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Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 16
Bible Correspondence Course - Lesson 16

Why does the Bible talk about Israel so much? What is the connection between God's “chosen people” and spirit-begotten Christians today? Exactly how does ancient Israel fit into God's plan of salvation?

GOD is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). Yet He selected the ancient nation of Israel as His “chosen people.” Why?

Most people have heard that God raised up ancient Israel to be His special people. Yet almost no one understands that He denied them His Holy Spirit and eternal salvation, except for their prophets and a few select others. Why?

Ancient Israel was God's chosen people – selected not for special favors, but for a special PURPOSE preparatory to the ultimate establishment of the Kingdom of God!

Bible a Book About Israel

It may surprise you to learn that the Bible is primarily concerned with the nation of ancient Israel. And that most other nations are mentioned only as they came into contact with Israel. But why?

As we learned in our previous studies, the Creator God is reproducing Himself in and through man. Man's awesome potential is that of being born into the universe-ruling family of God. God's plan is breathtaking beyond words! And the establishment of the ancient nation Israel was an integral part of God's plan.

It is important that we understand God's purpose for the ancient nation of Israel, for without this vital knowledge one cannot fully appreciate and understand the real purpose and incredible potential of mankind!

So now let's begin the intriguing story. We will start by retracing the unfolding of God's great master plan from Adam and Eve to the founding of the nation Israel. Then on to the establishment of the New Testament Church of God – “spiritual Israel” today. Finally, we'll see what part the peoples of Israel will play in God's plan during and after the Millennium.

But before we begin, be sure to get your Bible – if you haven't done so already. It is very important to look up and read each verse of scripture given in answer to the questions. And why not write out these scriptures, just as the kings of ancient Israel were instructed to write out God's laws? (Deut. 17:18-20.) This will help you understand and remember the vital truths you will be studying.

Now let's begin this important subject.