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Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 1
Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 1
an open letter from
The Editor

by Herbert W. Armstrong

GREETINGS and welcome to our growing family of Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course students!

This is a totally new and different kind of Bible study course. It will thrill, excite and challenge you – lead you to understand the meaning of world events and the purpose being worked out here below.

Have you ever wondered what present world conditions really mean? Where is the arms race leading? What will be the outcome of the crisis in the Middle East? How will global pollution and the population explosion affect mankind? Why so much chaos and confusion in the world today?

What does the future hold? Are there solutions to these seemingly insoluble problems?

What is the way to world peace – the way to freedom from fear and worry, poverty, sickness, unhappiness?

And why was man put here in the first place? Were you, as an individual, put here for a purpose? If so, WHAT is that purpose? Why were you born?

What is man – why is man?

Does modern religion have the answers?

What is the truth about such “traditional” doctrinal questions as heaven, hell, salvation, law and grace, the great tribulation, the rapture, the virgin birth, the resurrection, the second coming, the millennium? Where are the dead – and are they now conscious?

You need, more than anything in your life, to UNDERSTAND the answers to all these questions!

In college classrooms, textbooks, or magazines on current affairs, you find alarming world problems hashed and rehashed – but no workable, viable solutions given. And in most religious publications you find much emotion and sentimentality – but very little understanding.

This course of Bible study is entirely different – it is UNIQUE!

These informative, eye-opening lessons make plain the real meaning behind today's world news. They reveal the ANSWERS to the “unanswerable” social, family, and personal problems facing millions today. They explain the very PURPOSE of human life.

You will study the clear, plain, simple truths of your Bible! You will learn how to study the Bible – why so few really understand it.

All you will need to study with this course is your Bible – although, if you are able and wish to provide one or more Bible translations, a good concordance or a Bible dictionary, you will find them helpful. But they are not essential.

You'll find these lessons stirring, vitally interesting. Not dry or dull. They sparkle with interest! If you will set yourself to really study the Bible, you will be richly rewarded by constantly coming into surprising, exciting, remarkable new truths with the help and direction of each lesson. (Be sure to read the important instructions).

There is no tuition cost to you whatsoever — these lessons are absolutely free of charge. How can we afford to give them away? Because thousands worldwide voluntarily contribute of their financial incomes to help bring you this precious knowledge without price. We proclaim the way of giving and of serving. To put a price on any of our literature would be inconsistent with that way. Our desire is to serve – to share God's precious truths in a ministry of love.

May God richly bless you in your efforts to understand His truth.