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The Worldwide News – February 9, 1981
The Worldwide News – February 9, 1981
A Voice Cries Out:
Arab Oil, Israel And The U.S.
– Peace Out Of Conflict??

by Herbert W. Armstrong

THE HOT SPOT of world news recently has been the Middle East. It has involved the 52 U.S. hostages in Iran. It has involved Arab oil. And it has involved the Arab-Israel struggle.

Could it be that out of this embroiling caldron of Middle East emotions and historic hatreds is beginning to emerge a new vision of world peace and happy abundance?

In a world whose No. 1 problem now is human survival – in a world of competitive preparations for a world war of nuclear weapons, chemical warfare, poison gas and nerve gas – a war capable of erasing all life from this planet, it’s already a bit late for us all to become intensely concerned.

I repeat again and again, there has to be a CAUSE for every effect. There is a basic CAUSE for mankind’s problems man is incapable of solving. There is, conversely, a way that could CAUSE peace, universal prosperity and wellbeing!

Very recently I returned from personal conferences with Prime Minister Menachem Begin in Jerusalem, and President Anwar el-Sadat in Cairo. Could it be possible these two Middle East leaders have started something with President Carter at the Camp David conferences that finally show the world the way to CAUSE PEACE?

And not only Middle East peace, but world peace?

The Egyptian president gave me details of his proposed $70 million World Peace Center to be erected at the base of Mt. Sinai, symbolic of peace between nations and between religions. Religious antagonisms have caused many wars through world history. His new peace center will consist of a walled-in complex including a mosque, a synagogue and a church, emblematic of peace between the three major religions predominant in the three nations involved in the Camp David talks.

I repeat, there is one root cause of wars not only, but all this world’s seemingly unsolvable troubles and evils. I term it, for brevity, the way of “GET” – self-centeredness, and hostile competition leading to strife, violence, war and destruction. The opposite way I term “GIVE” – cooperation, helping, sharing, outgoing concern for the good and rights of others.

Where emotional hostility has prevailed down through the centuries, only vision, willingness to sacrifice (“GIVE”) and personal courage in leadership could start the way toward peace.

While she was prime minister of Israel, Golda Meir said to me in her executive office: “I wish Arab heads of state would be willing to sit on the other side of the table with me in friendship and peace. There is so much we could do for their peoples. Our scientists and technicians could help them and their peoples to so much more prosperity and abundance.”

On November 20, 1977, President Sadat had the vision and the courage to take the unheard-of, unprecedented step to DECLARE PEACE – instead of war – toward Israel. On that date this leader, braving personal and political risk seldom if ever taken by a world leader, went to Jerusalem and addressed the Israeli Knesset in a gesture toward peace.

Egypt had fought Israel in four wars within 30 years. It was an incredible demonstration of personal courage. Egypt was the acknowledged leader of the Arab world. The headquarters of the Arab League was in Cairo.

Prominent Egyptian leaders and editors abroad were assassinated following this initial peace gesture. Sadat’s life was threatened.

After receiving military aid from the Soviet Union, President Sadat had canceled this program and ordered Soviet military aides out of Egypt. Since 1977 Mr. Sadat and Egypt were left with the sole partnership among nations of the United States.

Then came the Camp David peace talks. Mr. Begin joined Mr. Sadat in participating. It is not easy to give up something one has gained. But Mr. Begin gave large portions of the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt. Now these men are looking toward resolving the touchy question of autonomy of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

And President Sadat plans his World Peace Center emblematic of cooperation in peace at, the base of Mt. Sinai.

It is all a BEGINNING of the way of “GIVE” – of cooperation instead of hostility. I for one commend and give honor publicly to these men making a beginning in a harsh world of “GET” to the one and only way to peace – that of “GIVE.” I am not naive enough to expect all leaders and all peoples to follow in that way.

We have in this world the way that leads to the ecstasy of winning and the agony of defeat. Too many still think they enjoy the “ecstasy,” and are willing to risk the “agony.” I hope these pages are causing some to THINK!

Because, agree or disagree, this voice is sounding the warning. If we mortal humans don’t, it is very soon now going to be done to us! That unseen “Strong Hand from Someplace” is going to intervene in world affairs and force a stubborn humanity to enjoy peace, happiness and universal abundance – His way, the way of “GIVE.”