitution of the United States.

This, Mr. ATTORNEY GENERAL, is a battle you can’t win! Realize it or not, you have chosen to do battle against the living God! You have engaged in an unconstitutional fight to take over, own and operate (or destroy) God’s Holy Church – to run it by the will of politicians instead of the will of God! God’s Church belongs to GOD – and when you attack it you attack Almighty God!

The giant Goliath once challenged the people of God. The soon-to-be King David, then only a lad, said, “Who is this Philistine that he should defy the living God?” The giant lost that battle – and his life!

Our forefathers came to America to escape religious persecution from human government. They established a Constitution whose First Amendment guarantees the religious liberty they fled, fought and died to secure for us!

That Constitution shall stand inviolate! But even if we, as they, had to flee to other countries for a base from which to spread God’s TRUTH, we would remove beyond your jurisdiction! There is NO WAY you can stop us!

This nation is becoming aware that your massive civil lawsuit actually is the first REAL TEST of the freedom of CHURCH against political encroachments of STATE! It is a battle to decide whether politicians of the STATE can take over, own and operate all CHURCHES according to political will instead of the WILL OF GOD! It is a political onslaught to determine once and for all that the CHURCH of the living God may be governed by HIM according as He directs through His chosen apostle, as revealed in His Word, the Holy Bible!

The GOVERNMENT OF GOD once existed over the earth – a fact unknown in the world today. It exists today in only one place in the world – in God’s CHURCH!

The first created man, Adam, rejected that government OF and BY God FOR the people. Our first forefather chose government OF and BY the people. Unfortunately self-motivated political rule has developed – sometimes evil.

The GOVERNMENT OF GOD is government from the top down – from God, through Christ as living HEAD of His Church, and on the human level the apostle of Christ’s choosing, then in administrative office, evangelists, pastors, preaching elders and teachers (Ephesians 4:11-12, I Corinthians 12:28). No prophets ever served in administrative capacity in the New Testament Church.

And as His chosen apostle, I say to you in the authority of Jesus Christ the POLITICAL STATE cannot and shall not take over, govern or administer the affairs of the Worldwide Church of God. By that authority, far transcending yours, Mr. Attorney General, this Church shall continue to operate, not by the will of politicians, but the will of the eternal God, as revealed in His Word!

Your jurisdiction extends only to the boundary lines of the state of California. The jurisdiction of GOD’S GOVERNMENT is limited to the voluntary assent of its baptized members worldwide.

Within the jurisdiction of human political government in all matters, aside from an attack to take over, own and operate God’s Church, according to political will, our members are willingly subject to whatever government of man that has jurisdiction over us. We are respectable, God-fearing, law-abiding citizens in whatever country we live. We practice the law of out flowing love toward neighbor equal to self-concern. But our God is a jealous God (Exodus 20:5) who will not tolerate another usurping His rule! And in this case He will fight for us!

Mr. Attorney General, we are not in politics nor shall we be. But when your office assumed it was launching this supreme TEST CASE to test the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States you grossly underestimated God’s Church! If your office assumed you were attacking a very small, weak, though a sufficiently established Church to serve as the first domino of a domino theory – that we would simply lie over and “cave in” – you must have known very little of us.

Those with us are far more powerful than any power seeking to destroy us! The Church of God is imbued with a STRENGTH greatly underestimated! God will give us the VICTORY!